Excess deaths in Canada, Brazil about to go Stalin and more: Links 2 for January 10th, 2023

1. The explanation for this round of boos and jeers for Trudeau’s speech at the memorial for the civilian flight the IRI shot down and killed everyone aboard.

2. Nobody wants the mRNA shots. Not even the Chinese. 40 million doses going to the trash

3. Canada Confirms: The Acceleration of Death Correlates With the Shots

The following Tweet reveals:

Edward Dowd (

@DowdEdward is a former equity portfolio manager for Blackrock and hedge fund guru. After digging through the data, he is convinced the C19 injections are killing people.

4. Steve Kirsch: MIT Professor Retsef Levi speaks with me about how the Israeli Ministry of Health ignored all the safety data on the COVID vax

The inside scoop on the how the Israeli MoH commissioned a safety study and when the results were bad, they quashed the study and stopped collecting new safety data. That’s how science works.

For background on the Israeli MoH safety study, see The Israeli Ministry of Health hid COVID serious adverse event data from the public.

After that presentation, I interviewed MIT Professor Retsef Levi for his perspective and how he can remain so calm reporting on the corruption (detailed in that article).

We also clarify various details.


5. Brazil is rapidly devolving into a communist authoritarian state. Read the thread. Keep your blood warm as you do. This may chill it a bit

And this thread

Thank you all for continuing to consider the possibility that something in the Western and formerly Free World, has gone terribly, terribly wrong.


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  1. 4/ Retsef is a prof at the Sloan School of MIT, probably the most interdisciplinary department at the Institute. He’s focused on this horror, but not *fixed* on the immediate issue. He’s concerned about the pervasive damage to a uniquely Israeli population.

    It’s not the political prism as in the US: corruption, MSM collaboration, elite capture. Many – not all – Haredim, Mizrachim, Arab Israelis know all about that sort of thing. They already reject what we regard as “authorities”. Fiercely, religiously.

    That significant minority distrusts everything modern, some reject everything from the West. They have their own civil societies, far more cohesive than nation-state politics. They vote in national elections as blocks, powerful interest groups for specific agendas that aren’t especially transparent. Most certainly not progressive (to say the least).

    The vocal Westernized population will probably react to the vaxx revelations as we might. If and when the loathsome cabal is called to account. But the progress of integrating the population as a cohesive whole will be set back. That’s something that clearly worries Retsef.

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