Remdesivir PSA, Trudeau’s Christmas skit: Links 1, December 24th, 2022

1. This could be very powerful information if true. In any case, its worth knowing. She is correct. That is just another name for Rundeathisnear and if anyone were to try and trick a patient into taking something they explicitly said they do not wish to take by using another name, they should be sued into another dimension.

2. Meanwhile, in Canada, Trudeau shows he would rather have been an actor than whatever it is he is now

Click through for the reviews.

3. So the UK made a deal with ModeRNA for ten years of the mRNA shots for the UK for TEN YEARS. I believe Canada has a similar deal which means everyone else does. How long are they planning to shove this stuff on us?

4. SCOOP: National Guard informs troops last paycheck before Christmas will be late as Biden admin sends billions to Ukraine

(This reminds me of when Trudeau said he didn’t have the money for veterans who were injured fighting in Afghanistan as he brings in literally MILLIONS of Africans and middle easterners to Canada and sets them up to live in an alien culture which is dramatically colder and requires a LOT more ‘carbon dioxide’ creation. This isn’t about money. This is about hurting patriots and cultural and ethnic Canadians and Americans.)

On Friday it was revealed that the Biden administration failed to pay numerous National Guard troops their final year end pay on time during the week of Christmas. The failure came after approving a contoversial additional $45 billion aid package to Ukraine, and the House passing a $1.7 trillion spending plan.

“Hello gents,” began a letter sent to members of the National Guard, obtained by The Post Millennial, “if you have been tracking, the pay issue that has been plaguing the unit and the division as well.” Reports came in from Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina from troops angered and upset that their pay hadn’t yet come through.

This story has raised a lot of worthy questions on social media. I have one of my own. Since government just creates money to such a large extent for whatever adventures it wants whenever it wants, even to the point where taxation itself seems more punitive than practical or necessary, why do they need to borrow from Peter to pay Volodymyr? Unless the point is to continue to discourage people from joining American armed forces. Which seems unnecessary as the Vaxx mandates are doing that all on its own.

5. Let’s watch the German Minister of Health explain travel restrictions to avoid disease which if anyone quotes him directly, will be accused of being a conspiracy theorist

Thank you all for walking the path with us and each other.



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    • HUGE! As We Predicted — Dr. Fauci Praises New Tests on Expensive Gilead Drug Remdesivir but Sneered at Less Expensive and More Effective Hydroxychloroquine!
      by Jim Hoft – Published April 29, 2020

      Look how Fauci and his fellow backstabbers pushes President Trump out of the way. No respect.

    • Follow the money: Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci and the death of hydroxychloroquine
      by Kelly Sadler – June 9, 2021

      To better understand how using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat COVID-19 patients last year became a scientific quagmire, it’s always best to follow the money.
      HCQ is cheap (costing under $10 for the course of a COVID-19 treatment), well-understood by physicians having been prescribed for more than 80 years, and can be taken orally. Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others at the National Health Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases preferred remdesivir, a proprietary, intravenous drug manufactured by Gilead Sciences, costing about $3,500 per treatment, with unknown side effects. And as to not make Big Pharma mad — and possibly threaten invites to cocktail parties, board seats and threaten grant monies — Dr. Fauci and his cohorts did everything possible to promote remdesivir and downplay HCQ, possibly costing millions of lives around the globe.
      Although, many doctors around the world were finding success with HCQ, in February 2020 NIH started enrolling patients for a remdesivir COVID-19 trial, with Dr. Fauci overseeing its progress. He had the final say on all the press releases, and presumably was working closely with Gilead. On April 16 something funny happened with the trial — the endpoints of it were quietly changed and updated on the website. Instead of evaluating remdesivir’s ability to prevent death from COVID-19, the study was redesigned to evaluate how fast a patient recovered from remdesivir.

      It was an interesting change because a leaked World Health Organization study of remdesivir showed there was no statistically significant clinical benefits in using the drug on COVID-19 patients and that it had severe side effects. However, it did show some promise in reducing recovery time. When the news broke of this study to the public, on April 23, Gilead shares fell.
      Drs. Dennis Bier at the Baylor College of Medicine and Arne Astrup, from the University of Copenhagen wrote in the BMJ Medical Trade Journal, NIH’s decision to move its study’s endpoints in the middle of the trial is generally frowned upon because the trial design is not drafted to focus on secondary endpoints, can produce data that’s unreliable, and can “introduce bias into a trial and creates opportunities for manipulation.”

      Yet, on April 29, the NIH enthusiastically rolled out its results. During an appearance alongside former President Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, Dr. Fauci said there was reason for optimism, the study achieved its primary goal, which was to improve the time to recovery, which was reduced by four days for patients on remdesivir. He failed to mention the study’s endpoint was changed mid-way through the trial. Still, the media tour was started, with Dr. Fauci at the lead, praising remdesivir and simultaneously bashing HCQ for its lack of a similar clinical trial. Gilead’s stock soared.
      On May 1, the NIH’s COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines panel members granted emergency use of remdesivir and stated HCQ could only be used in hospitals or in studies. Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson found 11 members of that panel had financial ties to Gilead. Two were on Gilead’s advisory board, others were paid consultants or received research support and honoraria. None of the members, however, had ties to HCQ, which is made by numerous generic manufacturers, and “is so cheap, analysts say even a spike in sales would not be a financial driver for the companies,” Ms. Attkisson reported.
      Ms. Attkisson also found one of the authors of a small Veterans Administration trial that claimed HCQ caused increased deaths received a $247,000 grant from Gilead in 2018.

      On May 22, a fraudulent paper published by Lancet put the nail in HCQ’s coffin, claiming to show HCQ was not effective and was dangerous. The lead author of the now-debunked and retracted study was Dr. Mandeep Mehra, a Harvard professor, who attended a conference co-sponsored by Gilead a month before to discuss COVID-19. Many have speculated whether Gilead ghostwrote the study, as Surgisphere the company that spearheaded the effort, had only a handful of recently hired staff that reportedly included a science fiction writer and an adult-content model.
      Yet, the damage was done. On June 11, the NIH updated its COVID-19 guidelines recommending against the use of HCQ except for in clinical trials. Days later, on June 15, the Food and Drug Administration revoked emergency use of HCQ, with remdesivir being the only officially U.S. endorsed drug to treat COVID-19.
      The $2.45 million Gilead spent in the first quarter of 2020 lobbying the federal government was well spent. Meanwhile, a new, not yet peer-reviewed study of HCQ released this month found it, taken with azithromycin, improved COVID-19 survival by nearly 200% in ventilated patients.
      If only there were money in the drug. Imagine the lives that could’ve been saved.

      “First of all this is a brilliant idea @kilmeade to study how many people that’ve taken hydroxychloroquine long term have contracted #COVID maybe even have them take antibody test. Second of all Fauci doesn’t want it prescribed here but it’s fine if Spain does?” Rosie Memos – April 3, 2020

  1. In the hospital with Covid. Not one employee knew anything about Covid or how to cure it. Least informed were the doctors. Had to debate with every one of them. On day four I asked one of those quacks : “If one of your loved ones came down with Covid, would you save them with Ivermectin/HCQ, or would you murder them with Remdesivir?” A-hole blew up, stormed out of my room. 15 minutes later they tell me I’m being discharged. (Nothing had medically changed but they sure as hell did not want me talking to anyone who worked there.) At the same time, younger brother was being admitted with Covid. He followed the Hospital’s advice and was legally murdered. I went home, loaded up on Ivermectin from Mexico, along with a few OTC ideas found on the net. Four days later I tested negative for Covid.

    • WOW

      Would you care to write your story up as a one or two page, (250 to 500) word essay? I think more people need to read it.

      Thank you and so sorry for your loss.

      I have indeed heard a lot of variations of your story. Will pass this link on to some doctor friends of mine who witnessed it all from the other side of the fetish coat.

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