1. Hungary proposes bill to ban non-reproductive sexual identity flags on public buildings

(When you think about it, why is it legal at all to put any flag on a public building other than the national flag and or the one that represents what that building is. Like the city symbol or whatnot)

US Embassy August 21, 2022 Ottawa with giant homosexual celebratory flag much larger than US flag

The nationalist Our Homeland Movement (Mi Hazánk Mozgalom) party is threatening to use “social pressure” to ban the display of the rainbow flag on public buildings in Hungary, the party’s vice-president, El?d Novák said at a press conference in Budapest on Thursday.

The politician said that no other MP in the parliamentary justice committee supported putting the bill on the agenda of the parliament, and this is why Our Homeland is turning to the public.

According to Novák, it would degrade the Hungarian national flag if “the flag of a divisive sexual movement” was to be displayed next to it. He argued that in recent years this flag was regularly placed on the facades of mayors’ offices without the support of the local councils. The politician was referring to left-liberal-led cities, including Budapest.

2. Lawyer for Convoy at endless hearings over EUA discovers large cache of over 1700 pages of documents, not properly identified as being related, and that may well be supportive of the case for the Convoy. (Let us hope that when this panel finds fairly that the protest was legal and that Le Petit Dauphin had no right to use that kind of force, they send the trucks back till all unconstitutional mandates are ended)

3. Suspect in hammer attack of Pelosi pleads not guilty on all charges

4. Endocrinologist Forecasts More Hormone-Related Diseases as Spike Proteins Found to Deplete Endocrine ‘Reserves’

Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, a Brazilian endocrinologist, suspects that the worst has yet to come for spike protein-induced diseases in the endocrine system.

The endocrine system, colloquially known as the hormone system, is critical for our health. It regulates growth and development, mood, metabolism, reproduction, immunity, and functions of other organs through the secretion of hormones.

Hormones are one of the three biggest messengers in the body. Compared to the two other messengers—neurotransmitters and cytokines—hormones are slower in responding, and have systemic functions across the body rather than localized actions.

While cells can usually respond to neurotransmitters in milliseconds and cytokines in minutes to hours, cells that respond to hormones can take hours or even weeks.

Since hormones can have slow and systemic actions, a dysfunctional or damaged endocrine system will generally be slow in its symptom onset and recovery.

(Damage to human reproduction is probably the point of these shots)

5. Let us see if Texas Governor Abbot actually does this, or just takes the powers and not use them.

Thank you all for paying attention to these existential issues.

For those who did not watch Donald Trump last night, there were some real gems in his speech. And we know by his track record that he will do them if given the chance. A couple of examples:

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  1. About the «homosexual flag» on the embassy, it is actually the trans flag, more or less recommending mutilation and hence sterilisation even for young children because of some vibes in their present lives.

    These days most people are used to some being homosexuals, that flag takes it all in a very different direction and where the end station is I don´t know.

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