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4 Replies to “James Lindsey: The Marxification of Education”

  1. Good day!

    Why are you calling everyone guys, when 52% of your audience are gals?

    Are you a paid WEF fella?

    Just wondering.

    Especially since you are involved in education.

    Thank you.

    • Well I am not he. So I can only guess. But here goes:

      In the whole history of the English language till Hegelian and Marxist language warriors went to work on it, the phrases, “Humanity”, “Man” (in certain contexts) and guys all meant everyone.

      When you say humanity, or guys to a room full of people, it means everyone.

      Yes, in more formal times a show would open with ladies and gentlemen, but Marxists appear to have put the kibosh on that.

      Gentlemen however, did refer to males. Ladies did refer to females. But taxonomy is one of the main targets of neo-Marxists.

      “You guys” is still a way of referring to everyone in a group one is addressing.

      This is just English. Not a critical theory attack on it.

    • I’m a female. Whenever I am with a group of females, I always refer to them as ‘guys’. An example would be “Hey guys, we’re late, time to go”.

      In the french language, the masculine includes the feminine; otherwise, it would be excruciatingly arduous and long for the writer and the reader.

      Something I despise would be “Hey guys and gals…”. What is the point? A confident female has no issue with the collective masculine designation.

  2. Eeyore: the video is excellent. It gave me an understanding of how they not only infiltrate but also operate within the school system. Quite subtle and dangerous. This should be sent out to all parents.

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