Tucker Carlson for February 24th, 2023

It should be noted that any reference to the US secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, without explaining that his father was the founder and #1 fan of the Antonio Gramsci society, and himself translated Gramsci’s Prison Diaries into English, is an error of omission that prevents any understanding of Buttigieg’s actions for what they are. Specifically Marxist dialectics, and in no way incompetence. Furthermore, the fact that he is homosexual is not identity politics. It is a distraction from the fact that he is where he is because he is a communist.

Identity politics is a smoke screen. When Clinton was running for president each time, the narrative was launched that we must vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Meanwhile the exact same people and organizations that launched her campaign and designed it to be focused that way, also launched military grade critical-theory attacks against a staggeringly competent Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.

Attacks so well orchestrated they even dusted off Tina Fey and put her on Saturday Night Live.

As an aside, I had a discussion with a then-friend who is a Democrat and leftist in every way at around that time. I asked him why he hated Sarah Palin so much. He answered mocking a woman’s voice, “I can see Russia from my house”. I let it go for a while and a few minutes later, I asked him, ‘Do you think people who can’t tell the difference between a TV comedian and a candidate for high office should be allowed to vote?” to which he answered no.

I then reminded him that it was Tina Fey who said “I can see Russia from my house” while Sarah Palin had actually answered a question on foreign policy experience very well showing that she had to deal with Canada and Russia and other countries across the Arctic regularly as governor of Alaska, and therefore had more foreign policy experience than any of the other candidates for president or VP. (paraphrasing).

So while Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton both identified as women at that point, only the leftward leaning ones get our support. The same for homosexuals. Pete gets to be celebrated for who or what he has sex with. But non-communist ones like Glen Greenwald, must be ignored, and on occasion demonized and destroyed. Like Candice Owens or other African descended Americans who actually like the US and Western values where destroyed by Marxist allegedly black-rights groups like BLM.

In other words, it is not, nor is it ever hypocrisy to note how identity politics is played to advance the leftist power grab. It is a smokescreen so you won’t notice who really is in control and why.

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