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  1. CBC – Poilievre condemns ‘vile’ views of German politician seen lunching with Conservative MPs

    Conservative Leader says 3 Ontario MPs were unaware of Christine Anderson’s opinions, ‘regret’ the meeting

    Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is attempting to distance his party from a far-right German politician whose views have been condemned as hateful and racist, and who was photographed lunching with three Conservative MPs earlier this week.

    Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament with Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, is on a cross-Canada tour that ends tonight in Montreal.

    – a member of the far-right German AFD Party known for Islamophobic and anti-immigrant views.

    […]Anderson’s views ‘not welcome here’

    […]”Frankly, it would be better if Anderson never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist, hateful views are not welcome here.”

    Trudeau calls out Conservative ‘pattern’

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined in the condemnation Friday, criticizing the Conservatives for what he called a “pattern” of similar incidents.

    “I think the Conservative Party of Canada owes some explanations to Canadians,” Trudeau said.

    ctv news Pierre Poilievre denounces Conservative MPs’ meeting with far-right German politician

    Tamara Lich, a leader of protests, was photographed with Anderson this week

    global news –

    The chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and at least two Canadian Jewish organizations expressed concern about the MPs having dinner with Anderson.

    […]The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said it appreciates Poilievre’s clear rejection of Anderson’s views but MPs must do more research before agreeing to such meetings.

    “To be clear Christine Anderson is a member of a racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and antisemitic far right party,” Anti-Hate Network chair Bernie Farber tweeted Thursday.

    Rebel News – Christine Anderson responds to criticism from Pierre Poilievre

    ( 6 min 23 )

      • Methinks so.

        Wait and see what he has to say when the Muslim groups summons him and ask what he will do for them.

        Max did not go to them he simply said he would treat them like all Canadian citizens.

        You can’t play first you say you will then you won’t in this day and age, there is always someone there with their phone.

        Justine calls unvaccinated CANADIANS lots of names on TV, out in public and then testifies he did not call unvaccinated names…..

      • Arguably worse. If he cannot handle a textbook dialectic attack he can never truly lead. Such attacks must be confronted head on and defeated. It isn’t easy, granted, but it has to be done. Islam must be called out for what it is, and for the incompatibility with Western values that it expresses. Anderson is racist? How about letting the accusers explain why, then see what openings they provide? So why? Because she was against the illegal European invasion of 2015? How about standing for rule of law instead of rule of Woke, which follows only dialectic attack tactics, not law.

        PP just revealed a fatal flaw. Either he doesn’t get it, gets it but chooses to not fight it, or gets it and chooses to not NEGATE the leftist tactics because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Whatever the case may be, no western leader can exist without being schooled in the victorious communist’s use of language.

        • Any politician in Canada should listen to the Muslim leaders in Canada. Justine keeps saying “ Islam is compatible with western, Secular democracy.”

          The Muslims say “Islam is not compatible with western, secular democracy.”

          Justine and Jagmeet Singh keep dwelling on Islamophobia in Canada. Have either one of these men listened to the leader of the Hibz it-Tharir terrorist group in Canada? Tune into Mazin Abdul-Adhim and learn about Islam .

          Suggested reading for all politicians:
          Milestones – Sayyid Qutb
          Robert Spencer has many books about Islam

          And last but not least, all politicians in Canada and The US should read and reread “Submission The Danger of Political Islam to Canada with a warning to America” by Canadian Thomas Quiggin.

          As CBC, CTV, Global, the Trana Star and Globe and Mail like to say “an expert” in his field.

    • Warren Kinsella shit disturbing as usual for the Liberal Party. Do not be fooled by this clown, he and his wife campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Enough said.

      History will be kind to Christine Anderson.

    • NBC – Retired general: Crimea is the ‘decisive terrain’ on how Ukraine could win the war

      There should be “zero pressure” from the U.S. on Ukraine to give up Crimea,” Hodges said.

    • PBS – Brooks and Capehart on Tucker Carlson’s access to Jan. 6 video, war in Ukraine

      New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart join Amna Nawaz to discuss the week in politics, including the larger implications of Tucker Carlson’s access to the Jan. 6 footage and what the year of war in Ukraine can tell us

      • reuters – Protest in Berlin over arming Ukraine against Russia draws thousands

        A demonstration against supplying Ukraine with weapons for war with Russia attracted 10,000 people on Saturday, drawing criticism from top German government officials and a large police presence to maintain order.

        Organised by a prominent left-wing German politician, the protest comes a day after the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which drew promises of more weapons from western allies, fresh sanctions against Russia and shows of support for Kyiv across the globe.

        “We call on the German chancellor to stop the escalation of arms deliveries. Now!…Because every day lost costs up to 1,000 more lives – and brings us closer to a 3rd world war,” the protest’s organizers said on their website.

        The “Uprising for Peace” was organised in part by Sahra Wagenknecht, a member of Germany’s left-wing Die Linke party.

        Germany, along with the United States, has been one of the biggest suppliers of weapons for Ukraine.

        “Negotiate, not escalate” one sign held by a demonstrator said, while a banner in the crowd read “Not our war”.

        A police spokesperson said 10,000 people gathered around Germany’s symbolic Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin.

        Police mobilised 1,400 officials to keep the peace and to enforce bans on military uniforms, Russian and Soviet flags, Russian military songs and RIGHT-WING SYMBOLS.

        The police spokesperson said there was no sign of right-wing groups attending and that the protest, which German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said must be “clearly opposed”, was peaceful.

        “Whoever does not stand by Ukraine is on the wrong side of history,” Lindner said on Twitter.

        Associated Press – Thousands join Berlin rally calling for Ukraine peace talks

        BERLIN — Thousands of people protested in Berlin on Saturday to condemn Germany’s supply of arms to Ukraine and call for peace talks to end the war.

        The organizers were criticized before the protest for downplaying Ukraine’s right to defend its territory from Russian aggression and failing to distance themselves from political extremists on the far right and far left, where pro-Russia views are common.

        One of the organizers, opposition lawmaker Sahra Wagenknecht of the ex-communist Left party, said during the rally that there was no place for neo-Nazis, but that anyone who wanted peace “with an honest heart” was welcome.

        While most placards at the protest reflected traditional left-wing positions, some participants bore banners with the slogan “Americans go home” and the logo of a far-right magazine. Some waved Russian flags.

        Wagenknecht accused the German government of seeking to “ruin Russia,” and said that Moscow should be made an “offer” in order to resume peace talks.

        Another of the organizers, prominent feminist author Alice Schwarzer, said it was time to look beyond left and right. Protesters jeered whenever she and Wagenknecht mentioned the name of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who has strongly backed the delivery of arms to Ukraine.

        Police said that about 13,000 people took part in the rally at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate, while organizers claimed that 50,000 people participated.

        GERMANY – BERLIN – FEB 25 2023

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – What does Ukraine need to win the war?

      Ben Hodges, a retired general who was the commander of the US army in Europe, says Russia has consistently struggled with adapting to the challenges it faced on the battlefield.

      Hodges told DW that Russia’s military chiefs “are not stupid, but they do not have a culture that allows critical self-reflection. And if you want to improve, especially in the short amount of time, you have to be honest about what went wrong.”

      “Instead, what you see is guys like [Yevgeny] Prigozhin publicly blaming the general staff for not supporting him more,” Hodges said, referring to the owner of the Wagner Group of mercenaries and his row with the Russian army.

      Nine years after Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Russian military ranks “still have not figured out a coherent command structure that gets all of their advantages into the fight at the same time,” he said.

      “On the other hand, the Ukrainians who started off with every disadvantage except for the fact that they’re defending their own country, have a much more Western approach to this adapting to new technologies,” he added. “I’ve never seen soldiers learn new equipment as fast as the Ukrainian crew.”

      DW also spoke with Igor Zhovkva, deputy head of the office of the president of Ukraine, about Zelenskyy’s plan to have a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

      “The role of China is really important not only in Asia, but worldwide,” Zhovkva said.

      Zelenskyy is “ready to share with Xi Jinping Ukraine’s understanding of what is going on … Ukraine’s understanding of how we want to bring peace not only to Ukraine but to this part of the world,” Zhovkva said, referring to Ukraine’s 10-point peace formula.

      Asked about US intelligence that China may be planning on sending weapons to Russia, he pointed to earlier Chinese comments that it was not planning on such a move.

    • CNN – ‘Makes no sense’: Ukrainian official responds to Biden

      Ihor Zhovkva responds after US President Joe Biden said he will not give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets right now.

    • Winter sports:
      That looks far more comfortable than riding on a toboggan being pulled by a car down a bumpy country road. The longer the rope the more sway. LOL

      I once was at the end of a whip – LOL A junior A hockey team playing crack the whip and as we sped across the ice you could hear it cracking.
      Baby you forget how cold it is outside.

      Crazy yeah, but fun.

  2. Sometimes you have to wonder what the globalists are up to. A bombshell report from Bloomberg earlier this month revealed the lab-grown meat strongly supported by Bill Gates has cancer cells.

    You are reading this correctly. You are devouring glorified cancer tumors when consuming fake meat.

    Joe Fassler, the author of the piece, revealed that in order for lab-grown meat companies to produce what they “cultured meat,” they utilize what are called “immortalized cells.” These cells, in some cases ,are fully cancerous.

    The big honking asterisk is that normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough to power a business, several companies, including the Big Three, are quietly using what are called immortalized cells, something most people have never eaten intentionally. Immortalized cells are a staple of medical research, but they are, technically speaking, precancerous and can be, in some cases, fully cancerous.

  3. In 2022, Federal Firearm License (FFL) revocations hit a 16-year high after the Biden administration implemented a “zero tolerance” policy for gun dealers.
    The increase in license revocations, 92 in 2022 alone, is due to the new policy and the updated procedure that the ATF follows, as they no longer always go through a multi-step process, often opting to pull licenses for a multitude of “willful” violations.
    “That’s not how regulatory agencies are supposed to work in the sector that they’re supposed to regulate. They are supposed to help the companies, they’re supposed to ensure compliance but they’re not supposed to punish and destroy an entire industry based on just political opposition or political distaste,” Gun Owners of America Director of Federal Affairs Aidan Johnston told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    • The left has been doing this since Clinton took office. The license fees use to be reasonable until the Clintons decided to drive the small dealers out of business. They raised the license fees 4 gold to keep small dealers from being able to afford a license. Then they started this bs under Obama. Trump stopped a lot of the bs but Obiden has brought them back.

  4. The formerly idyllic, Catholic island of Ireland is being swamped by illegal immigrants let in by globalist elites conspiring to destroy the country. Tommy Robinson is in Ireland to expose the tragedy in his new documentary “Plantation 2 – Rise of the Celts” and will be live today on Telegram at approx. 3 pm EST (12 pm PST).

    Plantation 2 – Rise Of The Celts Promo

    In association with @THEMICE_ #IrelandisFull #TommyRobinson #UrbanScoop #MiceMedia #MigrantCrisis

    Please give this a retweet, share this on all social media, you have permission to download and repost this promo (only in its entirety).

    — Urban Scoop (@ScoopUrban) February 24, 2023

    The team at Urban Scoop led by Tommy went to southern Ireland to talk to the women of Ireland, who are “leading the charge” and talking about the migrant crisis that has led to an epidemic of rape and abuse. The “refugees” swamping Ireland are fom Ukraine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria.

  5. ERIC Empty: Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen Visits ERIC Headquarters in Washington DC – But Nobody was There, There Were No Servers, There Were No Computers, There Were No Employees
    By Jim Hoft Feb. 25, 2023 7:30 am306 Comments

    After he won his election, Alabama’s new Secretary of State, Wes Allen, withdrew the state from the ERIC voter registration system.

    The Gateway Pundit commends Mr. Allen for keeping his campaign promise to protect elections and secure the personal information of Alabama residents.

    However, Mr. Allen was not done with ERIC. He was in the Washington D.C. area last week for the 2023 NASS Winter Conference. It’s the annual meeting for all Secretary of States. In a brilliant move, he decided to visit the published address for ERIC’s headquarters. That address is 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste 600, Washington, DC 20036.

    Allen said, “Since I was in town, I went to see the ERIC Headquarters. What I found was that there was no ERIC headquarters at that address. There were no employees. There were no servers. There was no ERIC presence of any kind. Instead. I found a virtual office that is rentable by the day. What it was missing was people, servers and any sign of the ERIC team.”

    This 12 story location, known as the Longfellow Building, is partly operated by a company called Expansive. They offer virtual workspaces across the country and rent space by the day. Other companies offer this same exact 6th floor Suite 600 address for rent too. In fact, the Global Innovation Fund, Dezenhall Resources, Grassroots Plus, and other businesses have the exact same address, including the same suite number, as ERIC’s headquarters.

    Posted on the Alabama SOS website, Allen explains his ERIC visit,

    SOS Wes

  6. (Richard: The left wants every ethnic group but the whites to return to tribalism. Now that some whites are responding to the lefts efforts the respondents have to be punished. All this will do is drive more people to tribalism.)

    USA Today Drops Dilbert Over Creator Scott Adams’ Online Commentary About Race Relations
    By Cassandra MacDonald Feb. 25, 2023 8:30 am237 Comments

    USA Today and its affiliates will no longer run the Dilbert comic over online commentary about race relations by its creator, Scott Adams.
    Adams said during one of his livestreams that all of the viral videos of black people beating up white people had led him to believe that the two races cannot live together peacefully.

    The comic book creator also said that white people should stop trying to help black people and cited a poll that found only 53 percent of black people agree with the phrase “it’s okay to be white.”

    “And I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people,” Adams said. “Just get the f-ck away.”

  7. America’s Largest Power Grid Faces Worsening Reliability Risks
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SATURDAY, FEB 25, 2023 – 08:55 AM
    A new report reveals the US’ largest power grid is shuttering power generation units faster than new supply can be brought online, threatening electric reliability in 13 states that stretch from Illinois to New Jersey with over 65 million customers.

    PJM Interconnection published a new study Friday that examines the alarming trend of state and federal decarbonization policies across the grid that “present increasing reliability risks during the transition, due to a potential timing mismatch between resource retirements, load growth and the pace of new generation entry.”

    Here are the key highlights of the report:

    The growth rate of electricity demand is likely to continue to increase from electrification coupled with the proliferation of high-demand data centers in the region.
    Thermal generators are retiring at a rapid pace due to government and private sector policies as well as economics.
    Retirements are at risk of outpacing the construction of new resources, due to a combination of industry forces, including siting and supply chain, whose long-term impacts are not fully known.
    PJM’s interconnection queue is composed primarily of intermittent and limited-duration resources. Given the operating characteristics of these resources, we need multiple megawatts of these resources to replace 1 MW of thermal generation.
    The report warned:

    “For the first time in recent history, PJM could face decreasing reserve margins should these trends continue.”

    A significant problem with the ‘green transition’ is adding renewable power, such as solar and wind, are unreliable forms of power generation. Combining this with rapidly retiring fossil fuel power generation units will reduce generating capacity by about 21% through 2030. The report pointed out that the current pace of adding new power generation wouldn’t compensate for the retirement of coal- and natural gas-fired generation amid soaring demand.

    Here’s the full report

  8. europravda – ‘Only a matter time’: Joe Biden will run for re-election in 2024

    In a visit to Africa, Jill Biden said there’s “pretty much” nothing left to do but choose the time and place for it.

  9. Is the government / Canadian taxpayers still paying the people in the Roxham Road area to keep their mouths shut about the noise and destruction caused by the darling, illegals?

  10. neil oliver – ‘My money says a rationing app is already sitting ready on a hard drive somewhere’

    ‘They’re rationing tomatoes in the supermarkets.

    We’re told it’s about supply chains, bad weather and the price of heating, but right now, in terms of the messaging, I suspect it’s more about pushing the word – rationing.’

  11. FEB 24 2023 – CNN – Celebrities may have helped shape anti-vaccine opinions during Covid-19 pandemic, study finds

    Covid-19 vaccines are known to be safe and effective, and they’re available for free, but many Americans in the US refuse to get them – and a recent study suggests that celebrities may share some of the blame for people’s mistrust.

    Celebrities have long tried to positively influence public health, studies show, but during the Covid-19 pandemic, they also seemed to have a large influence on spreading misinformation.

    Decades ago, in the 1950s, people could see stars like Elvis Presley, Dick Van Dyke and Ella Fitzgerald in TV ads that encouraged polio vaccination. This celebrity influence boosted the country’s general vaccination efforts, and vaccination nearly eliminated the deadly disease.

    In 2021, US officials used celebrities in TV ads to encourage more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Big names like lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, singer Charlie Puth and even Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell showed up in spots that had billions of ad impressions.

    The world isn’t restricted to only three TV networks any more, so celebrities like actress Hilary Duff, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, singer Dolly Parton and even Big Bird also used their enormous presence on Instagram and Twitter to promote a pro Covid-19 vaccine message.

    But social media also became a vehicle for celebrities to cast doubt about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and even to spread disinformation about Covid.

    Their negative messages seemed to find an audience.

    For their study, published in the journal BMJ Health & Care Informatics, researchers examined nearly 13 million tweets between January 2020 and March 2022 about Covid-19 and vaccines. They designed a natural language model to determine the sentiment of each tweet and compared them with tweets that also mentioned people in the public eye.

    The stars they picked to analyze included people who had shared skepticism about the vaccines, who had Covid-related tweets that were identified as misinformation or who retweeted misinformation about Covid.

    They included rapper Nicki Minaj, football player Aaron Rodgers, tennis player Novak Djokovic, singer Eric Clapton, Sen. Rand Paul, former President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, TV host Tucker Carlson and commentator Joe Rogan.

    The researchers found 45,255 tweets from 34,407 unique authors talking about Covid-19 vaccine-related issues. Those tweets generated a total of 16.32 million likes. The tweets from these influencers, overall, were more negative about the vaccine than positive, the study found. These tweets were specifically more related to antivaccine controversy, rather than news about vaccine development, the study said.

    The highest number of negative comments was associated with Rodgers and Minaj. Clapton had “very few” positive tweets, the study said, and that may have had an influence, but he also caught flak for it from the public.

    The most-liked tweet that mentioned Clapton and the vaccine said, “Strongly disagree with [EC] … take on Covid and the vaccine and disgusted by his previous white supremacist comments. But if you reference the death of his son to criticize him, you are an ignorant scumbag.”

    Trump and Cruz were found to have the most substantial impact within this group, with combined likes totaling more than 122,000.

    They too came in for criticism on the topic, with many users wondering whether these politicians were qualified to have opinions about the vaccines. The study said the most-liked tweet mentioning Cruz was, “I called Ted Cruz’s office asking to make an appointment to talk with the Senator about my blood pressure. They told me that the Senator was not qualified to give medical advice and that I should call my doctor. So I asked them to stop advising about vaccines.”

    The most-liked tweet associated with Rogan was an antivaxx statement: “I love how the same people who don’t want us to listen to Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers about the covid vaccine, want us to listen to Big Bird & Elmo.”

    Posts shared by news anchors and politicians seemed to have the most influence in terms of the most tweets and retweets, the study found.

    “Our findings suggest that the presence of consistent patterns of emotional content co-occurring with messaging shared by those persons in the public eye that we’ve mentioned, influenced public opinion and largely stimulated online public discourse, for the at least over the course of the first two years of the Covid pandemic,” said study co-author Brianna White, a research coordinator in the Population Health Intelligence lab at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center – Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Biomedical Informatics.

    “We also argue that obviously as the risk of severe negative health outcomes increase with the failure to comply with health protective behavior recommendations, that our findings suggest that polarized messages from societal elite may downplay those severe negative health outcome risks.”

    The study doesn’t get into exactly why celebrity tweets would have such an impact on people’s attitudes about the vaccine. Dr. Ellen Selkie, who has conducted research on influence at the intersection of social media, celebrity and public health outcomes, said celebrities are influential because they attract a lot of attention.

    “I think part of the influence that media have on behavior has to do with the amount of exposure. Just in general, the volume of content that is focused on a specific topic or on a specific sort of interpretation of that topic – in this case misinformation – the repeated exposure to any given thing is going to increase the likelihood that it’s going to have an effect,” said Selkie, who was not involved in the new research. She is an adolescent health pediatrician and researcher with UW Health Kids and an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

    Just as people listen to a friend’s thoughts, they’ll listen to a celebrity whom they tend to like or identify with because they trust their opinion.

    “With fandoms, in terms of the relationship between musical artists and actors and their fans, there is this sort of mutual love that fans and artists have for each other, which sort of can approximate that sense that they’re looking out for each other,” Selkie said.

    She said she would be interested to see research on the influence of celebrities who tweeted positive messages about the Covid-19 vaccine.

    The authors of the study hope public health leaders will use the findings right away.

    “We argue this threat to population health should create a sense of urgency and warrants public health response to identify, develop and implement innovative mitigation strategies,” the study says.

    Exposure to large amounts of this misinformation can have a lasting impact and work against the public’s best interest when it comes to their health.

    “As populations grow to trust the influential nature of celebrity activity on social platforms, followers are disarmed and open to persuasion when faced with false information, creating opportunities for dissemination and rapid spread of misinformation and disinformation,” the study says.

    FEB 19 2023 – Very Damaging’: Frank Pallone Blasts GOP Rhetoric About Vaccine Mandate For International Travelers

    • the epoch times Hard Evidence in New Study: Brain, Heart Damage Caused by mRNA Vaccine

      Scientists in Germany have found that mRNA vaccination, not COVID-19 infection itself, caused brain and heart damage in an older adult with underlying conditions.

      This study was published in October 2022 in the journal Vaccines: “A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19.” It examined the situation of a 76-year-old German man with Parkinson’s disease.

      The patient died three weeks after receiving his third COVID-19 injection.

      The first vaccine he received in May of 2021 was the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. That was followed by two more injections in July and then December of the same year. His two subsequent vaccines were both made by Pfizer.

      After the second vaccine, the patient’s family noticed marked changes in his behavior. He started experiencing more anxiety, became more lethargic, and did not want to be touched. He became withdrawn, even from close family members, and the symptoms of his pre-existing Parkinson’s disease worsened considerably.

      Given the ambiguous clinical symptoms prior to his death, his family requested an autopsy.

      The unusual and fascinating results of the autopsy led to a published case report about what is now being claimed as a vaccine-induced death.

      This patient had no history of ever having a COVID-19 infection. This clinical history was confirmed via pathology.

      “We can say definitively that this damage was caused by vaccine,” insisted nurse educator, John Campbell, Ph.D., who explained the study in detail in a 14-minute YouTube video that he shared with his 2.68 million subscribers on Feb. 16.

      Natural COVID-19 Infection

      The COVID-19 pandemic was caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2, which is short for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. It is an RNA virus belonging to the family Coronaviridae. The name for this family of viruses is derived from the Latin word “corona,” meaning crown. This is because the virus under electron microscopy appears crown-like due to small bulbar projections formed by viral spike (S) proteins.

      Like many other respiratory viruses, coronaviruses spread quickly through droplets that one person projects out of the mouth or nose when breathing, coughing, sneezing, or speaking. The droplets can then be inhaled by another person.

      Once inside the recipient’s respiratory system, the viral spike protein plays a key role in virus-host cell communication. A successful communication results in the virus being accepted by the recipient’s cell, completing the process of natural infection.

      FDA Approved COVID-19 Vaccines
      Apart from the spike protein, SARS-CoV-2 also has other essential structural proteins, such as an envelope (E), a membrane (M), and nucleocapsid (N) proteins.

      As the spike protein is the most abundant and most “exposed” viral protein, it was the obvious choice as a viral antigen for vaccine development.

      In fact, without exception, all of the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines use the spike protein as a viral antigen. None of the authorized vaccines use any other SARS-CoV-2 proteins as viral antigens.

      As a former vaccine developer with a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, Joe Wang has questioned the design of these vaccines. At the same time, however, this vaccine design makes it easy to distinguish pathology caused by infection by the virus versus pathology caused by the vaccine.

      “So if you see spike protein on its own, that means it’s vaccine; if you see spike protein and nucleocapsid protein, that means it’s natural viral infection. That’s the difference between the two,” Campbell explained.

      In order to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death in the 76-year-old Parkinson’s disease patient, researchers processed tissues in his body with formalin, cut them into sections, and stained them with hematoxylin and eosin in order to examine them.

      They compared their samples with controls, both of the cultured cells from SARS-CoV-2 positive COVID-19 patients (that contained both the spike protein and the nucleocapsid), and cultured cells that contained vaccine-induced spike protein expression but no nucleocapsid protein.

      The autopsy uncovered inflammation in both the brain and the heart.

      The patient experienced acute brain damage that was unrelated to his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. There were patches of degeneration and inflammation in the front of his brain and his brain further contained three kinds of pathological findings: neuronal death (dead nerve cells), microglial infiltration (defense cells in the brain), and lymphocytes, which are associated with viral infection. They found spike protein in the frontal lobe of the brain, as well as in other sections of the brain. But there was no nucleocapsid protein present.

      They found myocarditis–that is, swelling—in the heart. It was clear from the autopsy that the myocarditis was not caused by natural infection but, instead, by vaccine-induced spike proteins.

      This research showed very clearly that the patient’s pathology was caused by the vaccines and not by natural infection.

      The case report included detailed photographs of the patient’s affected tissue. The images speak for themselves: Scientists or doctors who deny the connection between vaccines and abnormal tissue findings need only review the images for themselves.

      ‘The Vaccines Caused the Brain Damage’

      Pathologists found that the patient had several places in his brain where there was damage, as well as generalized swelling in his heart. They also confirmed that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and that he had some long-standing hardening in his arteries. Finally, they found evidence of pneumonia, which may have been caused by him aspirating his own saliva or other body fluids.

      “It looks like what happened here is that the vaccines caused the brain damage,” Campbell says. It appears that the vaccine-induced brain damage caused the patient to have seizures.

      Then the seizures (what Campbell called “fitting”) caused him to go unconscious, and while unconscious, he breathed in some of his own vomit or saliva, which contributed to his cause of death.

      “The vaccine circulating around the body will come into contact with the blood vessels. So the lipo-nanoparticles containing the mRNA will go into the blood vessels. And it’s the blood vessels’ cells themselves that will express the spike protein,” Campbell explained. When the spike protein is expressed in the brain and the heart, it causes an inflammatory response and leads to the death of different parts of the brain.

      Why Aren’t More Autopsies Being Conducted?

      This is a question Campbell asked in his video—one for which he had no answer. Why are German pathologists conducting autopsies but American and British medical scientists are not?

      Dr. Robert Lowry, a Texas-based neurologist who specializes in sports medicine, thinks not conducting autopsies is a grievous mistake. Lowry, who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, insisted back in July of 2022 that autopsies should be conducted on every young person who dies suddenly and unexpectedly.

      In addition, based on his research and what he has seen in his clinical practice, Lowry does not hesitate to say that we should not be giving any more mRNA injections.

      “We need to stop these vaccines because they don’t work,” Lowry told The Epoch Times.

      “They don’t prevent disease, and the immediate and long-term risk of serious injury from them is greater than that of having the actual disease. Natural immunity to corona viruses is far better and longer lasting than anything these vaccines provide,” he said.

      john campbell -Vaccine brain injury

  12. Shock Report: Sen. Fetterman Was Hospitalized Because He Was Unable to Take Care of Himself
    By Kristinn Taylor Feb. 25, 2023 10:16 am1326 Comments

    Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is much worse than he, his wife and staff are telling the public. It is only through whispered leaks to the media that the public learns the truth and that is only after events prove the lies. He has a bad heart, which wasn’t disclosed until his debilitating stroke last May. The stroke was much worse than his campaign let on until his one debate in late October. He’s battled depression all his life, but that wasn’t disclosed until ten days ago when he was hospitalized for clinical depression.

  13. Breaking: St. Louis Area Judges Recuse Themselves from Kim Gardner Corruption Case – Enables Them to Testify Against Failed Soros-Funded Circuit Attorney
    By Jim Hoft Feb. 25, 2023 10:45 am155 Comments

    The Missouri Supreme Court on Friday appointed Judge John P. Torbitzky of the Eastern District of Missouri Court of Appeals to adjudicate the legal action by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to remove St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner from her elected position as St. Louis Circuit Attorney. The Soros-funded Circuit Attorney refuses to perform the duties of her position. The homicide rate and car thefts in St. Louis rival the numbers from any major city in a third-world country. Gardner refuses to prosecute criminals and releases dangerous criminals on the street. And at the same time, she throws out court cases because she says the police are racist.

    The final straw was last weekend when repeat offender, 21-year-old Daniel Riley, who had been out on bail after violating his bond multiple times, struck teenager Janae Edmondson in a wreck. The young teen volleyball sensation lost both of her legs as she was walking from a volleyball tournament with her parents in downtown St. Louis. Janee had a scholarship to play volleyball in college. Daniel Riley had violated his bond over 100 times and yet was still roaming the streets of St. Louis.

    The final straw was last weekend when repeat offender, 21-year-old Daniel Riley, who had been out on bail after violating his bond multiple times, struck teenager Janae Edmondson in a wreck. The young teen volleyball sensation lost both of her legs as she was walking from a volleyball tournament with her parents in downtown St. Louis. Janee had a scholarship to play volleyball in college. Daniel Riley had violated his bond over 100 times and yet was still roaming the streets of St. Louis.

    On Thursday St. Louis City judges asked the state Supreme Court to be excluded from deciding whether to keep Kim Gardner on as Circuit Attorney. This frees them up to testify against Kim Gardner in her case.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

    City judges asked the Missouri Supreme Court on Thursday to be excluded from deciding whether St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner should be removed from office, arguing they had a conflict of interest.

    Presiding Judge Elizabeth Hogan filed the request hours after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed suit in St. Louis accusing Gardner of negligence in office and asking her to be removed from her post.

    Hogan said all judges on the court’s advisory committee could be called to testify during the proceedings and therefore couldn’t preside over the case, according to the filing.

    The Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether to approve the request and appoint a judge from another jurisdiction.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Once again — Here is a little more background on Kim Gardner.

    In August 2018 Kim Gardner announced her attorneys will no longer accept cases from 28 different St. Louis City police officers. Gardner called it her “exclusion list” because they were racist.

    Gardner did not tell the officers what they did to get on her list but they were being censored.

    in 2019 Gardner refused to charge a drug dealer who was found with 1,000 opiate pills and 30,000 in cash because she didn’t like the cop involved.

    And Gardner refused to charge the killer of a 7-year-old child despite a suspect’s confession in 2019

    Gardner lied about Governor Eric Greitens case, committed over 60 acts of misconduct in the case, and got away with it.

    In 2020 Kim Gardner dropped the case against a suspect who shot another man in a traffic dispute in broad daylight.

    In 2020 Kim Gardner also was caught on video lying about being harassed during a traffic stop!

    In 2020 Kim Gardner also was caught on video lying about being harassed during a traffic stop!

    Also in 2020 Kim Gardner released all of the rioters and looters from jail without charges in the violent St. Louis Black Lives Matter riots.

    But this latest incident last week was the last straw.

  14. BBC – Four Wakefield pupils suspended after Quran damaged at school

    Four pupils have been suspended from a West Yorkshire secondary schoolafter a copy of the Quran was damaged by students.

    Wednesday’s incident at Wakefield’s Kettlethorpe High School happened when a copy of the Islamic text was brought in by a Year 10 pupil.

    Head teacher Tudor Griffiths said the book remained intact and there was “no malicious intent” from those involved.

    He held a meeting with concerned community leaders on Friday.

    Independent councillor for Wakefield East, Akef Akbar, called the meeting after being contacted by people calling for more information.

    He said reports the Quran had been burnt or destroyed were untrue, and he had inspected the book himself during the meeting.

    Mr Akbar said he had been told the book had been taken to school as a dare by a pupil who lost while playing a Call of Duty videogame with other students.

    While at the school it sustained a slight tear to the cover and smears of dirt on some of the pages.

    Mr Akbar said he understood it had been kicked around on the school premises – a claim denied by the school.

    Head teacher Mr Griffiths said in a statement: “We would like to reassure all our community that the holy book remains fully intact and that our initial enquiries indicate there was no malicious intent by those involved.

    “However, we have made it very clear that their actions did not treat the Quran with the respect it should have, so those involved have been suspended and we will be working with them to ensure they understand why their actions were unacceptable.

    “This morning, we met with our local Muslim community leaders, local councillors and police to share all the information we currently know, the action taken and the immediate steps we have taken to reinforce the values and behaviour we expect from every member of this school community to ensure that all religions are respected.”

    A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said they were “liaising” with the school.

    “Initial enquiries have confirmed minor damage was caused to the text and officers are continuing to work closely with the school,” they added.

  15. Sound like Mickey Mouse’: East Palestine residents’ shock illnesses after derailment
    By Dana Kennedy
    February 25, 2023 10:08am Updated

    EAST PALESTINE, OHIO – Wade Lovett’s been having trouble breathing since the Feb. 3 Norfolk South train derailment and toxic explosion here. In fact, his voice sounds as if he’s been inhaling helium.

    “Doctors say I definitely have the chemicals in me but there’s no one in town who can run the toxicological tests to find out which ones they are,” Lovett, 40, an auto detailer, said in an extremely high-pitched voice. “My voice sounds like Mickey Mouse. My normal voice is low. It’s hard to breathe, especially at night. My chest hurts so much at night I feel like I’m drowning. I cough up phlegm a lot. I lost my job because the doctor won’t release me to go to work.”

    Despite his health woes, Lovett and his fiancée, Tawnya Irwin, 45, spent last Thursday delivering bottled water to locals. They picked up new cases outside a home on East Clark Street which has become the heart of East Palestine’s homegrown campaign to fight back against the forces that upended the lives of roughly 4,700 residents and their animals.

  16. NFL Star Abruptly Retires at 30, Issues Ominous Warning – ‘DO NOT Take the Injections They Give You’
    by Bryan Chai – February 25, 2023

    Much has changed in 8 years. Today I can’t run or jump because of my injuries sustained playing this game. DO NOT take the pills they give you. DO NOT take the injections they give you. If you absolutely must, consult an outside doctor to learn the long-term implications.
    Byron Jones – February 25, 2023

  17. JEROME CORSI: Obama Went After General Flynn Because He Was a Risk of Indicting Him and Hillary for High Crimes and Misdemeanors (PART 3)
    By Joe Hoft Feb. 25, 2023 7:45 pm0 Comments

    How Secretary Hillary Clinton Engineered the Obama Administration’s Illegal, Covert Diversion of Weapons from al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists in Libya to ISIS in Syria

    Guest post by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

    This article is the third of a series of articles explaining why President Obama enlisted the federal government’s national security and justice agencies to make sure Lt. General Michael Flynn never served as President Trump’s national security advisor. In September 2011, Flynn was promoted to Lieutenant General and assigned as assistant director of national intelligence in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of DIA. On April 30, 2014, President Obama forced Flynn to retire because Flynn had collected sufficient intelligence on Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to charge Obama and Clinton with high crimes and misdemeanors. The

  18. Democrat Nebraska State Senator Says She Will Filibuster ALL BILLS Unless GOP Backs Down on Abortion, Transgender Surgeries for Minors
    By Cassandra MacDonald Feb. 25, 2023 8:00 pm19 Comments

    Democrat Nebraska State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh has vowed to filibuster all bills unless Republicans back down on bills that would ban abortion and transgender surgeries and hormones for minors.
    Sen. Cavanaugh pledged to bring the Senate to a standstill on Thursday if she did not get her way.

    “If this legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful; painful for everyone,” Cavanaugh said at the state capitol in Lincoln. “Because if you want to inflict pain upon our children, I am going to inflict pain upon this body.”

    The senator has already stonewalled LB147, a bill that changes procedures for property tax refunds. The bill was introduced by Omaha Sen. Kathleen Kauth, who Cavanaugh has a specific issue with because she also

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