FDA, mRNA and strokes, Brazil, and banned kitchen appliances: Links 1 on Jan. 17th, 2023

1. Interesting tweet suggesting FDA documents showed profound adverse reactions to mRNA

Here is the link in the Tweet above leading to the FDA document.

Related: Tucker Carlson segment from last night on CDC investigation between the mRNA DoD counter-measure and strokes.

2. Blackrock is a WEF effort

3. Compilation video of parents discussing children who suffered serious affects after the DoD countermeasure.

4. James Lindsay speaks at Oxford Union about Woke Culture.

5. Political arrests have begun in Brazil with Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice being apprehended.

(Opinion) While returning to the country, Anderson Torres, Alexandre de Moraes‘ main rival, was arrested at Brasilia’s international airport.

Jair Bolsonaro’s former Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, was arrested this Saturday at Brasilia’s international airport, in the first arbitrary arrest linked to the case investigating the protests against Lula, which culminated with the storming of the National Congress and the other state powers last Jan. 8 in Brasilia.

Read also our coverage on this ‘invasion’ which probably was none

In the same way that Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Miguel Díaz-Canel in Cuba, Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, or Luis Arce in Bolivia, Lula da Silva begins to arrest opposition leaders with fabricated causes and in collaboration with a Judicial Power wholly taken over by the extreme left.

Thank you all who have the courage even to be willing to read what appears to be taking place. Most people, and even very bright ones, do not.


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  1. 5 – 1398 Political Prisoners in Brazil – Senator Says “Lula knew about Storm on Congress and Must be IMPEACHED”
    By Richard Abelson
    Published January 17, 2023 at 8:45am

    “Cowards” painted on the walls of a military base in Sao Paulo

    Brazilian Senator Marcos do Val has demanded the arrest of Justice Minister Flavio Dino and the impeachment of President Lula da Silva. The incoming Senate and Chamber of Deputies will have a conservative majority unless the left manage to prevent the right-wing delegates from taking their seats.

    “This week I will request your immediate removal and request your arrest for the crime of malfeasance and for outher violations of the criminal code. I have already revealed that President Lula knew about the impending attacks 24 hours ahead of time and let them happen. I will request the opening of an impeachment process, for, in addition to letting our history be destroyed, you put our democracy and lives at risk”, do Val wrote to Dino.

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    The new Parliament will be inaugurated Feb. 1 with a conservative majority – one of the reasons why the results of the Presidential election in Brazil do not add up. Pro-Bolsonaro candidates gained in both chambers and regional governorships Oct. 3. A conservative Senator may be elected as President of the Senate. “The upcoming Senate presidency election is the most important in history. Brazil will have the chance to restore the balance between powers and restore Constitutional order”, Brazil in English writes.

    TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE: Biden Removed His Tax Documents from Campaign Webpage Just Three Weeks Before FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago

    “The question is how many of them will be brave to fight the deep state, how many will be bought. Many of them just used the conservative label to win the elections. How many will fear retaliation, since the Supreme Court can take away their mandates? There is a campaign of terror against conservatioves going on in Brazil now”, says one observer.

    During an interview on Monday, the Governor of the state of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, said the Lula government facilitated acts of vandalism in Brasília to “play the victim”, Brazil in English reported. “It seems to me that there was a mistake by the radical right, which is a minority. There was also an error, perhaps on purpose, committed by the Federal Government, which turned a blind eye [to the situation] so the worst could happen and they could play the victim. It’s an assumption. But the investigations will show if it really happened.”

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    “Confusing good citizens with vandals is a very serious mistake. You must punish those people who did the vandalism. But extending this to those who are demonstrating in an orderly manner is a very different situation,” said the Governor.

    Speaking in the Portuguese Parliament, Congressman André Ventura of the right-wing Chega party, called Brazilian president Lula da Silva a “criminal”, saying the Portuguese people understand “the fury and anguish of millions of Brazilians at seeing their country governed by a thief”. Ventura said that it was “difficult to address the President of Brazil in any other way” and that he sympathized with the protests. The Parliament then voted to condemn the unrest that took place Jan. 8.

    The corrupt Supreme Court in Brazil has refused to investigate Justice Minister Flavio Dino for dereliction of duty, because of course they did.

    After only 16 days of the Communist coup, Brazil now has 1398 political prisoners, including families, women and children and elderly people. Here is the list of names.

    A Brazil observer told Gateway Pundit that, contrary to reports in the Fake News media, the children arrested on Jan. 9 and taken away from their parents in the Brasilia Army camp have not been released, but are being held by the Communist regime without any of their adult relatives, as captives of the state.

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    The word “Cowards” was painted on the walls of a military unit where patriots camped for 70 days asking the Armed Forces for help in Marília, Sao Paulo.

    Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes ordered the release of 85 convicted criminals to make room for the women detained after January 8th riots in Brasília.

    Minister Paulo Pimenta, head of the Brazilian president’s Communication Secretariat, threatened to create a “Ministry of Truth” to “combat misinformation” as of January 24.

    American Journalist Glenn Greenwald who lives in Brazil, came under fire from the Brazilian left after criticizing the judicial overreach of Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes. He challenged sociologist Celso Rocha Barros to a debate, who called him a “Bolsonarista”. The debate will take place Jan. 17.


    Matt Tyrmand talks to Dave Rubin about Brazil:

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