John Campbell, Neil Oliver, Trudeau pretends he shot down a Chinese balloon, a practical joke on university janitors: Links 1, February 12, 2023

1. Here is a link to all the Twitter Files so far. So glad someone did this. Have been planning to, but never had the time!

2. John Campbell Ph.D on excess deaths from an hour ago:

I think I can explain why the Canadian data is confusing. You see, Stats-Canada actually started counting unvaccinated deaths from when the vaccines where first announced and well before they were actually available and WELL before any meaningful percentage of the country had actually had a shot, let alone 2 shots plus 14 days. They then mixed in those stats, with unvaxxed deaths in general.

Think of it like this:

Say you wanted to show that really, there are very few Catholics in the Vatican. So you take the total number of catholics in the Vatican starting at 5000 BC and measure them every year up to now, and mix those numbers together like it was all now. You would probably find that there was less than 10% of people in the Vatican that are Catholic. THAT, is how the Canadian government treats its citizens.

3. Neil Oliver speaks to the massive MUSLIM rape gangs in the UK without bothering to mention that the gangs, who forced CHILDREN into the most conveyer belt kind of prostitution, where ALL muslim, and nearly all Pakistani. Guess what happened if one of the VICTIMS of the muslim Pakistani rape gangs explained that all their rapists where muslim? Police wouldn’t investigate and possibly charge the victim with a thought or speech crime. Done’t believe me? Watch the video below. By the way, his not mentioning that the UK forced child prostitution gangs of British White girls, and occasionally Sikh, is proof that Katie Hopkins is right about GB News. but we all already knew that, didn’t we? Oliver does do a good job of describing the Discourse Theory dialectic used against anyone who spoke out against the covid19 Gene therapy shots though.

Below, an interview with one of the victims of the Muslim rape and child-sex-slave gangs in the UK

4. The bloody death of a liberal dream: After throwing open its borders to 2million migrants, DAVID JONES investigates how Sweden has been left with an underclass of alienated teenagers, a murderous gang culture and gun crime that’s spiralling out of control

(Wow! I mean WHO could possibly have ever seen that coming? Who could possibly imagine that bringing in millions of people from places with a culture of death, violence, rape and destruction with a special hatred for Europeans, Jews and White Christians could have predicted it would lead to serious and existential problems for Sweden, and Swedish people and culture. No one I bet. The article itself of course manages to make the muslim migrants into the victims, and the Swedes the villains of the story despite the headline. But anyone who has been paying attention knows what really happened. Just speak to ANY Swedish first responder in or near Malmo or any of the other Islamic areas now under Islamic control.)

4. U.S. F-22 Shoots Down Unidentified Object Over Northern Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau says he “ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace.”

The unidentified objected identified by NORAD over Northern Canada has been shot down.

Justin Trudeau says he ordered the “take down” of the object, which was accomplished by a U.S. F-22:

“I ordered the take down of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace. @NORADCommand shot down the object over the Yukon. Canadian and U.S. aircraft were scrambled, and a U.S. F-22 successfully fired at the object.”

(It fits the earlier story about an object over the arctic that they had been tracking for 24 hours beforehand. That makes it a balloon. But even if it isn’t, if they tracked it for 24 hours, we know they know what it is, and when they say they don’t they are lying to us. We also know Trudeau does not have the authority to “order” the USAF to do anything.)

5. Canadian university to put feminine hygiene product dispensers in men’s bathrooms

‘Menstrual products are a necessity for a large portion of Western’s population, and students who menstruate, including but not limited to female, non-binary, and transgender students, require access to these products in order to move through daily life.’

LONDON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Western University in London, Ontario will now be installing feminine hygiene product dispensers in its male bathrooms as part of a student union gender ideology initiative that claims women are not the only people who menstruate.

The initiative to put women’s products in male bathrooms was spearheaded by Western University’s Student Council (USC). It claims, per its website, that the initiative is necessary because “transgender” and “non-binary” people can menstruate as well.

A recent report in the Western Gazette highlighted how the USC will be installing 150 Aunt Flow feminine hygiene product dispensers on its campus in all men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral bathrooms. 

(So, is this to give the janitors a laugh? Cause that’s the only people it will affect in any way.)

Thank you all for checking out these pages.

A little bit of evidence of the Maoist revolution as it applies to Ottawa

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  1. Fauci admit’s vaccines don’t work very well for some respiratory infections.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a recently published research paper that COVID-19 vaccines could not have been reasonably expected to get the pandemic under control.

    Fauci and other top government and healthcare officials repeatedly stressed during the pandemic that getting vaccinated would stop the spread of COVID-19 and was the most important step individuals could take to end the pandemic. However, in the paper published Jan. 11 in Cell Press, Fauci and two co-authors write that respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and the flu have never been well-contained by vaccines.

    “Because these viruses generally do not elicit complete and durable protective immunity by themselves, they have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines,” Fauci and his co-authors, David Morens and Jeffrey Taubenberger of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), wrote in the paper.

    The analysis, titled “Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenza viruses, and other respiratory viruses,” highlights shortcomings in current vaccine technology for respiratory viruses and speculates on how it might be improved going forward. The authors compare SARS-CoV-2 to influenza, for which they say “only less than suboptimal vaccines” exist.

    The Analysis: I recommend reading all of it.

    “Concluding remarks

    Durably protective vaccines against non-systemic mucosal respiratory viruses with high mortality rates have thus far eluded vaccine development efforts.

    Challenges to developing next-generation respiratory vaccines are many and complex (Table 2). We must better understand why multiple sequential mucosal infections with the same circulating respiratory viruses, spread out over decades of life, fail to elicit natural protective immunity, especially with viruses that lack significant antigenic drift (e.g., RSV and parainfluenzaviruses),17,18,19,22 if we are to rationally develop vaccines that prevent them. We must think outside the box to make next-generation vaccines that elicit immune protection against viruses that survive in human populations because of their ability to remain significantly outside of the full protective reach of human innate and adaptive immunity.

    Past unsuccessful attempts to elicit solid protection against mucosal respiratory viruses and to control the deadly outbreaks and pandemics they cause have been a scientific and public health failure that must be urgently addressed. We are excited and invigorated that many investigators and collaborative groups are rethinking, from the ground up, all of our past assumptions and approaches to preventing important respiratory viral diseases and working to find bold new paths forward.”

  2. ITEM 4: It seems to be a trend now. The goal would be to distract the citizenry. Unpopular decisions, send a floating object up in the air.

    And this one, we all knew that by shooting it down with a missile, it would wipe out its operating system.

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