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6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for January 9, 2023”

  1. @LulaOficial addressing nation, begins by denouncing “fascists,” “vandals,” “nazis, stalinists…no, not stalinists, fascists” and criticizing security shortcomings. Everyone involved, he says, will be tracked down and arrested.
    Andre Pagliarini – January 8, 2023

    Here’s what @alexandre @LulaOficial @FlavioDino’s modern day gulag looks like. They’re Stalinists who see human’s as eggs to be broken in pursuit of their social justice (& personal wealth creating) omelette. Geneva Convention wouldn’t allow this for battlefield combatants. Evil.
    Matthew Tyrmand – January 10, 2023

  2. It is really happening!!! The dictatorship is killing Brazilian people!!!
    Rogerio Azevedo – January 10, 2023 + footage replies

    Report: Jair Bolsonaro Hospitalized In Florida With ‘Severe Abdominal Pain’
    by Frances Martel – January 9, 2023

  3. Never in our history have we had so many dark forces attack us from all sides. Thankfully, people are into an awakening. But still, we remain powerless.

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