Tucker Carlson for March 3rd, 2023 (Plus commentary)

A few points about last night’s episode. (Obviously if uninterested, scroll down to the video below.)

There are a few segments in this episode which illustrate the effects of the same principle, yet that principle remains unnamed. Perhaps more than two but let’s focus on those.

At one point Tucker has a guest on where they speculate why the apparatus of state is clearly hiring or appointing people based on race or sexual proclivities at the expense of ability. Tucker has no issue pointing that out, and that’s great. It helps us all to know its not our imagination and more importantly, opens the Overton Window allowing us all to point this out ourselves to others.

Later they have a segment with a young child and his father which deals with what in fact is illegal homoerotic material for children in the public school libraries. Illegal to present to children, yet somehow strangely mandatory.

It’s great that these things are pointed out and may lead to minor victories here and there. Incensed parents might gather to get these books banned from where they can be found, if the parents aren’t somehow targeted by the state as counter-revolutionaries terrorists first.

To bring that example closer to home with the bonus of making a point about Canada’s Pierre Poilievre, the house of commons which included Pierre at the time, voted unanimously to designate the Proud Boys as a terrorist group with zero evidence that this is the case, and a preponderance of evidence that they are merely counter-revolutionaries classical liberals. Meanwhile, no motion has been made to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist group, where in fact that is all they are. A communist terrorist group. And they are very open about it.

So what is Tucker missing?

We suggest it is this basic formula:

Equity is the dialectic negation of Equality. Equality is driven by merit.

Therefore, equity is the mechanism used to destroy merit, a fundamental principle of Western Civilization that drives its internal harmony, wealth and accomplishment. The enforcement mechanism of equity, is Discourse theory, or political correctness. Accusing people that say out loud that a fully and dangerously incompetent gay person or black person at the head of an important department like aviation or nuclear waste, is in fact wrong for the job, makes you a racist, and therefore you are the criminal for pointing out the obvious reality of the situation.

Equity is the negation of equality (merit) as Global Warming is a component of scientism, a negation of reason itself. Global Warming is critical climate theory just as dialectical racism (critical race theory) negates real non-racism, or equality. In fact most lines of effort against our civilization by the left can be viewed as ‘Critical (X) Theory’. Critical Sex theory and so on, all meant to destroy/negate all taboos and social norms surrounding sexual behaviour, a fundamental aspect of all civilizations since the very dawn of the human tribe.

(For those that want to understand how much the Global Warming/Critical Climate theory is factually wrong and totally synthetic, please watch these two lectures from Ottawa a week and a half ago. They are both excellent and truly worth the time.)

So while Tucker regularly and brilliantly points out the effects of these causes, not pointing out the actual causes themselves renders it less effective and an argument could be made that it makes him and us controlled opposition. Unwitting or not, but controlled opposition. When you deal with the shadow of the animal that is trying to kill you and refusing to look at, or deal with the animal itself, you are assisting that animal wether you intend to or not. You are led to the wrong conclusions. For example you see hypocrisy when it’s in fact a dialectic device to always force the culture farther and farther to the left. You see incompetence when it is in fact malice. You see coincidence when in fact its a pattern of effective enemy action.

Definitely people who like Tucker, and that would be us, should continue to watch him. But maybe its worth putting on your They Live sunglasses from time to time when doing so.


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2 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for March 3rd, 2023 (Plus commentary)”

  1. I was hoping that Poilievre was not an ottawa hack/controlled opposition plant, while keeping a lid on the certainty that he is no different that any of the shit eaters swimming in that pond.
    Always go with the gut, it’s never wrong.
    Wither now? Continue to deny support to any of these infantile demagogs, keep dodging daddy G, and bitch-whip any communists I encounter.
    Again: you cannot vote your way out. This war can only be won with fire and steel.
    There are no non-combatants in this fight. You are part of the solution, or you are my mortal enemy unto death.
    I strongly recommend that everybody gets in touch with their combative attributes.
    While training helps ( enormously ) winning in combat is decided by the will to act.
    Once you have decided, it is a simple matter to strike first, often and hard.
    Bust a moonbat in the chops every time they drool out some kind of stupid wokist crappola, pretty soon they won’t.
    Currently, I am mulling over options for this latest crap, viz: that calling a 500lb, 68 year old predatory faggot paedophile in lip stick and lizzos monstrous onesie what he is (freakish vermin springs to mind) constitutes a hate crime requiring a jackbooting from armed storm troopers.
    Welp. That’s getting up on the red line. With no relief under the ‘law’, one is left with only military options.
    Time and again, history shows that those who close with the enemy have a higher survival rate than those who submit to the enemy.
    Now. If all the millions of dissidents are in the same place, and have decided to act…
    The man would be pretty well boned, dontcha think?

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