If I wanted to reshape the world to have fewer people…

It occurs to me that our failings in the past decades all have one thing in common. We consistently and with a flawless record, fail to think as big as the people creating the problems facing us. That is to say, when we oppose a line of effort against us, we always treat the problem or issue as presented. When in fact it’s larger, and part of a much bigger planed assault on ourselves.

Take Global Warming.

There are a few layers of opposition. Those who know the science is fabricated and argue the science and try and get people to understand that Global Warming by man’s actions simply isn’t a real thing. That has nearly no chance of succeeding, but its one level of activism people can do.

Then, there are those who think Global Warming is a dialectic device to take control of especially Western industrial man using control of CO2 production as a means of ending productivity, or at least being in full control of it. One may notice that no alternatives to create of energy, such as nuclear or other means can be allowed. Only the problem of CO2 must remain in the forefront as a means to shape the future. Even when there are multiple ways to create the needed energy without producing it. Bad solutions, like electric cars are encouraged. Sorry, not bad solutions, things that kinda sorta look like solutions but actually make no difference or add to the problem and create new ones.

But a real psychopath might take it to the next level.

Imagine being so committed to the idea that the world has too many people on it that you needed to embark on a serious plan to reduce the world’s population.

Imagine that you had convinced enough people that the world was warming, despite all the evidence to the contrary, to the point that no one would interfere with a plan to geo-engineer the atmosphere to block out solar radiation for a time that would significantly cool the Earth.

Imagine that you had managed to get millions of people from warm parts of the Earth to move to cooler parts, even though it would multiply their carbon footprint by a factor of FOUR and the resources needed for life are far greater for each individual in say, Canada than in Namibia.

Imagine that the people doing the geo-engineering to “solve Global Warming” know damn well it isn’t happening. They would also then know that a warmer Earth means more food and more plant life and more animal life. Especially if the level of CO2 goes up a few more parts per billion.

So what would happen to the available food supply if the temperature of the Earth’s most productive growing regions fell by a few degrees?

Put bluntly, if geo-engineering tech for climate control exists and is being deployed, it may not be to stop global warming, but reduce the ability to produce food.


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  1. Yes. Imagine considering every line of effort being used is for a single ultimate purpose. The magnitude of psychopathy required to scale such ambition is Hitleresque. Our big blue marble in space becomes nothing more than another piece of acquirable real estate. Humans become nothing more than an expendable commodity to be either disposed of or digitized. No line of effort is now unfeasible in this world. If injecting babies with poison is acceptable, then is it ridiculous to wonder if an outer space alien invasion is not next on the theater program? Monetary reset? Petrie-dish meat? mRNA tomatoes?

  2. Actually there is an even simpler method which appears to be currently in play.
    1) Convince the peasants that the only way to save the planet is to eat bugs. This is already being attempted.
    2) Fund companies to set up bug food factories such as that in London Ontario.
    3) Buy up farmland (Gates and the CCP are doing that now)
    4) Using taxes , environmental rules etc. force farmers off the land
    5) Once farmers are gone , large corporate (gov controlled) bug food factories being the only source of food , can entirely regulate and control the source of food as direct by the WEF , UN or whomever is in control.

    Ahhh yesssss … a conspiracy theory.

    • California just passed a law to tax people, farmers included, for using their OWN water wells. You have paid for EVERYTHING concerning the wells, and now you have a water consumption tax. Everything costs you money, including the meter and the state pays nothing!

  3. Is the World Overpopulated?
    Too Crowded?
    You can fit the entire population of the World in the State of Texas and still have everyone with their own 31-foot by 31-foot space all to themselves!
    OK, now just…
    “Texas includes 267,339 square miles, or 7.4% of the nation’s total area. To find out how many square feet are in the state of Texas, multiply 5280 x 5280 – (to find out how many square feet in a square mile), which equals 28,944,400 square feet. Then multiply that number by the number of square miles (28,944,400 x 267,339), which equals 7,737,966,951,600 or 7.737,967 Trillion square feet in the state of Texas.”

    Now take that 7.737,967 Trillion sq. ft. number and divide it by the estimated World Population of 7,678,200,000 or 7.678 Billion people, you could put everyone on Earth into the state of Texas and still have 1007 square feet per person, or you could fit them all into individual spaces that are squares of over 31 feet on each side.

    The more people you have allows for more people to specialize their work. Think of a medical Specialist, they only work on one part of the body, versus a General Practitioner.
    The fewer people you have means more people must generalize their work. Think of a self-sustaining farmer, they must do all of the hundreds of various jobs of running the farm.

    Yet the NWO Leftists want to reduce the world’s population to just 500 million!
    They should just go ahead and ‘lead-by-example’ and volunteer to go FIRST!
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The Great ‘New World Order’ Reset:
    The population of the WORLD is:
    ————- 7,678,200,000 — 7.6 Billion
    Minus: —– 500,000,000 —– 500 Million… that the Leftists want to allow to remain alive.
    The proposed New World Order’s “Great Culling” will murder:
    ————- 7,178,200,000 — 7.1 Billion PEOPLE!
    —> Yet all those promoting the Culling, all somehow think that THEY, themselves will be among those who survive? <—

    It is Big Pharma and Bill Gates that wanted to charge everyone $1000 or much more for a COVID-19 vaccine… and thereby make more $$ TRILLION$!
    Americans don’t need to “follow the science” when deciding to take or not to take the COVID-19 vaccination. We need to follow the money. The Pfizer vaccine, as an example, generates $39 per shot in profits for the pharmaceutical company. Three shots are required. (NOW Four!)

    By supplying over 1 billion vaccines across the world, Pfizer has made approximately $15 billion in revenue from the COVID-19 vaccine. Beginning to see why political puppets and so-called scientific bureaucrats are trying to ramrod shots into the arms of every living creature?

    Both Fauci and Gates both have their fingers in Pfizer and Moderna. Gates has always preached, he wants “population control”.
    “Americans will be required to carry medical ID cards to prove they’re free of the virus”
    Just how long would be the REAL EXPIRATION DATE for that ID Card?
    Just ONE MINUTE after you get near anyone else!
    Another scheme is “Mark of the Beast” tattoos to prove you have had the COVID-19 vaccine.
    Yet, Bill Gates wants to inject ID tags under our skin, that he is HIGHLY INVE$TED in.

    • I believe that having 1007 square feet per person or fitting them all into individual spaces that are squares of over 31 feet on each side, would be a bit more comfortable.

      Whereas you have 10 people to the Square Meter!

  4. If I wanted to reshape the world and reduce the population, I would scream at the top of my lungs “The sky is falling, people are dying from a (invented) virus, but here I come to save the day, you ridiculous “little people”, I have a vaccine that will save you (shh kill them), follow my instructions and RIP. It is that simple. And after they start dying, I would say the vaccines are safe and effective, don’t listen to your loved ones, you know you can not trust them, only your government. It would be that simple.

  5. The Davos Delusionals, as smart as they may be in their chosen fields, are shortchanged in basic Austrian economics. Here is an excellent article which breathes comforting hope into our mess by saying exactly why, despite mass-line formations and efforts, despite dialectics, central planning cannot succeed.

    “…Other than the free market economy, sound money, and private property, what alternatives are there for the use of existing finite resources in creating useful things? None. None at all…”

    “…the utopia is the dream of psychotic elites who imagine that they can have the end products of mass cooperation without the open society that enables it. Much damage can be done in the attempt, but it is only a question of how far it can get before it cancels itself…”

    If you don’t have the time just take heart, the bastards doing this will lose eventually. The full article:


    • Good article , but long before the WEF / Globalist utopian system is implemented , the pitchfork brigade may have a say in matters. The WEF is apparently concerned as they have , via the Swiss gov , recruited 5000 police and military security for the Davos gala.

      Regardless of WEF lackeys like Trudeau who is attempting a basic lunatic approach called the “Just Transition” totally without oil , it is currently not possible as most sensible people understand.

  6. Before all this BS started a few years back, if one wanted to reshape the world and reduce the population. They could have probably achieved what they wanted had they simply waited and let nature take its course, based on projected global trends alone over the next century as birth rates began to decline, marriages collapse and populations grow older across most of the world (something that even impacts the Islamic majority regions apart from a few very impoverished areas).

    However those Davos nutters are a rather impatient lot beneath the outwardly methodical façade, being unwilling to wait another century or more to win by default from a reducing world population point of view they their scheming forebearers did previously. Preferring instead to over-ambitiously fastback their timetable by quite a bit with an uncharacteristic sense of urgency, in order to implement their wretched vision of the world and how things should be in their eyes.

    • Those Davos nutters want to control the world and its citizens. And that’s why they are unwilling to wait for nature to take its course. They, themselves, crave the control and the power and they want to live it.

      As to the global warming issue, they know it’s a scam but they follow their leader Schwab because he can get them there. Narcissists of the worst order.

      • Big news on the front.
        A critical position in the Donbass has finally been taken by the Russians. Going on since May, huge casualties. Sickening, Verdun redux.

        We can’t win a conventional war now. All we can do is nuke. Prez Z and Victoria Nuland have said it outright: tactical nukes would show Putler who’s The Boss.

        Seems the concept of MAD is passé.
        ~ WEF delight – Win/Win! ~
        Even a small-ish tactical nuke would knock off a few degrees of global warming. Jolly, jelly-side up.

  7. Here’s an excerpt from State Legislature of North Rhine Westphalia/Germany
    But as usual, you cannot Tax and enslave people by telling the truth, now, can you?

    Climate is not weather, but the local statistical mean of weather over at least 30 years.
    There is no global climate, only climate zones from tropical, subtropical, temperate to polar.
    The climates of different regions of the earth do not change in the same direction.
    The Antarctic is currently getting colder, while the Arctic is getting warmer.
    This process reverses cyclically about every 60 years, science speaks of a climate swing.
    Perpetual climate change is a natural law, constant climate does not exist.
    You can’t protect” a statistical mean.
    You would have to start with weather protection.
    Prof. Dr. Heinz Miller, former Vice Director of the Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI) in Bremerhaven, said about climate protection:

    “Anyone who talks about climate protection creates illusions.
    The climate cannot be protected and stabilized at a desired temperature.
    It has often changed drastically even without human intervention.
    Buzzwords like ”climate collapse” or “climate catastrophe” are misleading.
    The climate cannot collapse, nature knows no catastrophes”.

    Temperatures and CO2 in the climate past

    Ice cores, tree rings, stalactites, pollen and sediments contain information about the climate past.
    These show that the earth has already experienced much warmer but also colder times than today, in particular with up to 17 times higher CO2 concentrations in the air.
    A causal correlation between CO2 and Earth temperatures is not known for any Earth epoch, including the most recent.
    An exception to this is the relatively weak physical effect of CO2 outgassing at higher sea water temperatures or binding at lower water temperatures.
    Here the CO2 follows the temperature, not vice versa.
    Flora and fauna were not harmed even at the highest CO2 concentrations in the past climate.
    Life boomed, especially when the CO2 levels were high.
    Nothing is known of ocean acidification during such times, and corals have also been thriving for over 400 million years.

    • Gotta be connected to Epstein Island and similar operations.

      I posted sometime in the past few years, another whistle blower come out and detail another blackmail operation involving illicit sex and politicians. Can’t remember who or how, but it was pretty clear.

      Chances are, this is a Soros/Schwab op.

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