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  1. The Home Secretary has waded into the blasphemy controversy surrounding a West Yorkshire school, saying: ‘Nobody can demand respect for their belief system, even if it is a religion.’

    Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield found itself in the spotlight after a 14-year-old boy with autism accidentally dropped a copy of the Quran, causing scuffmarks.

    The incident was investigated by West Yorkshire Police as a potential hate crime, while four boys involved in the incident were suspended.

    Suella Braverman KC has stated that the UK does not have blasphemy laws and everyone should respect its ‘absolute’ freedom of speech and pluralism, The Times reports.

    She wrote: ‘The education sector and police have a duty to prioritise the physical safety of children over the hurt feelings of adults. Schools answer to pupils and parents. They do no have to answer to self-appointed community activists.’

  2. Fire damaged a grain processing building in Gisborne, New Zealand, on Thursday.

    Residents living near the Corson Grain Mill were evacuated from their homes but returned later in the day, according to the New Zealand Herald.

    The fire was listed as “suspicious,” according to New Zealand’s 1News.

    The fire was reported just after 7 p.m. and was “well-involved” when firefighters arrived, a Fire and Emergency New Zealand representative said.

    Fire and Emergency senior station officer Jason Higgins said the plant was being “treated as a crime scene.”

  3. The Biden Regime admitted they’re prioritizing climate goals over “energy security” in a leaked memo.

    The Department of Interior on Friday accidentally leaked an internal memo that revealed the Biden Regime rejected a proposal it admits would produce ‘greater security energy’ to prioritize a climate agenda.

  4. Kellyanne Conway Finally Divorces “Extremely Unattractive Loser” Lincoln Project’s George Conway – President Trump Responds
    By Joe Hoft Mar. 4, 2023 7:30 am108 Comments

    Kellyanne Conway finally split with the most disgusting husband in politics. President Trump responded.

    The Conways were the perfect couple for the corrupt anti-Trump media. Kellyanne was the first female campaign manager to win an election and was very impressive in the 2016 campaign. Her husband George became a media darling after he joined the far-left and disgusting Lincoln Project. He constantly berated Kellyanne’s boss, President Trump, and the media loved it.

    Here’s a report from TGP from December 2019 that shows how disgusting George Conway was while his wife worked for President Trump. What an abusive man.

  5. President Trump responded to the corrupt and criminal DOJ under Joe Biden and AG Merrick Garland and their latest action to use lawfare to attack President Trump.

    On Thursday, the corrupt and criminal DOJ under Biden announced that it was alright for a group of select police officers in D.C. to sue President Trump for the Jan 6 violence.

    This “ruling” by the corrupt DOJ comes after this same outfit illegally raided his home in Mar-a-Lago and stole documents from him that were safely secured and protected. This was a criminal act by the DOJ. They had no right to raid the President’s home and steal his documents.

    Read Also: Mike

    The Constant attacks from Obama/Biden’s corrupt and criminal actors who took over the DOJ is unending. This is why Americans support President Trump because they know that they are next. The gulag in D.C. is an example of what these animals will do to innocent American citizens.

    Presidents enjoy what is referred to as Presidential Immunity but the radical and criminal Biden/Obama gang doesn’t think he should have it.

  6. The Fall of Bakhmut, Is This the Prelude to the Fall of Ukraine?
    By Larry Johnson Mar. 4, 2023 7:00 am324 Comments

    That promise lasted one month. Limited shelf life. Russia’s long grind to take the strategically vital city of Bakhmut is nearing its ends, with the clean-up and capture of abandoned Ukrainian units still inside the city as the priority tasks for the Russian military. Bakhmut is not as economically important as Mariupol, which fell to the Russians last May, but it is geographically significant. That is why Ukraine fought so desperately to hang on to it and expended the lives of tens of thousands of its soldiers in a vain effort.

    Wagner’s leader, Prighozhin, announced today that Ukrainian troops:

    completely retreated from the eastern shore of Bakhmut, the fighters of the Wagner PMC began operations to clear the area from the soldiers remaining there, who, most likely, would not be able to retreat.

    In addition, the Vushniks began to withdraw from the rest of the city along secondary roads, after the “musicians” took fire control of the main supply routes

    Here is a video diary of the last two months documenting Zelensky’s changing message about the importance of Bakhmut.

    Pay close attention at the 52-second mark in the video. Zelensky is having the soldiers sign a Ukrainian flag that he will subsequently present to Nancy Pelosi at the conclusion of his speech to the U.S. Congress in January.

    • the gateway pundit – The Fall of Bakhmut, Is This the Prelude to the Fall of Ukraine?

      […]During the last year Ukraine has enlisted hundreds of thousands of new recruits, but these new soldiers are being sent to the front with only minimal training. Ukraine does not have the number of trained, experienced soldiers required to mount a massive counter offensive. The lack of personnel is compounded by the inability of the West to supply ammunition and vehicles in sufficient numbers to sustain intense operations.

      According to Andrei Martyanov, who has good sources in Russia, the 300,000 reservists called up last August have not yet been deployed to the front lines. The meaning is simple — Russia enjoys a massive advantage in terms of manpower, tanks, artillery, ammunition, missiles and combat air.

      The fall of Bakhmut is a major blow, not just to Ukraine, but to the United States and NATO. This sets the stage for the West doing something desperate while Russia is content to continue to pulverize what is left of the Ukrainian military.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Battle for Bakhmut: What’s at stake for Ukraine and Russia

      Armiyo Jackson 2 hours ago

      I am surprised that at least a analyst has come out with the truth and trenchent narrative of the war in western media, a very rare occation.

      I even thought the anchor will cut her short with his looks of discomfiture but he held himself inconviniently to the end. Good journalism!


    • twitter @AZgeopolitics

      “Wagner” hand over the AFU demilitarised soldiers in Bakhmut back to Ukraine,so the Ukraine government to acknowledge the losses and pay the AFU soldiers families a compensation, so Ukraine government not to count them as “missing”

      + 1 min 33 video
      europravda – Civilians flee Ukraine’s Bakhmut

    • Chief of Defense Staff of Canada’s Forces arrives in Ukraine

      The Chief of Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, General Wayne Eyre, is visiting Ukraine.

      + PIC

      That’s according to Ukraine Army’s Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, who reported the news on Telegram, as seen by Ukrinform.

      “I am glad to welcome to Ukraine the Chief of Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, General Wayne Eyre. We had a frank conversation. I briefed my colleague in detail on the operational situation at the front. He specifically focused on the eastern direction,” Zaluzhnyi wrote.

      The parties also discussed the issue of supplying military aid, including weapons and ammunition, to Ukraine.

      The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said Ukraine and Canada would continue to develop cooperation in the field of security and defense.

      Zaluzhnyi thanked his colleague from Canada, his government, and the entire Canadian people for their consistent and clear support for Ukraine.

      As reported by Ukrinform, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Canada Forces’s cargo planes have transported more than 3,500 tonnes of military aid intended for Ukraine.

  7. The Fall of Bakhmut, Is This the Prelude to the Fall of Ukraine?
    By Larry Johnson Mar. 4, 2023 7:00 am324 Comments

    Joe Biden’s own party doesn’t care about him.

    Eleven House Democrats decided to skip Biden’s speech at the House Democratic retreat to attend the Gershwin Awards’ Joni Mitchell concert.

    The Reps who skipped were Reps Maxwell Frost, Earl Blumenauer, Steve Cohen, Dan Kildee, Mark Takano, Andy Kim, Katie Porter, Pramila Jayapal, Lloyd Doggett, Hillary Scholten, and Greg Casar.

    Punchbowl News reported:

    President Joe Biden addressed House Democrats last night, a marquee moment for any retreat. The speech was the first half of Biden’s congressional one-two punch. The president will speak at the Senate Democratic Caucus lunch today in the Capitol.

    • MARCH 03 2023 – NEWSWEEK – Ukraine Under Pressure to Launch Counteroffensive That Will Appease NATO

      Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Mark Cancian predicts that Ukraine will soon launch its own offensive to not only counter Russia but to show NATO allies that the war is moving past a stalemate.

      Cancian, senior adviser for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), told Newsweek that both nations’ armies have been relatively careful strategy-wise, dating to October. A “more fluid battle” may be on the horizon with the winter soon in the rearview.

      “It looks like the Russians have launched [their offensive] but it looks like more of the same, except more. … We’re sort of seeing this building of pressure in the same sectors they attacked before, like Bakhmut and up and down the line,” Cancian said.

      As Kyiv estimates that nearly 150,000 Russian soldiers have died since the war’s inception, Ukrainian forces may “strategically pull back” from Bakhmut to avoid additional casualties of their own in what has become one of the bloodiest battles since July.

      “We’re not going to sacrifice all of our people just for nothing,” Alexander Rodnyansky, economic adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, told CNN.

      Ukraine is in a different position now due to Russia’s strategic aggression, Cancian said, adding that a stalemate translates to Russian victory due to the Kremlin’s occupation of about 18 percent of Ukrainian territory.

      He expects the Ukrainians to target the Zaporizhian region, which is “not terribly well held” by Russian forces at this juncture.

      “By spring, we will know how it’s shaping up,” Cancian said. “Russia could make headway in the Donbas.”

      If the Ukrainian fighters are about to push back and liberate certain territory, Cancian said, it will show renewed resolve among Western allies who have become “detrimental” in providing arms and ammunition.

      That foreign support could be the difference between a months’ long or years’ long stalemate juxtaposed with global war fatigue.

      “It’s important to show progress [on the battlefield],” he said.

      NATO officials expressed concern to Vice News that stockpiles could quickly diminish if the West doesn’t expand its industrial repertoire, saying that ammunition is being fired by Ukrainian forces at a clip not seen in Europe since World War II.


      MARCH 02 2023 – USA TODAY – Russia will be out of ‘military tools’ by spring, Ukraine’s top military spy says

      KYIV, Ukraine – Russia will run out of “military tools” to achieve its war aims in Ukraine by the end of the spring, Ukraine’s top military intelligence official predicted in a USA TODAY interview.

      Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov’s forecast comes amid considerable uncertainty about what the next phase of the war will look like as it moves into its second year. For weeks, Ukrainian officials had signaled that Russia was planning a major new offensive to coincide with the one-year anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. A notable new offensive has yet to materialize.

      “Russia has wasted huge amounts of human resources, armaments and materials. Its economy and production are not able to cover these losses. It’s changed its military chain of command. If Russia’s military fails in its aims this spring, it will be out of military tools,” Budanov said in his heavily guarded, fortified Kyiv office, which he shares with two pet frogs, poisonous-gas detecting canaries and a range of ammunitions.

      ‘We need to keep living’:What life is like for Ukrainians a year into Russia’s invasion

      Budanov further predicted that Ukraine and Russia would fight “a decisive battle this spring, and this battle will be the final one before this war ends.” He did not provide any specific evidence to back up his claims. And it’s important to note that Moscow and Kyiv are involved in an intense information war as well as fighting on the battlefield. Some military experts have cautioned that both sides need to be prepared for a long fight.

      “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has belied many expectations, to say nothing of predictions. Still, this much, at least, can be said with certainty: We are nowhere near the end of this war. Despite mounting calls for a diplomatic settlement, no such breakthrough is on the horizon. Russia and Ukraine both continue to believe they will prevail if they keep fighting. No mediator can break this impasse,” Rajan Menon and Benjamin H. Friedman, of the Washington, D.C.-based Defense Priorities think tank, said in a joint statement last week, a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

      Still, Budanov’s forecast appears to fit with the consensus view among independent military analysts that Russia currently lacks the ammunition, military supplies and sufficient quantities of skilled, organized and motivated soldiers to make significant headway against Ukrainian defensive lines in Ukraine’s east, where fighting is heaviest.

      “Russia’s lost about half of its tanks, its artillery fire is down, it doesn’t have a productive base to make a lot of new equipment. And making new equipment isn’t easy under sanctions. So it’s going to have to take stuff out of storage,” said Phillips P. O’Brien, a professor of strategic security studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

      “Ukraine is stronger now than it was on Feb. 24 (2022). It’s getting better systems. It’s integrating a lot of NATO systems. Russia equipment-wise is weaker. It has less-well trained troops, less frontline equipment. The only thing it has more of is soldiers, but I’m not a huge fan of masses of untrained soldiers,” he said.

      ‘It’s hard, they’re holding on’: On ground in Ukraine, war depends on U.S. weapons

      In late December, the Pentagon assessed that Russia’s military would likely run out of its newer stocks of ammunition by early 2023, forcing it to rely on stocks produced during the Cold War. These stocks are less reliable and potentially degraded.

      Russia has the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear warheads – though Russian President Vladimir Putin has appeared to largely rule out using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

      Budanov, 37, is the chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. He became Ukraine’s top military intelligence official at age 34. He is one of the youngest generals in Ukraine’s history, and his name was recently floated by lawmakers as a potential replacement for Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister. He is also an enigmatic former special forces commander believed to have taken part in a range of classified special operations behind enemy lines.

      Some of his previous forecasts for the war’s overall trajectory have proved accurate. In an interview with USA TODAY in November 2021, Budanov predicted that Russia late that year would gradually escalate a series of false-flag provocations as a pretext to launch an invasion, sparking an energy crisis, economic turmoil and food insecurity in countries that rely on Ukraine’s exports. All of these things later happened.

      In this latest interview, conducted in mid-February, Budanov said the war would not end until Ukraine’s Crimea region, on the Black Sea, was liberated from Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has also made the return of Crimea and all other territories occupied by Russia to Ukraine a condition of any peace settlement. Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a recent online forum that losing Crimea, where there is a naval base, to Ukraine would cross a “red line” for Russia and likely risk an escalation of the war.

      In the interview, Budanov dismissed suggestions from influential opinion- and policymakers in the West who claim that by supplying ever-more heavy weapons to Ukraine, NATO risks becoming entangled in a broader war with Russia.

      “I apply a different logic when I look at this issue,” he said. “This conflict has already grown into an existential war between Russia and the West. Yes, the West is not participating in this war with their militaries. But they are providing us with weapons so we can use them in the fight. This means a Ukrainian victory over Russia is a common victory. And if Ukraine falls – though unlikely – it’s a defeat for all of Western civilization.”

      In recent days, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said China, which has not condemned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, was considering supplying Moscow with weapons and ammunition. Beijing has already been supplying civilian aid.

      “Ukraine is getting stronger, Russia weaker. China can change that,” said O’Brien.

      Still, Wesley Clark, a retired four-star U.S. general and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, said in an interview that while China has “substantial military equipment, and a very large force, a lot of that equipment is probably not modernized, especially the army equipment. China’s priority has been its naval, air and missile modernization. … It may not have the masses of new hardware Russia (needs).”


      NYT – Germany’s Scholz Visits Washington Amid Worries Over Ukraine ‘End Game’

      Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrives Friday for a quiet working visit with President Biden, sparking speculation that they will discuss tough questions on how to end the war.

      There will be no state dinners, no press entourage and little fanfare. On a two-day visit to Washington to see President Biden, Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz, wants to get straight to business. The question many in Berlin are asking is what that business is.

      “What is the purpose of your trip to Washington today? Why are you traveling there? You should have actually explained that here,” Friedrich Merz, the leader of Germany’s main opposition party, the Christian Democrats, said to Mr. Scholz in a speech at the German Parliament on Thursday.

      Only a one-line statement announcing the visit to Washington was published by the chancellor’s press office in advance of the trip: The two leaders will discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one year on, and Western support for Kyiv.

      The quiet nature of the visit — with no traveling press invited, and no news conferences, and not even an outline of his plans in his speech to German Parliament before his journey — has led some within Berlin’s foreign policy circles to wonder whether it is a reflection of a growing sense of urgency, on both sides of the Atlantic, to find a new road map for ending the conflict in Ukraine.

      “I think we are at a difficult moment, because the question about the end game is becoming louder, bigger, and more important in the U.S., but also in Europe,” said Ulrich Speck, a German foreign policy analyst. “So I think it is one year on and looking back, it’s also looking forward, and to the question: How will this end?”

      Mr. Scholz’s spokespeople say the muted nature of the trip is an “exception” but have stressed it is not a reflection of any grave situation, merely the “work focus” of the visit.

      Nils Schmid, the foreign policy spokesman in Parliament for Mr. Scholz’s center-left Social Democrats, dismissed the notion that talks would focus on an “end game.”

      “Foreign policy is always about scenarios, and of course, they will pass through these different scenarios,” he said. “But the idea is to have a real working visit. It’s not a state visit. It’s really sitting together, putting all the cards on the table, weighing the options, sharing assessments and having a very free debate without being obliged to produce any immediate result on any of the files.”

      But speculation has been growing in Europe and Washington that, despite vocal public statements that they would back Kyiv “as long as necessary,” as Mr. Scholz has put it, some Western leaders have begun to worry how long a strong, unified front can last.

      European leaders are fretting over how support for Ukraine will fare during a U.S. presidential election next year, with parts of the Republican Party skeptical of military support for Kyiv. And nearly all Western leaders have concerns over whether their populations may tire of sustained and costly backing of Ukraine, especially as the war exposes many shortcomings in their own countries — from military preparedness to energy supplies.

      In Berlin, a protest against military backing for Ukraine last Saturday drew 13,000 people, police said — reflecting the fact that a notable portion of Germany’s population remains leery of Western involvement in the war.

      Trying to balance between that domestic wariness and European allies’ calls for bolder military support for Ukraine from Germany, Mr. Scholz gave a measured statement reaffirming support for Ukraine before setting off for Washington.

      “The majority of citizens want our country to continue to stand by Ukraine,” he said. “And to do so as we have since the beginning of the war: decisively, in a balanced way, closely coordinated with our friends and partners.”

      Another agenda point may be Iran, lawmakers said, because Germany has been under growing pressure from Israel to address reports that Iran has been temporarily increasing uranium enrichment. In turn, Germany has concerns about the rule of law in Israel under its new right-wing government that it may want to discuss with Washington as well, Mr. Schmid said.

      China is also expected to be a topic, particularly as Washington has warned that it believes Beijing is considering sending weapons to Russia. Mr. Scholz made sure to warn against such deliveries in his parliamentary speech, although Germany has yet to be provided with evidence of that, according to lawmakers.

      In his speech to Parliament, Mr. Scholz also praised the trans-Atlantic relationship as “closer and more trusting than ever before.”

      Yet the nature of that relationship may also need to change, some observers warn.

      So far, Mr. Scholz has remained adamant that every step Germany takes in providing military support to repel the Russian invasion is to be done in coordination with its allies — but most importantly with Washington.

      That position came under heavy strain last month, when Washington and European allies heaped pressure on Germany to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The chancellor only agreed to the move when Washington also pledged to send some of its sophisticated Abrams tanks, over U.S. military objections that the vehicles would not be useful to Ukraine.

      Germany has described the plan as a joint agreement between the nations. But a week before the chancellor’s visit, Jake Sullivan, Mr. Biden’s national security adviser, suggested in an interview with ABC News that the move was taken by the president to placate the Germans.

      “In the interest of alliance unity, and to ensure that Ukraine got what it wanted, despite the fact that the Abrams aren’t the tool they need, the president said, OK, I’m going to be the leader of the free world. I will send Abrams down the road if you send Leopards now,” Mr. Sullivan said. “And this is actually an example of Joe Biden rallying the global coalition to get Ukraine what it needs.”

      The statements immediately reignited debate in Berlin over whether Washington had felt forced to agree to something it did not want to do. Mr. Scholz’s spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit, dismissed the idea: “I have a hard time imagining a German chancellor dictating terms or making any demands of an American president.”

      Sudha David-Wilp, the director of the Berlin office of the German Marshall Fund, a U.S. think tank, said that while she did not interpret the statement as an attempt to jab at the chancellor, it may be “a signal that this kind of cover can’t last forever.”

      “Those sort of transactions may not be something that Germany can depend on for the future,” she said. “The United States also wants to encourage Germany to act in coordination with its European allies,” she added, without Washington needing to join in.

      That may not be something Mr. Scholz, who has consistently stated his desire to work in lock step with Washington, will be willing to accept.

      Nonetheless, officials in both countries say the working relationship between the two leaders is a good one.

      “On foreign policy, they are very similar,” Mr. Schmid said. “So I think on a personal level, they really like to chat, to sit together and chat and to think things through.”


      GERMANY – Rheinmetall discusses the creation of a plant in Ukraine capable of producing 400 tanks per year

      ….. the construction will cost about € 200 million.


      Rheinmetall will Panzerfabrik in der Ukraine aufbauen

      Die westlichen Verbündeten kratzen seit Monaten mühsam Panzer für die Ukraine zusammen – doch das Land braucht wohl noch Hunderte. Nun verhandelt Rheinmetall mit Kiew über den Aufbau einer eigenen Panther-Fertigung.

      […].« Die Ukraine brauche 600 bis 800 Panzer für einen Sieg, betonte der Rheinmetall-Chef. Damit die Menge zusammenkomme, müsste der Bau neuer Panzer schnell starten. »Selbst wenn Deutschland alle zur Verfügung stehenden 300 Leopard-2-Panzer der Bundeswehr abgäbe, wären das deutlich zu wenige.«

      Rheinmetall: Krieg wird »wahrscheinlich noch Jahre« dauern


      LVIV -UKRAINE Zelensky met with the head of the European Parliament, Robeta Metsola

      • Ukraine has lost too many trained people, this prevents them from using tactics other then the human wave attack. This tactic worked for the CCP in their conquest of China. The problem is Ukraine doesn’t have a massive supply of men to drive into battle. Eventually they will run out of people.

        This is why Russia pulls back rather then defend against heavy attack. They then shift to a different front and attack the lightly defended regions. This war of maneuver let’s them bleed Ukraine while preserve their forces.

      • “Zelensky has moved from Kiev to Lvov.

        NYT – The U.S. attorney general meets with Zelensky during a surprise visit to Ukraine.

        A major topic of talks was how to hold Russia accountable for any war crimes committed over the past year.

        Attorney General Merrick B. Garland made an unannounced visit to Ukraine on Friday to reaffirm America’s commitment to help hold Russia responsible for war crimes, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

        Mr. Garland held several meetings with President Volodymyr Zelensky and foreign law enforcement officials in Lviv, while attending the United for Justice Conference, the department said in an email.

        During the conference, Mr. Garland “reaffirmed our determination to hold Russia accountable for crimes committed in its unjust and unprovoked invasion against its sovereign neighbor,” the email said.

        Mr. Zelensky, in his nightly address, said the thrust of the conference was to hold Russia’s leadership to account for atrocities committed by its army, a position he has hammered home repeatedly over the last year of war. “The main issue of all these meetings and the Lviv conference is accountability,” he said.

        Mr. Garland’s visit, which was not public in advance for security concerns, comes on the heels of President Biden’s trip to Kyiv last month — and two days after Mr. Garland told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was determined to hold Russians accountable for war crimes they are committing in Ukraine.

        Mr. Garland, a former federal judge whose family escaped the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, singled out Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Moscow-allied Wagner paramilitary group.

        “Mr. Prigozhin, who runs this thing, is in my view a war criminal — and maybe that’s inappropriate for me to say as a judge before getting all the evidence,” Mr. Garland told the committee.

        Mr. Garland added that he believes the group “is responsible for the attacks on Ukrainians in the Donbas” and accused them of using prisoners from Russia “as cannon fodder” in Ukraine.

        Last June, Mr. Garland made another surprise trip to Ukraine, where he met for an hour with Ukraine’s prosecutor general at the time, Iryna Venediktova, in the village of Krakovets, about a mile from the border with Poland, to discuss the technical, forensic and legal support that the United States could provide, department officials said.

        He used the visit to announce the appointment of Eli Rosenbaum, a veteran prosecutor known for investigating former Nazis, to lead American efforts in tracking Russian war criminals.

        The department is currently assisting Ukrainian prosecutors and its national police force with retrieving, storing and analyzing massive amounts of evidence being collected in connections with potential Russian abuses and atrocities.

        In September, Mr. Garland met with Andriy Kostin, Ukraine’s current prosecutor general, in Washington to discuss those efforts and to sign a memorandum of understanding to increase coordination between their two agencies. They met again in Lviv, Ukraine, on Friday.

    • BREITBART – Report: Alexander Vindman Pitched $12M Scheme to Profit Off Ukraine War Funds

      Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Friday appeared to confirm a report that said he is pitching a defense contract to the Ukrainian government to the tune of $12 million — which would likely come from U.S. taxpayers — to operate and repair military equipment being used in the war.

      “Thanks for the [advertisement]. I’m trying to get logistics in place to help Ukraine win the war and secure America,” tweeted Vindman.

      He claimed he was looking for “philanthropic contributions to get it going.”

      “Reach out if you support the cause of democracy and US National Security. #FASTERPROJECT,” he added.

      Thanks for the advert. I’m trying to get logistics in place to help Ukraine win the war and secure America.

      Looking for philanthropic contributions to get it going. Reach out if you support the cause of democracy and US National Security.#FASTERPROJECT

      — Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) March 3, 2023

      On Thursday, Human Events’s Libby Emmons and Jack Posobiec reported that it obtained documents showing that in August 2022, Vindman, operating as CEO of Trident Support, gave a presentation to Ukraine on a “Ukraine Weapons Systems Sustainment Center” to help the country address problems with repairing and maintaining the equipment that has poured into Ukraine from the West since Russia invaded in February 2022.

      Vindman proposed to Ukraine an “initial funding” tab of $12 million to act as “a middle-man between NATO weapons and Ukrainian forces,” according to Human Events. His company would teach Ukrainian forces how to operate and repair the equipment.

      Trainers would be “highly experienced former soldiers or contractors in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.” Potential locations for this mid-point would be Poland, Slovakia, or Romania if it were not possible to set it up in Ukraine, the report said.

      The presentation was revealed along with court documents showing a dispute over payments, Human Events reported.

      According to presentation slides, Vindman’s brother Yevgeny is the president of Trident International LLC, and listed as a “point of contact” for the scheme.

      Vindman, a Ukrainian immigrant to America, infamously worked with a U.S. intelligence official to launch an impeachment inquiry against then-President Donald Trump in 2019.

      Vindman claimed that Trump had tried to use $400 million in U.S. military assistance for Ukraine as a quid pro quo to obtain dirt on Hunter Biden, who was paid $80,000 a month to serve on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. After Burisma fell under investigation by the Ukrainian prosecutor general, then-Vice President Joe Biden worked to get him fired, and bragged about it at a Council on Foreign Relations event.

      After the aid had been put on hold, Trump in a June 25, 2019, phone call asked Zelensky to look into the matter, saying, “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that, so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great.”

      At the time, Vindman was listening in on the phone call as director for European Affairs for the National Security Council, on loan from the Pentagon. After the phone call, he and his twin brother Yevgeny went to the NSC general counsel to complain that it was improper of Trump to make the request.

      Shortly after, an intelligence official tried filed a complaint to the intelligence community inspector general and Rep. Adam Schiff took it public, falsely claiming he did not meet with the intelligence official who filed the complaint beforehand.

      Trump was later acquitted by the Senate of any wrongdoing.

      During the impeachment inquiry, led by Schiff, Vindman testified that he was offered by Ukraine to become its defense minister three times. He was mocked by military veterans after he demanded to be addressed as “Lieutenant Colonel Vindman” by then-Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA).

      While Vindman appeared to confirm his proposal to the Ukrainian government, he also raised the prospect of suing for defamation over the article. Breitbart News unsuccessfully attempted to get a hold of Vindman for comment.

  8. Media Gaslights Public with Fake “High Alert” Warning for “Day of Hate!” Protests Targeting Jews in America – That Never Materialized
    By Jeremy Segal Mar. 4, 2023 7:45 am64 Comments

    A bomb cyclone of fake anti-Semitic news failed to materialize this week after countless and unrelenting efforts to prime the American people for a fearful “Day of Hate” turned out to be less than a dusting of snow for the media narrative-makers.

    Just one week ago, national and international news outlets were breathlessly reporting about the national security threat from this “Day of Hate” and the preparations from local police nationwide who were on “high alert” in response to “unconfirmed” threats against American Jews on the sabbath.

    The “unconfirmed” threats stemmed from an alleged call-to-action by unspecified Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and anti-Semites for a national “Day of Hate.”

    (You can hear my own in-depth teardown/analysis of this outrageously fake so-called “Day of Hate” with fellow documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus on the Truthbait Podcast in the segment cued up at the 08:10):

  9. WAYNE ROOT: Here are Five of the Most Important Stories in the History of America…All in One Week.
    By Assistant Editor Mar. 4, 2023 10:50 am0 Comments

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    I’ve written literally thousands of commentaries. And I’ve never had this problem before. I have five of the biggest stories in the history of America to tell you about- all at the same time. They’re all so important, I can’t decide which one to write about. So, I’m going to write about all five.

    I’ll let you choose which one I should write about in expanded detail next week. Send me an email. Vote for the story you’d like me to write about in detail:

    In the meantime, here is a short and sweet “Cliff Notes” version of all five.

    STORY #1: Of Course China Intentionally Released Covid. But Even More Shocking is Who Helped Them.

    Everyone in power is finally in agreement that Covid came from a Chinese biowarfare lab. I told you that three years ago. But even that is not the real shocker. Tucker Carlson had a doctor who escaped China on his show this week. She says China intentionally released Covid to destroy America and the Western economies. This was a planned attack upon America.

    I’ve been predicting that story for three years too. China had just lost the trade war. Their entire economy was about to collapse. At that exact moment, Covid was unleashed on America and the Western World. That was never a coincidence. But I’ve got an even bigger shocker…

    The biggest story is that China did not do this alone.

    I believe the Deep State, DC Swamp, Democrat Party and Dr. Fauci were all in bed with China. They were all desperate to stop Trump at all costs. They all needed to kill Trump’s economy and destroy Trump’s re-election. They had even stronger motives than China. Covid was the perfect plan. I’ll give you more details if you choose this as the big story for next week.

    STORY #2: Woody Harrelson Was Right About Big Pharma and the Covid Vaccine Scam. But Woody was Way too Naïve and Nice!

    Actor Woody Harrelson spilled the beans on “Saturday Night Live” about the Covid vaccine scam. Big Pharma is a drug cartel- just like the Mexican Drug Cartel. Except, far more powerful. The Mexican Drug Cartel has only bought off the entire Democrat Party.

    Big Pharma has bought off both parties, the entire U.S. government, the entire media, and the Medical Industrial Complex. They own them all.

    Woody Harrelson told the raw truth (even in his pot-induced haze). But Woody left out the biggest part of the story- this vaccine is not just a failure at preventing Covid. In just the past week, I’ve seen mounds of data from around the world proving the Covid jab is a killing machine that could cause the collapse of our entire society. I’ll give you more details if you choose this as the big story for next week.

    STORY #3: Is the Next Pearl Harbor or 9/11 Sneak Attack On the USA on the Way Soon?

    Few realize how badly our military has been weakened and corrupted by Biden (who is doing the bidding of China and the CCP). Our military is the weakest and most vulnerable in history. No one believed Japan would attack our homeland in 1941. No one expected 9/11 in 2001. They never do, until after it happens.

    So, what would make you think Russia or China, or both together, are not busy right now plotting either a surprise EMP or nuclear attack on the USA, or the start of World War 3? Our military has never been more demoralized, or defenseless. China and Russia both know that. Our country and freedom are on the line. I’ll give you more details if you choose this as the big story for next week.

    STORY #4: Biden and Mayor Pete’s Response to the Ohio Train Derailment Catastrophe is More Proof of Rigged and Stolen Elections.

    I believe the shocking lack of interest, or empathy by Biden, Mayor Pete, or the EPA, for the citizens of Ohio is more proof our elections are rigged and stolen. The “tell” is they didn’t even try to fake it. They didn’t even bother to act like they care about the worst environmental disaster in our country’s history. They couldn’t care less about white, working class, or Midwest votes. Why? Do they know the fix is in? I’ll give you more details if you choose this story as the big story for next week.

    Story #5: Why Every Decent Parent in America Must Immediately Remove Your Children From Public School and Start Homeschooling.

    Forget about the evil lies of Critical Race Theory and transgender brainwashing going on in schools across America. All of that is child’s play (excuse the pun) compared to this story.

    Soon most school districts across America – certainly in every blue state- will demand your child take the deadly, experimental Covid jab, in order to attend school. You must get your children out of school before this happens. I’ve seen the myocarditis data- your child’s life is on the line. I’ll give you more details if you choose this as the big story for next week.

    These are five of the biggest stories in history going on all at the same time. In the same week. Pick the story you think is THE most important story and I’ll give you the expanded, detailed version next week. You get to decide:

  10. A Letter from a Military Mom, a Grandmother, an American Patriot Who Loves this Country and Sees Where We Are Heading
    By Joe Hoft Mar. 4, 2023 10:10 am23 Comments

    One of our readers, a military mom and friend of TGP sent us this message to share.

    We hope you have a moment to read this:

    Over the last two years I have watched my country being taken over by the most incompetent, dangerous and reckless morons ever to take up space in our most sacred place in this country, our White House, our Senate, and our Congress.

    These inept traitors of our glorious country and our most revered and beloved Constitution have made us the laughing stock in the world.

    I have watched them destroy the lives of good honest and decent Americans who went up to DC to express their love and concern for their country and the Dems arranged an ambush on them. That is what happened and that is what they did to our fellow Americans. What is worse, they threw these good and decent Americans in jail with no trial, no representation, they robbed them of their rights in every way possible.

    Folks, these people are pure evil and they are running our country into the ground. The one man who tried, in spite of all of them, to get this country going in the right direction has been vilified and persecuted by this corrupt bunch of immoral thugs in suits. I ask you to remember our economy and our secure border under President Trump. Don’t you remember how booming your 401k’s were doing under his leadership? Don’t you remember how good it felt when President Trump stood up to the terrorists and what a moment in history it was when he crossed the DMZ! And they all said it couldn’t be done. Our country was at peace and Trump understood, as well as our enemies, what it truly means to rule by the simple premise of peace through strength. The world stood at attention and they knew to behave themselves because President Donald J Trump meant to keep our country and her people safe and he would deal directly with you if you didn’t get the message. He delivered to the most evil man, Solemani, responsible for the maiming and murder of so many of our Sons and Daughters and Trump delivered to him what he deserved.

    Now Iran has threatened AGAIN, to murder our former President and Mike Pompeo. This is an outrage and every American who loves this country should be outraged that one of our Presidents has been threatened on the world stage. Yet all I hear is silence.

    Be still my heart, I tell myself everyday. But it will no longer listen. That fighting Irish spirit in me can no longer sit idly by silent while threats against him are published, and then just dead silence.

  11. Diversity, equity and inclusion equals Alienation, Division and Hatred.

    Stay home (do not talk to anyone), stay safe ( don’t go near anyone) shut up ( Do not spread the truth aka misinformation).

    What have we been told since beginning of 2020
    Don’t trust your loved ones – trust the government

    The Vaccines are safe and effective and if you die from the shots, the government will pay for your funeral

    Rat on your family, friends and neighbour for the greater good.

    Casinos, Costco and Walmart are Covid free places. Churches are not and ministers who feed the homeless deserve to be arrested.

    Soros funded Black Lives Matter thugs can beat people, burn buildings and set cars on fire. truckers, people who actually work for a living are misogynistic, racists, extremists and spreaders of misinformation ( the truth )

    The World Economic Forum wants to reduce world population, have no borders and you will own nothing and be happy. The treasonous, Prime Minister of Canada and the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada are members of the WEF. Chrystia Freeland is a WEF committee chair peoplekind.

    VARES Report shows less than 1 % of vaccine injured or dead. The MSM, is still pushing the Federal and Provincial governments misinformation that the vaccines are safe and effective, along with many doctors and healthcare workers.

    If you do not know if you are sick, have a PCR test and the government will tell you are. The Nobel laureate, Kary Mullis who discovered the PCR test said it was NEVER, and he emphasized NEVER, to be used to diagnose a disease in a human being.

    Amazingly the elites from the WEF, Gates, Soros, Trudeau, Freeland and other Climate Clowns knew of the coming pandemic in 2019. Read Event 201 which was held October 18, 2019.

    The Next Catastrophic Contagion – a high level exercise held in 2022 in Brussels Belgium.

    Shhhhh you WILL be happy, pennyless, hungry, cold and made to stay in a small space, have no vehicle, while the elites eat what they want, are warm, live in large houses or villas and travel around jets their jets.

  12. Calgary police charge man with hate crime at library drag event

    A pastor who tried to stop a drag reading session for kids last week has been charged by Calgary Police.

    Some parents are now questioning if these events are safe enough to attend with their kids.

    + comments

  13. (Richard: The Dems are worried about the 2024 election, they are afraid they don’t have anyone with enough name recognition to make another steal believable. This is why they have gone all out to censor the news sources on the net. They are now starting to shift their censorship operation to TV and are trying to decide if they need to shutdown FOX. As they get more desperate we will see efforts to shut down FOX and talk radio. They remember how talk radio played a key role in the Republican gains in the late 1900s and want to prevent it from happening again.)

    Dems want to cut Fox off after lawsuit revelations

    The thunderclap of stories showing Fox News’ role in pushing 2020 election fraud conspiracies and aiding Donald Trump’s campaign has intensified calls among Democrats to black out the network.

    The revelations, made public as part of a $1.6 billion lawsuit brought against Fox by Dominion Voting Systems, showed that some network hosts and executives endorsed lies about Trump’s loss, hosted conspiracy theorists whom they thought were unhinged, and overtly prioritized the company’s profit over truth. A related deposition of the media empire’s chair, Rupert Murdoch, revealed that he shared private intel about Joe Biden’s campaign TV ads and provided debate strategy with top Trump advisers.

    For years, Democrats have been engaged in a debate over whether the party should shun the cable news giant or grudgingly use its airwaves to run counterprogramming. But in the midst of the latest saga, a newer type of reaction has emerged: that they should sever all ties, including any money spent advertising on the network.

    “There is nothing in those documents to show they operate like a real news organization,” said Doug Gordon, a Democratic strategist. “If you are running a campaign in 2024, how do you in good faith hand your ads to Fox when you know they handed them over to Republicans? If there are any general election debates, how do you let Fox be a moderator?”

  14. the epoch times – Matt Gaetz Calls for Defunding FBI, CDC, ATF, DOJ

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on March 3 called for defunding numerous U.S. government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the Department of Justice.

    This was on top of a previous call to defund the FBI.

    Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Gaetz railed against U.S. government corruption and called for accountability. He touted being part of a group of 20 or so Republicans who got concessions from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in his battle to be speaker of the House, one of them being the formation of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

    “Seems like every time I turn around, they’re engaged in surveillance or list-building or monitoring. And I don’t care if it takes every second of our time and every ounce of our energy. We either get this government back on our side or we defund and get rid of… abolish the FBI, CDC, ATF, DOJ, every last one of them, if they do not come to heel,” Gaetz said to a standing ovation.

    “And I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I really don’t.”

    The call to defund the CDC exemplified the criticism the health agency has come under due to its guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the CDC may have colluded with the American Federation of Teachers, the second-biggest teacher’s union in the United States, as it pertains to school reopenings.

    In June 2021, Gaetz called for the FBI to be defunded.

    “If Democrats want to defund the police, they should start with the FBI,” wrote Gaetz in a Twitter post that he immediately deleted.

    Gaetz reiterated his call to defund the FBI after the agency raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Aug. 8, 2022. He said that “the antidote” to the FBI going after Trump was “not one more damn penny for this administrative state that has been weaponized against our people in a very fascist way.”

    At the time of his 2021 and 2022 remarks, Gaetz was under investigation by the DOJ, to which the FBI is responsible, over his alleged involvement in sex trafficking. Last month, Gaetz’s lawyers said they were informed by the DOJ that the congressman would not be charged.


    Trump is scheduled to speak on March 4.

    twitter @SpartaJustice

    BILL GATES CRIMES: U.S. patents show CDC ownership of Coronavirus. Both China and the U.S. involved in the creation of Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. Gates and CCP controlled WHO appoints criminal Tedros. CDC, FDA, CIA, NIH, Gates, Fauci, Baric, Rockefeller are all involved in Federal Crimes.

    Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation paid Google, Facebook, Politico, Wikipedia, Fact Checkers in order to censor and control all the information.

    The CIA has been using Operation Mockingbird for years and has over 3,000 agents implanted in Mainstream Media to control the population.

    Event 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CIA) and the World Economic Forum to enforce a worldwide Pandemic response 5 months before the WHO fraudulently declared a global pandemic. It was a planned coordinated criminal effort worldwide.

    In January 2017 Anthony Fauci said there will be a surprise virus outbreak before the end of 2020. Bill Gates in 2015 talked of a future pandemic and lied in April 2020 when he said they did not simulate or practice for a pandemic.

    Klaus Schwab in his book Covid-19 The Great Reset shows Covid was the Trojan Horse to Reset the World according to the UN 2030 Agenda. Build Back Better slogan is a criminal coordinated effort to remove human rights and institute a one world government.

    Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation bribes the WHO, NIH, NIAID, CDC, FDA, Medical Schools and Journals to control the health industry and public health policy.

    WHO Chief Tedros involved in genocide killing and torture in Ethiopia. Tedros is a known member of the communist party. He is Beijing’s and Bill Gates puppet. As a Health Minister he was accused of covering up three Cholera Epidemics and committing crimes against humanity. The CCP and Bill Gates helped put Tedros in charge of the WHO.

    John D. Rockefeller over 100 years ago seized the U.S. Media and took control over public health using toxic petroleum based drugs for profit and controlled the American Medical Association blacklisting and expelling any doctors who practiced natural medicine.

    Rockefeller’s poison injections and medicines started causing cancer in early years and to cover it up formed the American Cancer Society. Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

    Bill Gates used India and Africa as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies to make a financial killing while killing a lot of people in the process including killing innocent children and babies with vaccines. Bill Gates controls GAVI The Vaccine Alliance to vaccinate the world with his poisons.

    National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests December 10, 1974 (THE KISSINGER REPORT) shows the intention of governments to reduce the population.

    Bill Gates is one of the key funders in the Stratosphere experiment to block out the sun for Climate Change by releasing poisons in the air. Environmental Scientist call it global genocide experiment. Gates has invested over one billion dollars in the Earth Now Global Surveillance project to launch hundreds of satellites to monitor people everywhere 24/7 a day.

    In partnership with MIT Bill Gates has developed a new technology that allows vaccines to be injected under your skin along with your medical records. Bill Gates Gates funded genetically modified mosquitoes released in the USA to allow human immunization by means of mosquito bites “Flying Syringes.”

    Bill Gates had business dealings and a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex criminal. Why would he choose to partner with the world’s most notorious pedophile? To Blackmail?

    Bill Gates is the top financial donor of the WHO and CDC. No one person has more power than Gates to influence and control the health and medical freedom of all people. Bill Gates and all mRNA Vaccines must be stopped. This is a global genocide experiment and a takeover of the world.

    + 60 min video

  15. twitter @songpinganq

    This video is from Chinese government for warning Chinese citizens:

    ”If you are on the blacklist of social credit systerm, you cannot take plane/train, book a starred hotel, get a bank loan.

    Your face will be displayed on every billboard, for everyone to see to shame you”

    Chinese government propaganda warning citizens to maintain their social credit score…

    + 1 min video

  16. The Mysterious ‘Sisterhood’ Tearing Families Apart
    Jennings Brown

    Jason and Jennifer Veras had been together since high school. “We were a loving family. We were a happy family. We barely had any issues throughout our 23 years in a relationship,” Jason said. “Until she brought Liana Shanti into our family.”

    Everything changed soon after Jennifer started following a mysterious online guru who has built a following of women around the world, teaching them to cut ties with their “family cult” and to save their children from a ruling class of evil reptilian creatures who created the COVID-19 “scamdemic”—a Luciferian plot to harvest innocent souls.

    First, Jason said, Jennifer changed her diet—raw vegan and juice cleanses. Then she started spending hours every day meditating alone in the backyard and listening to her spiritual teacher’s audio classes.

    Over the next few months, he claimed, Jennifer became increasingly paranoid and started espousing conspiracy theories. The COVID vaccine changes people’s DNA, she told him. And people who got the shot could shed the vaccine on others. She insisted they had to cut ties with anyone who had been vaccinated. Jason said she kept telling him they needed to leave California; soon the government would force every unvaccinated adult and child into concentration camps; they had to move to Florida where they would be safe.

    At Jason’s birthday dinner in May 2021, his mother shared that she’d been vaccinated. His wife was furious. Jason, 41, said Jennifer, 41, accused him of knowingly exposing their children to vaccine “shedding.”

    A week later Jason returned to their home in Modesto, California, to find their sons, ages 7 and 10, alone. According to Jason, the boys said they were hungry and that their mom had gone

  17. Washington Post: Yes, the Biden Loan Forgiveness May Be Unconstitutional But…

    The Washington Post is now admitting that President Joe Biden’s college loan forgiveness plan is unconstitutional, but it insists that the “the court shouldn’t stop him.” The reason is standing and the Post is now apparently a standing hawk forced to accept a half trillion dollar give-away to maintain a narrow view of case or controversies under Article III. The Post previously ran opinion pieces saying that Biden clearly has this authority, but this is an opinion piece from the editors themselves on the subject.

    The Post now admits with some of us that Biden “overreached” in his use of the HEROES Act to allow him to unilaterally cancel roughly 500 billion dollars in loan debts. Executive “overreach” is a common reference to exceeding the authority afforded by Article II. The Post describes the action as “bad” and without congressional approval. Of course, giving away half a trillion dollars without congressional approval was the type of unilateral action that the Framers sought to prevent in giving Congress the power of the pursue. In other words, it is not just “bad.” It is unconstitutional.

    President Biden is using a law designed to help service members and their families deal with debt accrued in fighting for this country. The terms of the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act of 2003 allows the secretary of education “to waive or modify … financial assistance program requirements … affected by a war, other military operation, or national emergency.” Biden had promised to wipe out tuition debt in the campaign and simply hijacked the Act for that unintended purpose. Putting that aside, the Act ties such relief to an inability to cover such costs due to the war or emergency. The Biden plan would use the law to benefit individuals without such a showing, including many of the 40 million beneficiaries who are relatively wealthy and could pay off the loans.

    Various professors including Dalié Jiménez, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, filed an amicus brief in support of the Administration and claimed that the HEROES Act “is as clear as sunlight” in authorizing the department’s action.

    The Office of Legal Counsel, considered the ultimate authority on legal interpretations in the Executive Branch, looked at this issue during the Trump administration. Its memo concluded that “the Secretary does not have statutory authority to provide blanket or mass cancellation, compromise, discharge, or forgiveness of student loan principal balances, and/or to materially modify the repayment amounts or terms thereof, whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic or for any other reason.”

    The Biden Office of Legal Counsel issued a new opinion concluding the opposite, due to the ongoing pandemic — a curious argument, since the Biden administration was just in court arguing that the pandemic was effectively over, in order to allow undocumented individuals to enter the country. Citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the administration sought to stop the enforcement of Title 42, which allowed the government to turn away migrants at the border.

    Now, the Post appears to reject the Biden OLC opinion and calls the policy not only unconstitutional “overreach” but “a regressive and expensive mistake.”

    This case is precisely why I have long favored broader standing rules. This is a clearly unconstitutional action by the President that is being defended largely on the basis of, in my view, an unnecessarily narrow view of standing imposed by the courts.

    I recently spoke at the University of Maryland with George Mason law professor Ilya Somin, who argues that the claims of Missouri satisfy standing.

    At issue is the right of the state to argue the interests of the the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (MOHELA) – that services student loans. While MOHELA is an independent agency and is not a party to the lawsuit, Somin argues that detractors confuse this case with prior cases raising individual constitutional injuries: “Unlike individual rights claims, which – on this theory – can only be asserted by people who have suffered specific rights violations, structural claims can be raised by anyone, because structural restrictions on government power provide generalized protection for all Americans.” He believes that standing can be based on existing precedent.

    There is a legitimate issue over standing under current case law. It ultimately turns on one’s views on the proper scope of the standing doctrine in raising these structural constitutional concerns. However, the Post, which has previously shown a tendency toward broad interpretations of constitutional provisions, may be premature in citing standing (albeit reluctantly) as a shield for this clearly unconstitutional overreach by President Biden.

  18. neil oliver : Neil Oliver’s Saturday Monologue – 4th March 2023.

    Neil discusses why the MSM took a very one sided, biased opinion when reporting during & after the covid “crisis”.

    Why alternative & truthful views were & still are being silenced.

    • Russell Brand Makes Bill Maher Squirm with ‘Truth Bombs’ on Big Pharma’s Plan to Keep Americans in Perpetual Crisis

      Russell Brand, comedian and podcaster, appeared on “Real Time” with Bill Maher and dropped a few ‘truth bombs’ that even made the politically incorrect host squirm.

      “So may I say something?” Brand asked.

      “Please, please,” Maher urged.

      “If they inconvenience you, I’ll stop saying them,” he said.

      More :

      twitter @NewsBecker

      Russell Brand: “The pandemic created at least 40 new Big Pharma billionaires. Pharmaceutical corporations like Moderna and Pfizer made a thousand dollars of profit every second from the Covid 19 vaccine.

      More than two-thirds of Congress received campaign funding from pharmaceutical companies in the 2020 election.

      Pfizer Chairman Albert Bourla told Time magazine in July 2020 that this company was developing a Covid vaccine for the good of humanity, not for money.

      And of course, Pfizer made a hundred billion dollars in profit in 2022.”

      “All I’m querying is this,” Brand added.

      “Is if you have an economic system in which pharmaceutical companies benefit hugely from medical emergencies, where a military industrial complex benefits from war, where an energy companies benefit from energy crisis, you are going to generate states of perpetual crisis.”

      + 4 min 47 video

      twitter @/bennyjohnson

      Russell Brand ENDS the career of MSNBC host.

      this is as close as you can get to a murder on live TV

      + 3 min 40 video


      • daily beast – Russell Brand’s Rant About MSNBC, Rachel Maddow Goes Viral

        Russell Brand called ivermectin “effective medicine” and pointed to Maddow’s misstatement about how vaccines work while equating MSNBC and Fox News.

        A clip of a histrionic Russell Brand on Real Time with Bill Maher went viral on Saturday—in which the comedian, who owns multiple multi-million-dollar homes, accused political analyst and fellow guest John Heilemann of hypocrisy for criticizing Fox News from “within the castle of MSNBC.”

        In the two-minute clip, a shouting Brand maintained that MSNBC was fundamentally no different from Fox News. All this, he loudly insisted, contrasts with the “real journalism” of National Security Agency consultant-turned-Russian defector Edward Snowden and former RT host Julian Assange.

        Talking over Heilemann’s attempts to answer his criticism, Brand asserted that both channels are merely “mouthpieces for their affiliate owners in Blackrock and Vanguard,” naming a pair of controversial investment firms.

        “Just spiritually, mate—if I may use that word in your great country—we have to take responsibility for our own perspectives,” Brand said, citing his own infamous appearance on the channel’s Morning Joe program a decade ago as evidence.

        Heilemann and Maher finally managed to cut in on Brand, with the host and the Recount founder telling the Get Him to the Greek star that he was engaging in “false equivalency.”

        “You don’t actually know anything about any of these organizations you’re talking about,” said Heilemann. “You went on MSNBC once. Big fucking deal.”

        Pressed to provide evidence that MSNBC had ever engaged in comparable practices to Fox hosts’ amplification of election fraud conspiracies they knew to be false, Brand decried the liberal network’s “ludicrous, outrageous” treatment of podcaster Joe Rogan’s promotion of ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.

        “Deliberately referring to it as a horse medicine when they know it is an effective medicine,” said Brand.

        Studies have repeatedly shown that ivermectin, which can treat parasite infestations in humans and animals, is not an effective treatment for COVID-19.

        Brand also ignored that even enthusiasts for this off-label and medically discouraged use of the drug refer to it as “horse paste” and have openly celebrated its equine applications.

        Brand also highlighted MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s incorrect description of how the COVID-19 vaccine functions in a March 2021 broadcast, in which she repeated a common misunderstanding that the vaccine completely inoculates against symptoms and transmission. In fact, the vaccine builds up antibodies and enormously reduces the likelihood of fatality in the event of infection, a subtle distinction which Maddow acknowledged in the same broadcast.

        Brand did not explain in the segment why he believed this incident was comparable to Fox hosts repeatedly airing conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory over ex-President Donald Trump that recent court filings show the conservative network’s stars referred to as “total bs” and “mind-blowingly nuts.” The network’s founder Rupert Murdoch even admitted in a deposition that some of the station’s top shows “endorsed” these baseless allegations, which form the basis of a $1.6 billion defamation suit Dominion Voting Systems has brought against the channel.


  19. NYC DOE probing anti-white texts linked to black superintendent
    By Susan Edelman

    March 4, 2023 | 9:20am

    The city Department of Education is investigating widely circulated screenshots of anti-white texts purportedly written by Staten Island’s black superintendent, officials told The Post.

    The inflammatory texts vowing to get rid of white principals and “clean up this island” are attributed to District 31 Superintendent Marion Wilson.

    MORE ON:

    The screenshots were sent in emails to Chancellor Banks and other DOE and city officials from the encrypted email address

    A message sent there got no response.

    The screenshots, which two principals forwarded to The Post, are troubling.

    “No more white principals on my watch!” says one text under Wilson’s name.

    “I need to clean up this island,” another text reads. “White folks need to recognize this is not the boys club anymore. A strong black woman runs this bitch now, and they can either get on board or get out. If they don’t get out, I’m going to take them out one by one. They’re not gonna know what hit them. Gonna be fun.

  20. HORRIFIC VIDEO: Witnesses Scream after MASSIVE EXPLOSION at Indonesia’s Pertamina Fuel Storage Facility – At Least 15 Dead
    By Jim Hoft Mar. 4, 2023 11:20 am125 Comments

    A massive fire and explosion took place on Friday at Indonesia’s Pertamina Fuel Storage Facility.

    Local citizens were filming the fire when the Pertamina facility exploded.

    They can be heard screaming as the fuel storage facility exploded like a derailed toxic chemical railcars in East Palestine, Ohio.

    Massive fires broke out at three Mexican-owned facilities, including one in Texas, last week.

    Reuters reported:

    Indonesian officials called for an investigation and an audit of state energy company Pertamina’s (PERTM.UL) facilities after a fire at its storage facility killed 15.

    The fire, which started at around 8 pm (0100 GMT) on Friday from a fuel pipe at Pertamina’s Plumpang fuel storage depot in capital Jakarta, quickly spread to nearby houses and sent residents in the densely populated area into panic.

    Authorities initially put the death toll at 17 but revised it later to 15. Dozens were injured and more than a thousand people were displaced, police said on Saturday.

  21. Union Fights Back Against Biden’s New “Pronoun Policy” For Federal Workers
    By ProTrumpNews Staff Mar. 4, 2023 2:20 pm20 Comments

    Americans are pushing back against the Biden administration’s woke agenda.

    On March 1st, Social Security Administration Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi announced a new “Pronoun Policy” for federal workers.

    The policy allows transgender employees to use the bathroom of their choice and says that employees could face disciplinary action if they continually misuse the pronouns of a colleague.

    The policy defines the terms agender, bigender, cisgender, gender diverse, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and two-spirit.

    The announcement also said that employees “will receive notice of a mandatory training to help you prepare for full implementation of the policy, which will happen on March 31, 2023.”

    The Daily Wire reported:

    On March 1, SSA Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi announced the policy to employees with the subject “Building an Equitable and Inclusive Culture: Gender Identity.”

    “Soon, you will receive notice of a mandatory training to help you prepare for full implementation of the policy, which will happen on March 31, 2023. Available starting March 2, this training will increase your knowledge of using pronouns and gender-neutral language and supporting employees and colleagues in the workplace,” the email said.

    It says transgender employees may use the bathroom of their choice, and that “continued intentional misuse of an employee’s name or pronoun could… lead to disciplinary action.”

  22. Justice For All” – Trump Collaborates With “J6 Prison Choir” Defendants In New Song
    By ProTrumpNews Staff Mar. 4, 2023 3:05 pm1 Comment

    Donald Trump is not done supporting the Jan 6th prisoners.

    He was featured in a new song titled, “Justice for All,” by the J6 Prison Choir.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    Is a Grammy award in former President Donald Trump’s future?

    The former president collaborated on a song with the J6 Prison Choir – members of the MAGA mob who remain imprisoned for their role in the January 6 Capitol attack.

  23. Mexican Government Wants Arizona Rancher’s Murder Charge Upgraded After Illegal Alien Shooting
    By Cristina Laila Mar. 4, 2023 2:40 pm62 Comments

    The Mexican government wants the murder charge against an Arizona rancher upgraded after he fatally shot an illegal alien on his property.

    George Alan Kelly, 73, was arrested for killing Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, on his Arizona ranch in Kino Springs just outside of Nogales, Mexico on January 30.

    Kelly was being held at the Santa Cruz County jail on $1 million bond, but he posted bail and was released from custody last Wednesday.

    According to reports, Gabriel Cuen-Butimea has a history of illegally crossing into the United States and multiple deportations.

    Authorities found a Mexican voter registration card on the decedent.

    According to the defense lawyers, Mr. Kelly fired warning shots after he saw a group of men dressed in camouflaged clothing point an AK-47 right at him.

    George Alan Kelly was careful to shoot above their heads, the lawyers said.

    The rancher later discovered the deceased man after he went to check on his horse.

    George Alan Kelly was initially charged with first-degree murder, but a judge recently downgraded his charge to second-degree murder during an evidentiary hearing in court.

    “That’s a significant change in the charge,” Judge Emilio Velasquez said. “Second-degree murder is, frankly, a more complicated theory of the case for both the state and the defense.”

  24. Poor Joe Biden’s Not in Control of Anything, Maybe Even – His Own Bowels” – Interview with Roger Stone
    By Joe Hoft Mar. 4, 2023 1:30 pm101 Comments

    Roger Stone has a wealth of knowledge from his many years in politics going back to the Nixon Administration. The Deep State and criminal DOJ persecuted him during President Trump’s years in office. He’s still under duress as he’s now involved in 11 cases from the evil Deep State, down from 17.

    Despite all this Stone is upbeat and offers his thoughts freely on various topics.

    Stone weighed in on Twitter and its now-known connections with the Deep State FBI at the 18:20 minute mark:

    Well, Twitter of course Joe, is ultimately the source of the 2-year ordeal that my wife and I were put through simply because I set a Google News Alert for WikiLeaks and for Julian Assange. And for my own personal Twitter account, I accurately predicted based on things Assange had actually said based on interviews that WikiLeaks had obtained a substantial amount of information regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee and that they would drop it during the fall of 2016.

    Next Stone discussed the egregious actions taken in his case in Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court. Sadly, there are some, thanks to the corrupt media in the US who still believe that Stone was involved in Russia collusion.

    I would say that the invention of the Russian collusion hoax was both an offensive and defensive tactic by the Democrats. It was Hillary Clinton who sold the Russians control of most of this country’s uranium supply…

    In order to bury that, they turned around and

  25. twitter @Risemelbourne

    Edmonton Canada

    Watch as a Councillor squirms and runs away after getting grilled about WEF interference and “15 Minute Cities”..

    + 2 min 20 video


    twitter @WonderlandChil2

    They are fucking liars though.

    • the telegraph -Matt Hancock’s plan to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ about Covid

      Leaked WhatsApp messages reveal how health secretary hoped to shock public into complying with ever-changing lockdown rules

      Throughout the course of the pandemic, officials and ministers wrestled with how to ensure the public complied with ever-changing lockdown restrictions. One weapon in their arsenal was fear.

      “We frighten the pants off everyone,” Matt Hancock suggested during one WhatsApp message with his media adviser.

      The then health secretary was not alone in his desire to scare the public into compliance. The WhatsApp messages seen by The Telegraph show how several members of Mr Hancock’s team engaged in a kind of “Project Fear”, in which they spoke of how to utilise “fear and guilt” to make people obey lockdown.

      An Imperial College survey of Covid infections in the community – called the React programme and led by the eminent professor Lord Darzi – provided “positive” news for Mr Hancock and his team.

      The study they referred to appeared to have been a survey showing “decreasing prevalence” of Covid through May and an R number – the reproduction rate of the virus – of just 0.57.

      The study was in line with an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey. But when the media focused on a separate report by Public Health England and Cambridge University showing a high transmission rate in some parts of the country – prompting speculation that local lockdowns could follow – Mr Hancock said: “That’s no bad thing.” Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, agreed. On June 5 2020, there were 1,020 reported daily cases of Covid and 160 deaths.

      5 June, 2020
      Matt Hancock Health Secretary
      Have you seen the v interesting Ara Darzi survey?


      Patrick Vallance Government Chief Scientific Adviser
      Haven’t seen it yet but heard a verbal output a couple of days ago. Will try to find it now

      Ok seen it now. Very good and consistent with the ONS study. All pointing in the same positive direction

      Matt Hancock
      Yep. Just done presser where the media interest is only in the gloomy Cambridge survey ????

      But, if we want people to behave themselves maybe that’s no bad thing

      Patrick Vallance
      Agree, suck up their miserable interpretation and over deliver

      With recorded Covid cases now down to just 689, the Government was days away from reopening pubs, restaurants and hairdressing salons.

      But on June 30 2020, Leicester had just gone into a local lockdown. In a WhatsApp group called “Local Action Committee”, Emma Dean, Mr Hancock’s special adviser on policy, reported back to the group a rumour that Milton Keynes may be the next town plunged into a local lockdown.

      Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, Mr Hancock’s media adviser, replied that it would not be “unhelpful” for the public to think they could be next.

      Ms Dean appeared to start the conversation by forwarding messages sent to her about the Milton Keynes rumour. Baroness Harding, who ran the Test and Trace scheme, replied.
      30 June, 2020
      Emma Dean Department of Health Policy Special Adviser
      Hi Jo, there’s a rumour going around about an MK lockdown. So far fending the BBC off by sending them the link to the data. Local radio also asking

      Hi Emma are we aware if there is a problem in MIlton Keynes?


      Dido Harding Executive Chair of NHS Test and Trace

      Emma Dean

      Jamie Njoku-Goodwin Department of Health Media Special Adviser

      There will be lots of these sort of rumours doing the rounds in the next few days. It’s not unhelpful having people think they could be next, and so should be responsible and *stay alert* as we approach the 4th July.


      Matt Hancock Health Secretary
      When we publish the testing data, on Thursday, and the appendices to the paper from PHE, people will immediately see the next cities down

      The Government had started publishing a so-called “watchlist” of the worst-affected areas in the country, not least to justify and explain to the public the need for local lockdowns.

      But on Oct 7 2020, ministers scrapped the list’s publication – the thinking seemingly being that the numbers were increasing and that it would cause residents and politicians in places like Leicester to question why they had been singled out for local lockdowns.

      In a WhatsApp group called “MH Top Team” that involved a number of advisers and civil servants, the group agreed to scrap the surveillance data watchlist because no such local “interventions” were being planned.

      In a conversation with a civil servant, Damon Poole, Mr Hancock’s media adviser, said that failing to publish the data can be turned to their advantage because it “helps the narrative that things are really bad”.

      7 October, 2020
      Civil Servant

      Matt, are you content that we hold publishing the Watchlist tomorrow. I think would be slightly confusing to publish without following up with the interventions but it will create a bit of noise if we dont. Assume we use a line about data going in the wrong direction so urgently considering interventions.

      She’s sent to you.


      Damon Poole Department of Health Media Special Adviser
      It helps the narrative that things are really bad if we don’t publish


      Matt Hancock Health Secretary
      Yes. No publication tmrw

      Boris Johnson, then the prime minister, had promised that families would be reunited at Christmas – the first since the pandemic struck in early 2020. He said foregoing long-awaited reunions “would be inhuman and against the instincts of many people in this country”.

      But behind the scenes, his ministers and officials were increasingly aware that vast swathes of the public faced a grave disappointment and that the Johnson administration would take the blame for their frustration.

      The solution in December was “to frighten the pants off everyone” with a declaration of a new strain of Covid-19, known as the Alpha or Kent variant.

      In a conversation between Mr Hancock and Mr Poole on Dec 13, the pair discussed how to survive the coming backlash and storm. On the day, there were 18,409 cases of Covid recorded and 410 deaths. Five days later, on Dec 18, Mr Johnson would scrap his planned five-day Christmas amnesty in an about turn.

      The conversation started with a discussion about a fear that Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, could attack the Government for plunging the capital into its own lockdown – just as Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, had waged a battle in his city a few months earlier.

      The pair discussed a withering leader in the Mail on Sunday, before Mr Hancock seemingly expressed a worry that bad news on the new variant might be knocked off the top of the agenda by wrangles over Brexit.

      That led them into a discussion about when to “deploy” the new variant, although Mr Hancock was seemingly wary that it could have led to closing schools.


      13 December, 2020
      Matt Hancock Health Secretary
      Sounds like Sadiq is lining up to being Burnham

      Damon Poole Department of Health Media Special Adviser

      Tory MPs also furious already about the prospect

      MOS leader trying to warn us off it too

      Rather than doing too much forward signalling, we can roll pitch with the new strain

      Matt Hancock
      We frighten the pants of everyone with the new strain

      but the complication with that Brexit is taking the top line

      Damon Poole
      Yep that’s what will get proper bahviour change

      Matt Hancock
      When do we deploy the new variant

      Damon Poole
      Been thinking more about this and think we need to be more cautious

      The strain that is

      Think you made the point earlier but we need to keep schools off paperwork / agenda


      Matt Hancock


      Damon Poole
      Worth doing a bit about no leaking at the top I think

      Big risk with the variant, right wing papers go for a renewed push for let it rip on the basis the vaccines strategy is undermined.

      Matt Hancock
      That’s why we reassure on the vaccine
      In Jan 2021, Britain is in a third national lockdown, with schools shut and people told to work from home.

      Four days later, on Jan 10, Mr Hancock and Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary and therefore the country’s most powerful civil servant, discussed more stringent measures that they could introduce.

      They agreed that minor adjustments, such as banning angling, would be “parodied galore” – so decided that “fear” and/or “guilt” were vital tools in ensuring compliance.

      They discussed making mask-wearing mandatory in “all settings” because it had a “very visible impact”.

      Another example given is the reopening of the Nightingale hospital in London, which had been built hurriedly at the start of the pandemic for a rush of Covid patients. In reality, the Nightingale hospitals across the UK were barely used. The one in London re-opened on Jan 12 2021 for non-Covid patients, but only a handful were admitted.
      10 January, 2021

      Simon Case Permanent Secretary at No 10
      More mask-wearing might be the only thing to consider. Effectively free and has a very visible impact? Wear masks in all settings outside home and in more workplaces?

      Am not sure that got us much further, did it? Basically, we need to get compliance up

      We actually ought to be careful with stuff like angling – we should sort them, but quietly. We will be parodied galore if it looks like we have suddenly decided fishing is the first step towards tier 5!


      Matt Hancock Health Secretary
      yep. I think the problem is that the levers not in the hands of No10 & DHSC are harder to pull

      I honestly wouldn’t move on any small things unless we move on a lot.

      The only big reamaining things are nurseries and workplaces

      Simon Case
      I agree – I think that is exactly right. Small stuff looks ridiculous. Ramping up messaging – the fear/guilt factor vital

      I suspect London Nightingale coming into use will feel like a big public moment. Especially as I guess it will be full with a couple of days (based on current data)



      channel 4 UK – ‘How bad are the pics?’ – More Matt Hancock messages released

    • TOM RENZ – rumble video :

      “They and their desire to attack our genetics is inexplicable, but for the fact that they’ve already told us why.

      Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, has said,

      ‘The fourth industrial revolution is not about changing what you do; it’s about changing YOU.’

      Changing who you are.

      He said that if we take these gene-editing shots and vaccines — that they change who you are.”

  26. 31-Year-Old Colorado Woman Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy Faces No Jail Time
    By Cristina Laila Mar. 4, 2023 3:25 pm222 Comments

    A 31-year-old Colorado woman who became pregnant by a 13-year-old boy will face no jail time in a plea deal with prosecutors.

    In June 2022, Andrea Serrano admitted to sexually assaulting the minor teen and becoming pregnant with his child.

    Serrano gave birth and will avoid prison time.

    The victim’s mother said there is a ‘double standard’ because the victim of sexual assault is a boy.

    I feel like if she was a man and he was a little girl, it would definitely be different. They would be seeking more. I feel like because he is not a woman, they are not. They are having compassion for her,” the victim’s mother, who has not been identified, said to 11 News.

    “I feel like my son is robbed of his childhood. Now he’s having to be a father. He’s a victim, and he’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life,” the victim’s mother, who we are not identifying, told the outlet.

    Serrano will still have to register as a sex offender and could face a requirement of 10 years to life on supervised probation.

    The victim’s family plans on asking the court for custody of the baby.

  27. JUST IN: Trump Overwhelmingly Wins CPAC’s GOP Primary Straw Poll with 62% Support
    By Cristina Laila Mar. 4, 2023 4:45 pm41 Comments

    President Trump won CPAC’s GOP straw poll with 62% support.

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second place with 20% support.

    Fox News reported:

    Former President Donald Trump topped the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll for the 2024 GOP nomination by a wide margin at the conservative conference Saturday.

    Trump won 62% support in the poll, which was announced shortly before he was scheduled to speak to the crowd gathered at the Gaylord in Fort Washington, Maryland.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in as second choice with 20% support. The third-place pick at 5% support was long-shot GOP candidate Perry Johnson, a businessman who attempted to run for governor in Michigan but was blocked from participating in the Republican primary.

  28. Senator Kennedy one-liner…
    Posted by Kane on March 4, 2023 4:43 pm

    John Kennedy:

    “Americans do not deserve to be governed by deeply weird, nauseously woke people who hate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Seuss, and Mr. Potatohead.”

    John Kennedy:

    “I do not hate anyone. I look for grace wherever I can find it, so I say this gently: The Biden administration sucks… President Biden has been spectacularly awful.”

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