Scientists fail to notice that the sun has something to do with climate: Links 2, February 12, 2023

1. Russel Brand speaks with John Campbell Ph.D: It’s all coming out

(How are these guys still on the air?)

2. China ‘detects unidentified object entering its airspace near port city and is preparing to shoot it down’, state media claims

China is preparing to shoot down an unidentified object spotted flying over a port, according to reports.

The object has been spotted near the port city of Qingdao and an employee of the marine development authority of the city’s Jimo district said authorities are getting ready to take it down. 

The employee had not been told what the object is but did say that fishermen in the area had been warned to be careful.

Reports about the mysterious object have been made in the Chinese government mouthpiece The Global Times and in social media posts on Weibo. 

It comes after the U.S. and Canada downed several high-altitude objects so far this month.

(If the first casualty of war is truth, then we have been at war with something for a long time now. This site has suggested that one of the lines of effort against us all will be Alien invasion. Two summers ago, every major news station had some BS about alien craft literally, and they used this word, “harassing” a US naval base in Virginia. Recently I have seen videos showing what most would describe as an alien spacecraft over Turkey allegedly before the massive quake they had. Now China is reporting balloons over their space? Definitely one of the items that would get people to submit to a World government would be an alien invasion. Or a pandemic. or a crisis of some kind of discrimination I guess for the terminally stupid. Like men pretending to be women that need to get feminine hygiene products from a men’s bathroom. But these ballon things scream false flag of one kind or another. Is Iran doing it? Some other nation state? To what purpose? A terrorist group? Only if the payload looks like this.

3. Pierre Poilievre, leader of Canada’s ‘Conservative’ party, said he would never allow the imposition of digital ID. Time will tell.

4. Lauren Boebert (R-Co) grills ex-Twitter exec on Twitter’s FBI’s relationship with the FBI. “I Bet that Putin is sitting in the Kremlin, WISHING he had as much election intervention, interference, as you four sitting here today”. This is very good. And satisfying as it has been the position of this site since 2020 that these kinds of actions by social media, (we did not know at the time that Twitter was run by US intel) was in fact election rigging.

“could well constitute the largest censorship program ever run by the government of the United States.”

5. One might think that this has more to do with climate than what kind of car you drive

More here

“First ever event”. The Sun is billions upon billions of years old. Humans were not even aware of sunspots til Galileo Galilee in April, 1612. That’s 410 years ago. Any observations of the sun are only meaningful within that time frame.

Thank you for joining this journey through the officialdom of scatology. The desperate attempt, and increasingly difficult one, to find any shred of reality in the mass line narrative attacks we are bombarded by constantly. 


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7 Replies to “Scientists fail to notice that the sun has something to do with climate: Links 2, February 12, 2023”

  1. #5. That is all CGI (computer generated image). That is not reality whatsoever.

    In this picture, we can clearly see by triangulating the sun rays that pierce through the clouds, that the sun will have to be somewhat close above the clouds. That is the only way the rays can come out at different angles in the gaps of the clouds. Clearly the sun is close by. You can see this with your own eyes in the 1st few hours of sun up and the last few hours before sun down if there are clouds in the distance. Hopefully, a reader of this will look for themselves .

    If it was a laughable, 90+ million miles away, as the so-called experts claim, the rays would not come through the clouds at any noticeable angle.

    Temp is warmer in summer than in winter because your area is closer to the sun in those months. The closer to a source of heat, the warmer it will be. This article shows they can make up anything and the population will believe it, if they use some CGI to give the lie an image in the brain, seeing is believing they say.

    • Can’t tell if you are really funny, or really resistant to data. Book a daytime flight on any jet travelling at over 40,000 Ft. and get back to me.

      Also, there is this thing called refraction. Dust in the air refracts a fair amount. Water even more so. Diamonds a LOT which explains their colour refraction and sparkle. Note that a diamond in sunlight will refract a lot and the sun is not close to the diamond.

      Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that Star Trek episode, “For the World is Hollow and I have touched the Sky” but I don’t think we live on a ship. Yet. Ask me again tomorrow though.

      • “Can’t tell if you are really funny, or really resistant to data. Book a daytime flight on any jet travelling at over 40,000 Ft. and get back to me.”

        What do you claim I should see? I know the horizon stays at eye level from the tarmac to cruising altitude. If you think I meant the sun is at cloud height, that’s not what I mean. Its prob something like 7000km up with some trig I did, just estimate. (If I do the trig equation starting with the laughable gov 90+ Million miles, the rays are hitting the earth millions of miles apart.)

        Refraction, well the clouds are to thick to allow the rays through. The rays are passing through spaces between the clouds. So you claim there is a lot of dust in the cloud gaps, and this is the boundary between air and dust. I can’t see that being possible but let’s say it is. The light will bend at that boundary line. A slight shift in the ray will happen. As you can see in the pic or see for yourself outside, each ray is at a different angle. Only possible if the light is hitting each spot at a different angle. Still same result, triangulate the rays to where they converge to see where the source originates.

        I’m resistant to gov data. That saved my health and possibly my life these last 3 years.

  2. #5. “This can be a big problem for satellites in low Earth orbit, as it can actually drag them a bit down and start causing their orbits to decay.

    In addition, absorbing solar flare electromagnetic radiation can also make the upper atmosphere more ionized, which can cause radio blackouts or blackouts in general. ”

    Looks like they are planning blackouts and more. And will blame “climate change”. Its OK, the Sunday rest will fix everything.

  3. So the sun is now in its middle age, then we can only hope that they wont have the “brilliant” idea to vaccinate her now with some mRNA to stop her reaching old age.

  4. I cannot bear to look at Russel Brand, let alone listen to him.
    It is remarkable, though, the effort he has put into re-imagining himself. Forgotten are the antics with Jonathan Ross and their phone calls, on air, to Andrew Sachs saying disgusting things about Mr Sachs’ daughter.
    For me, Mr Brand is very creepy.

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