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  1. Chris Martenson goes through the FTX ponzi. 33 min. It really does seem to be a Democratic party operation using young crooks as fall guys.

  2. One would think that with all the resources at the disposal of the federal government they would be able to present their documents properly. Truckers’ lawyer discovers huge document cache. Convoy Commission:

  3. TGP EXCLUSIVE: 11 FACTS on the Dozens of Federal Operatives Who Infiltrated the Trump Crowds on January 6th at the US Capitol
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 16, 2022 at 8:00am

    FACT 1: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys — and their informant exonerated the Proud Boys of any conspiracy

    In July 2022 TGP contributor Cara Castronuova released whistleblower documents, text messages, and audio transcripts of FBI informant James Knowles’s communications with his FBI handlers on January 6. The evidence exonerates Trump supporters and the Proud Boys of any conspiracy or planning to storm the US Capitol, to enter the US Capitol, or to overthrow official proceedings.

    The evidence reported by Cara at The Gateway Pundit was explosive.

    IT DID NOT HAPPEN as we all know.
    Now we have the proof!

  4. He’s Back, President Donald J Trump Officially Declares His Candidacy to Run for President in 2024

    November 16, 2022 | Sundance | 680 Comments
    I have written and deleted a thousand words, repeatedly, in an effort to encapsulate what this moment means to me, and perhaps to others. However, when you boil the essence of the thing down to its important part, you are left with a question: Which American politician loves this country more than Donald John Trump?

    The honest answer is ‘no one’.

    There’s not a force of man or nature as strong in its devotion to a mission, as Donald Trump is to this nation. That’s the core, the heart, the genuine essence of the thing, that separates President Trump from all others. Within that love of country, is a strength of determination that is almost uncanny to witness; and from that love of country an authenticity emanates that is impossible to duplicate.

    Donald J Trump is, quite simply, unapologetically American – and tens of millions just love him for it.

    2024 and run for President of the United States

    Tonight, with his family by his side, President Donald Trump announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination in 2024 and run for President of the United States.

    Yes, I don’t give a flying flip what any detractor of this nation might try to say, Donald Trump is exactly what we need.

    Many people are exhausted from the battle to save this republic. Many people are frustrated and despondent from the scale of the effort it takes to push back against the metastatic corruption that has infected our entire body politic. Even more people are tired of having to constantly look behind the duplicitous motives and conniving schemes of the professional political class, and for those people Trump kneels and says, ‘get on my back and rest for a moment’.

    You see, back in 2015 when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for the presidency the following year, the assembly on these pages had spent years fighting against the corrupt republican political establishment while most just strolled by oblivious to it. We assembled as The Last Refuge, and we immediately spotted the possibility Donald J Trump represented.

    One of the first 2015 responses about Trump I shared to a friend who didn’t follow politics closely but was essentially and ally in outlook, was that Donald Trump could show up to the first GOP debate in 5? heels and a Carmen Miranda hat and start dancing on Jeb Bush’s podium, and Trump would earn my vote.

    I felt that way because I could see the cancerous rot that was destroying the working class and simultaneously infecting the Republican party. Severe measures would be needed to counteract this Machiavellian political construct in DC that was only getting worse. We needed a major disruption and Donald Trump was ideal for that role.

    As I look at the 2024 landscape what I see different is what I see better. Just about everyone now sees the level of corruption that exists in the apparatus of government, thanks to President Trump’s first term in office.

    Additionally, President Trump purged the conniving DeceptiCons, the duplicitous Republicans who existed to maintain the UniParty, by forcing the GOPe liars to expose themselves in his opposition. No longer is a conversation needed to convince people that most politicians are part of one DC UniParty apparatus. Two wings of the same corrupt vulture feeding on the carcass of our republic. Everyone can see that now, thanks to Donald Trump.

    Despite their refusal to accept reality, the Bush, Cheney, McConnell, McCain, Romney Republican Party is gone. Donald Trump destroyed it. The Republican Party will never again be the Bush-Romney Republican Party. Donald Trump opened the door, and the working-class has moved in to take control. The Republican party is not going back to the Bush/Romney outlook, regardless of how much Mitch McConnell tries to scheme its return.

    We need a Big Ugly wrecking ball to unseat the corrupt power structures that Trump alone made visible. There is no other person in this era of our nation’s history with the capacity to do that. Only Donald J Trump has the energy and fortitude to carry out this fight.

    President Trump is the people’s response to The Great Reset by saying, “like hell you will.”

    I would not miss this opportunity for anything.

    I’m all in.

    • Before you scream abt him not doing enough remember all of the Judges he appointed. They are stopping as much of the Biden/Obama agenda as they can.

      Also remember that our side has to stay legal until everything falls apart.

  5. The Left’s Response to Fetterman Puts a Spotlight on Insanity
    Calling this “clown world” is a gross understatement.
    By Tim Young

    November 15, 2022
    Let me start by saying that if any readers are still recovering from Election Day, or week, or months (depending on which state you live in, because that definitely makes sense), feel free to contact me for some bourbon recommendations that will be sure to take away the pain. Now that we got my community service announcement out of the way, let’s focus on what is one of the most painful, and definitely the most cringey election results of all time: the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race.

    I’ve been saying for quite a while that I don’t think Dr. Mehmet Oz should ever have been the Republican nominee for senator. I was much more in favor of Kathy Barnette who was able to come within 6.5 points of the Trump-endorsed candidate who had100 percent name identification. After the primary, I supported Oz and felt certain Pennsylvanians would choose the former talk-show host over a man who had recently suffered a stroke and lacked the full cognitive ability to process the English language.

    But since the current political climate is void of sanity and each day proves more and more that we are living in an actual clown world, Fetterman won on Tuesday night. How could we have possibly arrived at this result? Let’s take a look at all of the crazy that brought us to this point.

    First, we must acknowledge the strikingly uninformed and depressingly detached state of the Democratic voters who allowed this to happen. I’d bet money that liberals would vote for a rusty nail if

  6. Midterms Made Clear There is No Return to Pre-2020
    The Left dominates the institutions. It is not possible right now to take back those sources of power. The Right must attack them instead.
    By Josiah Lippincott

    November 15, 2022
    Like dogs to their vomit, the conservative chattering class returned to its worst instincts in the aftermath of the midterms. Apologies to my fellow commentators, but Ron DeSantis should not run for president in 2024. Donald Trump’s “divisiveness” is not the problem. And, no, screaming louder about the culture war won’t save the country.

    The same people who have always, deep down, despised Trump simply cannot resist the latest opportunity to pull out their knives and stab him yet again. They interpret the results of the midterms without any regard to the events of the last seven years. These midwits act as if the 2020 election fiasco simply did not happen.

    Utterly moronic. Donald Trump is the moderate big-tent conservative the “smart people” in the GOP said we needed. He had enormous broad-based appeal in 2016—winning first time voters and Obama voters by the millions. Donald Trump’s platform centered on bipartisan consensus issues like immigration, trade, and war.

    The 2020 Election
    No other sitting president has won, numerically, more voters than Donald Trump did in 2020. You cannot drive anywhere in rural America without running into an endless parade of Trump flags and signs. The Make America Great Again agenda is enormously popular with white middle class and blue-collar voters as evidenced by the massive crowds that Trump garners everywhere he goes in the nation’s heartland.

    Between 2016 and 2020 Donald Trump massively increased his vote total from 62.9 million to 74.2 million. Despite everything the media, corporations, and D.C. ruling class threw at him, Trump massively increased his support across the country.

    That Trump lost in 2020 is the single most bizarre and unprecedented election result in American history. It simply does not make sense. Without acknowledging that fact, no political analyst will be able to make sense of the political landscape after that watershed moment.

    Trump is the first incumbent president since Martin Van Buren in 1840 (!) to have increased his popular vote total but then lost reelection. Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush all lost reelection after losing substantial popular support. In each case, the raw vote totals for each of these presidents went down in their attempts to regain office.

    Even Van Buren is not a useful comparison. In 1836, he won against a field of five serious candidates. In 1840, he faced only a single opponent.

    Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection effort defies all political common sense, just as the Democratic Party’s unusually strong midterm showing in 2022 makes a mockery of our traditional understanding of political fundamentals. Since 1922 there have been only three previous instances—1934, 1962, and 2002—in which the president’s party gained (or did not lose) Senate seats and lost fewer than 10 House seats in the president’s first midterms.

    And all this happened while Joe Biden remains underwater in popularity, inflation is at historic levels, and voters overwhelmingly believe the country is on the wrong track. Brushing aside the Republican failure as simply a result of poor candidate quality and a national love of abortion is idiotic.

    Democrats ran a literal stroke victim and a dead guy this cycle and both candidates won. This is not politics as usual. Trying to fit the 2022 or 2020 elections into our traditional understanding of the American electorate simply won’t work. That’s because the establishment altered the rules of the game post-Trump.

    Donald Trump broke with the liberal consensus. He didn’t start new wars, he tried to get along with establishment boogeymen like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and he called for a wall on the southern border. The oligarchy that runs the country simply could not countenance a second term by this traitor to their class. Trump abandoned the ruling establishment in order to become a champion of the people. That alliance posed (and still poses) a deadly threat to the hegemony of our ruling class.

    White middle-class Americans, in the rulers’ view, are subjects and not citizens. The aim of every election after 1945 and before 2016 was to give the rubes the illusion of political choice while maintaining a consensus in favor of globalist liberalism. Trump smashed that old understanding and ushered in the possibility of a new kind of politics.

    For that sin, the oligarchs banded together to destroy Trump. In February 2020, Trump was riding high. It seemed clear he was going to cruise toward an utterly crushing reelection victory. Soleimani was dead. Gas prices were under $3 a gallon nationwide. The stock market was at all time highs. Russiagate had fallen apart. The Democratic primaries were a mess: Joe Biden had lost primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

    Donald Trump literally took a victory lap at the Daytona 500.

    And then, all of a sudden, the entire world lost its mind over COVID. None of this was an accident. The ensuing changes to the American electoral process that dramatically expanded mail-in voting were designed intentionally to make a Trump victory impossible. Despite barely campaigning and an utter lack of voter enthusiasm or personal likeability, we are expected to believe that career politician and twice-failed presidential candidate Joe Biden won a crushing and completely legitimate victory in November 2020 after the implementation of these radical changes in election law.

    The Real Character of the Regime
    Anyone who takes this proposition seriously does not understand the real character of our regime. The Left utterly dominates every institution of American political life. We are not a republic governed by a constitution but a despotism ruled by an elite class. American elections are neither secure nor legitimate. They no longer represent the rational and deliberate will of the nation’s citizens. The millions of mail-in ballots that get injected into the process now during every election cycle make such secure deliberation impossible. The massive party machinery erected by the Democrats, backed by billions of dollars in activist, corporate, and media support, can spew out desired results with little regard to the actual will of the people.

    This is all a farce. Republicans watching this unfolding crisis are often tempted to despair: “What can we possibly do now.” Plenty, but the Right needs to grasp the true nature of its situation.

    The old constitutional order is dead. The 2020 election made that perfectly clear. In many places, winning elections is no longer a feasible option for the Right, no matter how popular its message is among middle class and blue-collar Americans that make up the backbone of the nation’s might.

    But victory at the ballot box is not the only way to seize power. Instead of despairing at the unfairness of it all, the Right needs to get tougher, stronger, and more focused.

    Donald Trump prevailed by embracing a platform of national survival. His heirs should do the same. Republican candidates at every level should never open their mouths to speak about political matters without mentioning reducing immigration, ending unfair trade, and putting an end to foolish American involvement in foreign wars.

    There is little sense in committing to fighting a culture war when we don’t even have a country. Without a platform of national survival, the Republican Party will not win on issues of the family, marriage, and abortion. Defeating the radical gender apologists will only be possible once we address deeper existential issues.

    There is little sense in committing to fighting a culture war when we don’t even have a country. Without a platform of national survival, the Republican Party will not win on issues of the family, marriage, and abortion. Defeating the radical gender apologists will only be possible once we address deeper existential issues.

    Open borders, a limitless flow of cheap Chinese goods into the country, and endless overseas wars sap the blood and treasure of the American heartland. These poisons enervate us as a nation and as a people. Mass immigration is the greatest scheme of voter fraud in American history. Democrats will let democracy choose the nation’s rulers . . . just as long as they get to choose the demos (or people) doing the voting!

    The modern Democratic Party has become a vehicle for communism. This is not to say that modern liberals are fervent believers in the Marxist materialist dialectic. Rather, they are motivated bythe fundamental impulse behind Marxism—resentment of the strong, beautiful, and excellent. Communism is a movement of biological and spiritual losers against the continued existence of western civilization.

    The vicious and racist character of the modern Left is perfectly understandable within this framework. These radicals hate America, hate its heroes, and, most of all, hate its people. The fact that America was once (and still remains) a white majority country is enough to drive the Left to madness. The 2020 riots and critical race theory are just two expressions of this ethnic narcissism, resentment, and anger.

    How the Right Can Get Tough
    The Right isn’t going to triumph in this spiritual war for the future of mankind by adopting the One Weird Trick mentality of midwit conservative commentators with their credentials, policy proposals, and 10,000-word essays. What is needed now is the inculcation of toughness, a gritting of the teeth. The Right needs to get strong and not only in a metaphorical sense.

    The partisans of the Right need to lift weights, buy guns, and find comrades. The future of the fight against the latest iteration of global communism requires that young men especially take up the cause of liberty and moral righteousness. They are needed now more than ever. The Boomers, whatever their virtues and vices, do not represent the future.

    The Right needs to inspire and motivate the people in ways that only Donald Trump has touched on. It needs to be able to mobilize millions. The mass rally, general strike, and paralyzing protest are the most promising political weapons of the future Right.

    This movement must cultivate extra-legal sources of power. The Left dominates the institutions. It is not possible right now to take back those sources of power. The Right must attack them instead. It must cultivate distrust toward the entire liberal project and make the illegitimacy of all institutional authorities clear. The same doctors mandating that you get the jab believe that mutilating a child’s genitals is “affirming” and just, and that a baby in the womb is not a human being. Their authority and “expertise” is fundamentally worthless.

    It seems doubtful whether the Right can win national elections going forward. The oligarchy has made clear it will not brook this kind of dissent. But that does not make voting or attempts at seizing power through these avenues wholly useless. Republicans in red states should tamp down on election misbehavior. Voting should be done in line with the Constitution—on a single day, not over the course of weeks, months, or seasons. Voting should be done on paper ballots, in-person, and with valid identification.

    Voters should be required to re-register for each and every election in order to ensure that voter rolls are as clean as possible. Requiring even the most basic effort from citizens in order to vote will dramatically reduce liberal success at the polls. The more secure the election, the less likely it is that Democrats will win. Funny how that works.

    But these measures to save republican and constitutional government are unlikely to be enough. They will, however, make crystal clear to every observer the radical differences that result from secure and insecure elections. This will help further delegitimize the authority of the elites.

    The Right is down but it is not out. It does not need massive institutional support, financial backing, or propaganda to win. It has the truth on its side. The Mujahideen fighters who brought the Soviets to their knees in Afghanistan were outmanned and outgunned. And yet they removed the godless occupiers from their land. The modern American Right should take the same attitude. We are not bound to the four-year election cycle. We fight on God’s time. We will fight for our country, our faith, and our children until we win. God is on our side. Glory be to God.

    • It seems doubtful whether the Right can win national elections going forward.

      Yep. We don’t need more evidence of cheating. Ratchet up the outrage to no avail. Calling up to the heavens, just a lot of huffing and puffing.

      PT is still looking backward. Since 2018 midterms all I hear is whining. He did nothing to secure the election then, or later, when he might’ve had the authority. J6 martyrs still languish in prison, lives ruined. That’s an index of his clout.

      I’m no longer following this stuff.
      Someone comes up with a real plan, let me know.

      • He is suppose to have a plan. The last time he thought that the swamp rats would see he was working to help the nation and fall in to help him. This time he knows better,

        Despite his problems he is still our best hope, I wish we had other options but I don’t see any other path.

        • I haven’t heard anything close to a plan. Just more imprecations from speechifiers and niche editorial writers.

          PT is all hope. Futile, the least likely to win in 2024. His agenda is ideal, but he’ll walk into office a lame duck. That’s an instant, massive reduction of leverage. A brief hurrah that’ll sink us forever.

          At this point he’s unlikely to acquire the skills necessary to work with whatever Congress he gets. Plus the tangled web that’s our Court, with a shadow fourth estate of intelligence-media. Like it or not, that’s the way our system is set up.
          (I’d prefer a benevolent dictator…)

      • The enemy will nail him on covid and the vaxx.
        They know he never acknowledges mistakes, just doubles down on poor judgement.

        He had to know at some point that Fauci and Birx were devils, Pfizer-Moderna were stealing us blind. But he refused to rein them in, reverse course on the disaster.

        Suddenly we’ll learn how warped his Warp Speed actually was. He’ll take the fall for all the corrupt deals, the death-by-ventilator (remember how he bragged about their procurement?). We’ll suddenly learn what a disaster the vaxx has been. He’ll take the hit for Brandon’s four years as well as the previous four.

        But even if he somehow could win, he’d be crippled from the get-go. Limited to a single term, he’d be all the easier to sabotage. Bioweapons, riots, lawfare. Sturm und Drang that’d suck all the oxygen from the public sphere. Nothing but chaos in his wake.

        Look, I love PT, I want him within the charmed circle of MAGA-USA. He’s my champion: zero tolerance for jew-hate, best friend of Israel since Cyrus the Great.

        But he should not run again.

        • I understand your position, my problem is I think the utter chaos is much closer then most people think. I don’t know if the other possible candidates know enough economics to pull US out semi intact

  7. Just In: At Least 11 Police Recruits With the LA County Sheriff’s Department In Critical Condition After Being Struck By Vehicle (VIDEO)
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published November 16, 2022 at 10:00am

    Almost a dozen LA County sheriff recruits were injured after being struck by a vehicle in Los Angeles. The incident occurred as the recruits appeared to be participating in training, possible out for a morning run.

    WHITTIER, Calif. – A group of law enforcement recruits are in critical condition after they were hit by a car during their morning run in Whittier, authorities said.

    The California Highway Patrol said the incident was reported at 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Mills Avenue and Telegraph Road. The recruits attend the Sheriff’s Training Academy and Regional Services (STARS) Center located in the 11500 block of Colima Road, which is roughly a mile and a half from the crash site.

    SkyFOX was over the scene and showed the debris from the wreckage as well as additional patients being triaged by medical personnel.

    The victims have been rushed to area hospitals and the suspect is reportedly in custody.

    No further information was immediately released.

  8. State Sanctioned Fraud: PA Democrats Vote to Count Stolen Ballots from Elderly at Nursing Homes – Approve Ballot Harvesting of Up to 100 Ballots at a Time
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 16, 2022 at 9:30am

    They can’t win if they can’t cheat.

    Pennsylvania Democrat officials voted to count ballots stolen from elderly patients and harvested at local nursing homes. The lone Republican opposed the decision.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Pennsylvania Democrat officials vote to COUNT ballots harvested from local nursing homes, while lone Republican opposes decision.

    These ballots could determine the 142nd Legislative District race that could decide control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

    — Megan Brock (@MegBeileen) November 16, 2022

    This is elderly abuse. And Democrats are all for it.

    We are dealing with evil here.

    • He is right we will not be able to return to pre 2020. The days when we could safely say that both parties are patriotic are long past. We are going to have to pay close attention to the past actions of the politicians because that will tell us how they are going to act in the future.

      We are also going to have to install more protections to prevent vote fraud. The idea of requiring every voter to register for every election is interesting.

  9. Video footage recorded by the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center’s live drop box camera and released by We The People USA Alliance shows multiple individuals driving up to the drop box and depositing numerous and sometimes entire stacks of ballots at a time.

    This is why leftist groups sued to ban Patriots from filming dropboxes in Arizona.

    The Gateway Pundit reported that a federal judge banned cameras or videotaping of any ballot trafficker at a drop box days before the election, giving the election fraudsters and Democratic ballot traffickers free reign.

    At the time, Kari Lake held a 10-point lead in several polls, including an 11-point lead in the recent FOX 10 poll from Arizona.

    On Monday, we reported that Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake had her election taken from her.

  10. Do You Hear the People Sing… Singing the Songs of Angry Men” – President Trump Enters Mar-a-Lago Banquet Room to Les Misérables – 361,556 Americans Tune in on RSBN
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 16, 2022 at 10:05am

    Do you hear the people sing…singing the song of angry men?” played last night as the First couple was introduced.

    On Wednesday night President Trump and Melania walked into the Mar-a-Lago banquet room with the very same sound and text he used during his October 2016 rally, from Les Misérables.

    In 2016, right after Hillary went into the “deplorables”diatribe … The campaign made the flags with “Les Deplorables” and in the next rally, in Florida, this happened.

    was shortly before the Nov. 8, 2016 election. He greeted all with “My Deplorables”.

    On Wednesday the president walked in the room to the very same sound and text from Les Misérables.

    “Do you hear the people sing…singing the song of angry men?”

    It was a perfect selection and defines the time.

    361,556 Americans tuned in to watch President Donald Trump announce his historic announcement to run for President in 2024 on RSBN Rumble channel.

    • Quebec health officials recommend wearing masks in public spaces

      “We do not need right now to make it mandatory,” said Quebec Public Health Director Dr. Luc Boileau as officials are strongly recommending everyone mask in public places.

      Adding the province is facing a “cocktail of viruses.”

  11. Germany Preparing For Emergency Cash Deliveries, Bank Runs And “Aggressive Discontent” Ahead Of Winter Power Cuts
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    WEDNESDAY, NOV 16, 2022 – 10:20 AM
    While Europe has been keeping a generally optimistic facade ahead of the coming cold winter, signaling that it has more than enough gas in storage to make up for loss of Russian supply even in a “coldest-case” scenario, behind the scenes Europe’s largest economy is quietly preparing for a worst case scenario which include angry mobs and bankruns should blackouts prevent the population from accessing cash.

    As Reuters reports citing four sources, German authorities have stepped up preparations for emergency cash deliveries in case of a blackout (or rather blackouts) to keep the economy running, as the nation braces for possible power cuts arising from the war in Ukraine. The plans include the Bundesbank hoarding extra billions to cope with a surge in demand, as well as “possible limits on withdrawals”, one of the people said. And if you think crypto investors are angry when they can’t access their digital tokens in a bankrupt exchange, just wait until you see a German whose cash has just been locked out.

    Officials and banks are looking not only at origination

  12. NOVEMBER 16 2022 -G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration

    POINT 23 only means COVID-19 passports everywhere on the planet


    G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration


    19. We remain committed to promoting a healthy and sustainable recovery which builds towards achieving and sustaining Universal Health Coverage under the SDGs. While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently declared monkeypox as another Public Health Emergency International Concern (PHEIC), reinforcing that international health threats are ever present and that the G20 and broader global community must come together to improve our collective prevention, preparedness and response capabilities. We reaffirm the importance of strengthening of national health systems by putting people at the center of preparedness and equip them to respond effectively. We emphasize the need for equitable access to pandemic medical countermeasures, and welcome the efforts of ACT-A, and note that the results of the ACT-A external evaluations can be useful lessons for future discussions. We reaffirm our commitment to strengthen global health governance, with the leading and coordination role of WHO and support from other international organizations. We support the work of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) that will draft and negotiate a legally binding instrument that should contain both legally binding and non-legally binding elements to strengthen pandemic PPR and the working group on the International Health Regulations that will consider amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005) mindful that the decision will be made by World Health Assembly.

    20. The G20 High Level Independent Panel, as well as the WHO and World Bank have estimated there is an annual pandemic PPR financing gap of approximately USD 10 billion. As initiated by the Saudi Arabian G20 Presidency, the Italian G20 Presidency and continued by the Indonesian G20 Presidency, we welcome the provision of additional financial resources, to assist in financing critical gaps in implementing IHR (2005) and increase PPR capacities. In this regard, we welcome the establishment of a new Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic PPR (the ‘Pandemic Fund’) hosted by the World Bank. It aims to address critical pandemic PPR gaps and build capacity at national, regional and global levels, bring additionality in financial resources for pandemic PPR, catalyze complementary investments, and facilitate a coordinated and coherent approach to pandemic PPR strengthening. We welcome the Pandemic Fund’s inclusive membership and representation from low- and middle-income countries, civil society organizations and donors, and acknowledge the WHO’s technical expertise and central coordination role in this endeavor, which reflects its leadership role in the global health architecture . We appreciate the work of the Secretariat hosted by the World Bank, with the WHO as technical lead and as chair of the Technical Advisory Panel. We look forward to the launch of the Pandemic Fund’s first call for proposals as soon as possible. We commit to increase the capacity of developing countries for pandemic PPR through the Pandemic Fund, and look forward to the stocktaking review of the Pandemic Fund at the end of its first year to draw on lessons learned and incorporate any changes needed to ensure it is operating in accordance with its governing documents and effective at filling critical PPR gaps, and that it continues to have a central coordination role for the WHO, maintains a strong connection to the G20, and is inclusive of the perspectives of low- and middle-income countries and additional non-G20 partners in its decision making. We commend the pledges by current donors, amounting to over USD 1.4 billion, and encourage additional voluntary pledges. We call on new donors to join the Pandemic Fund, as they are able to.

    21. It is essential to continue collaboration between Finance and Health Ministries for pandemic PPR. We extend the mandate of the Task Force, and ask the Secretariat of the Task Force to work with the Task Force co-chairs, the incoming Indian G20 Presidency, the G20 Troika, and G20 members to agree on a Task Force workplan for 2023, taking into account a multi-year planning horizon. We thank the WHO for continuing to host the Secretariat, with support from the World Bank. In 2023 the Task Force will continue to be co-chaired by Indonesia and Italy, representing advanced and emerging economy perspectives, and will continue to draw on expertise of the WHO, International Financial Institutions and other relevant organizations, with the support of the 2023 Indian G20 Presidency. To expand the voice of lower income countries we invite key regional organizations to join the Task Force meetings, as appropriate. We will work closely with the WHO to ensure the Task Force continues to complement the global pandemic PPR architecture and there is no further duplication and fragmentation of the global health governance system. Delivering on the mandate from the G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration, in 2023 the Task Force will continue developing coordination arrangements between Finance and Health Ministries, and share best practices and experiences from past finance-health coordination in order to develop joint responses to pandemics, as appropriate. The Task Force will undertake work to better understand economic risks and vulnerabilities from pandemics, and how to mitigate them, with a focus on finance and health coordination in response to new pandemics, considering country-specific circumstances and recognizing the importance of further work on resource mobilization. We ask the Task Force to report back to Finance and Health Ministers in 2023 on its progress.

    22. We recognize that the extensive COVID-19 immunization is a global public good and we will advance our effort to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, quality and effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics (VTDs). Acknowledging the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration on the WTO Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness for Future Pandemics and the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12), we note that, no later than six months from the date of the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement, WTO members will decide on its extension to cover the production and supply of COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics. We remain committed to embedding a multisectoral One Health approach and enhancing global surveillance, including genomic surveillance, in order to detect pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may threaten human health. To enable global pathogen surveillance as part of our commitment to implement the IHR (2005), we encourage sharing of pathogen data in a timely manner on shared and trusted platforms in collaboration with WHO. We encourage sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of pathogens consistent with applicable national laws.

    23. We recognize the need for strengthening local and regional health product manufacturing capacities and cooperation as well as sustainable global and regional research and development networks to facilitate better access to VTDs globally, especially in developing countries, and underscore the importance of public-private partnership, and technology transfer and knowledge sharing on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We support the WHO mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer hub as well as all as the spokes in all regions of the world with the objective of sharing technology and technical know-how on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We welcome joint research and joint production of vaccines, including enhanced cooperation among developing countries. We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, INCLUDING PROOF OF VACCINATIONATIONS .

    We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and DIGITAL COVID-19 CERTIFICATES.

    24. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the digital ecosystem and digital economy. We recognize the importance of digital transformation in reaching the SDGs. We acknowledge that affordable and high-quality digital connectivity is essential for digital inclusion and digital transformation, while a resilient, safe and secure online environment is necessary to enhance confidence and trust in the digital economy. We recognize the importance of policies to create an enabling, inclusive, open, fair and non-discriminatory digital economy that fosters the application of new technologies, allows businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, and protects and empowers consumers, while addressing the challenges, related to digital divides, privacy, data protection, intellectual property rights, and online safety. We acknowledge the importance to counter disinformation campaigns, cyber threats, online abuse, and ensuring security in connectivity infrastructure. We remain committed to further enable data free flow with trust and promote cross-border data flows. We will advance a more inclusive, human-centric, empowering, and sustainable digital transformation. We also reaffirm the role of data for development, economic growth and social well-being.



  13. WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the global health issues media briefing – 16 November 2022

    16 November 2022

    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

    Today I’m joining you from Bali, Indonesia, where the G20 Summit has just concluded.

    Over the past two days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several world leaders and to address the Summit itself.

    My message was that, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, when health is at risk, everything is at risk.

    Conflicts around the world, climate change, and global crises in food and energy security have now overshadowed the pandemic as the most pressing issues for world leaders.

    But each of these crises has profound implications for health.

    The lack of food and energy, or their over-consumption, can have severe consequences for health and economies.

    Protecting health against the impacts of these crises is essential, but it also helps to protect economies and societies.

    I congratulate the G20 leaders on the adoption of their declaration, which includes strong support for health and health security.

    The G20 leaders said they remain committed to a healthy and sustainable recovery from the pandemic, and building towards achieving and sustaining universal health coverage under the Sustainable Development Goals.

    They reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen global health governance, with the leading and coordinating role of WHO.

    They expressed support for the work of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, which is negotiating the pandemic accord.

    They extended the mandate of the G20 Joint Finance and Health Task Force, which is critical for ensuring adequate financing for pandemic preparedness and response.

    They expressed support for the work of the WHO mRNA Technology Transfer Hub in South Africa.

    And they welcomed the establishment of the new Pandemic Fund, which was launched in Bali on Sunday.

    Yesterday, WHO also signed an agreement with Indonesia’s ministries of health and defense to establish a new training hub for emergency medical teams, to boost national, regional and global readiness for health emergencies.

    I thank Indonesia for its leadership as President of the G20 this year, and we look forward to working closely with India next year.


    Now, an update on the Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

    Since we briefed you last week, there have been 6 more confirmed cases and 1 probable case of Ebola in Uganda, bringing the total to 141 confirmed and 22 probable cases.

    There have also been 2 more confirmed Ebola deaths and 1 probable death, for a total of 55 confirmed and 22 probable deaths. 73 patients have now recovered.

    The government’s efforts to respond to the outbreak have slowed transmission in most districts, and two districts have not reported any cases for 42 days, indicating the virus is no longer present in those districts.

    However, in the past week the district of Jinja reported its first case, becoming the ninth district to be affected.

    WHO and partners are supporting the government to intensify detailed case investigation, contact tracing, community engagement, and infection prevention & control measures.

    Since the outbreak began, the Government of Uganda, together with researchers, funders, companies, regulatory authorities and other experts has been working under a global effort coordinated by WHO to accelerate the development and deployment of vaccines for use in trials.

    Today, I’m pleased to announce that a WHO committee of external experts has evaluated three candidate vaccines and agreed that all three should be included in the planned trial in Uganda.

    WHO and Uganda’s Minster of Health have considered and accepted the committee’s recommendation.

    We expect the first doses of vaccine to be shipped to Uganda next week.

    A separate group of experts has selected two investigational therapeutics for a trial, as well as a trial design that is now being submitted for approval by WHO and authorities in Uganda.


    Tomorrow, I will travel to Qatar to participate in the opening of the FFIA World Cup, to highlight how major sporting events can contribute to improving health around the world and drive progress towards WHO’s goal of health for all.

    The World Cup is one of the greatest shows on earth, with an estimated audience of 5 billion people.

    WHO is working with Qatar and FIFA to deliver a healthy World Cup, with a range of activities to promote physical and mental health for all people in Qatar and around the world.

    Together we have designed measures to reduce the risk of diseases spreading at the World Cup, including COVID-19;

    We’re promoting healthy food options at stadia and fan zones, and we’re conducting a study on ways to influence consumers to choose healthier food options.

    And tobacco use is banned in seating areas inside all stadia.

    We’re also working with FIFA to promote physical activity, healthy diets and other elements of healthy living to the World Cup’s global audience, with pitchside advertising boards, videos in stadia and fan zones, extensive messaging on television and social media, and more.

    Lessons learned from the World Cup will also be shared with the International Olympic Committee to support preparations for the Paris Olympics in 2024, and the Milano Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026.

    WHO’s goodwill ambassadors Alisson Becker, Brazil’s goalkeeper, and former Côte d’Ivoire striker Didier Drogba will be supporting our work.


    Finally, on Monday, WHO released an update of its Family Planning Handbook, which provides health workers and policy makers with the most current information on contraceptive options.

    This new edition details measures for health workers to protect access to family planning services during emergencies.

    During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, approximately 70% of countries reported disruptions to family planning services, increasing the risks of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

    The updated handbook includes recommendations for wider access to self-administered contraceptives, including injectable contraceptives, which only need to be taken every 2 to 3 months.

    We urge all countries to adopt these recommendations. When all people have access to contraceptives, unintended pregnancies can be prevented, and people can plan their lives and families.

    Margaret, back to you.


    • 100 km in the wrong direction and unintentionally?

      europravda -No indication blast in Poland was a deliberate attack, says NATO chief

    • Rishi Sunak and Trudeau call Zelensky

      Trudeau spoke to Zelensky to reiterate their joint support for the Ukrainian people in the face of continued Russian brutality.

    • NOVEMBER 16 2022 – Zelensky says he has ‘no doubt’ that missile that struck Poland was not Ukrainian

      + comments on the YT page

      • He’s not qualified to make such a claim. He just wants a video that shows him walking around, looking important.

        He’s lying outright: the pictures of the wreckage are evidence of the trajectory – an S-300 misfired from Ukrainian territory. A brazen lie that embarrasses his patrons.

      • global news – Zelensky has “no doubt” Ukrainian missile wasn’t responsible for explosion in Poland

        + comments on the YT page

      • Is Poland prepared for the possibility of the Russia-Ukraine war leaking into NATO territory?

        Polish Ambassador to Canada Witold Dzielski shares more on the investigation into how a Russian missile cross the NATO border into Poland.

  14. Trump Vows To “Dismantle Deep State” By Making Term Limits For Members of Congress
    By Anthony Scott
    Published November 16, 2022 at 11:00am

    President Trump was on fire during his presidential announcement speech at Mar-a-Lago.

    One of the highlights of his speech was when he stated, “We will dismantle the deep state and restore government by the people.”

    The 45th President would follow up his statement by adding “To further drain the swamp, I will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on members of congress, it is time.”

    Besides calling out the Deep State, Trump made some very big statements regarding the war on drugs.

    Trump declared drug dealers should receive the death penalty.

    Trump backed up advocating the death penalty for drug dealers by saying every drug dealer kills around 500 peopled due to overdoses.

  15. Caroline Glick:
    The Biden administration weaponizes the FBI against Israel

    Even if the crisis passes quickly, the incoming government needs to understand that so long as the Democrats are in power, the next crisis is just a progressive rally away. As the midterm elections demonstrated, today, there are two Americas, not one. The Republican America, led by the likes of Sen. Cruz, Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, is the best friend Israel has ever had.

    The Democratic America hates Israel and the Republicans. They view both as fundamentally illegitimate.

    This state of affairs, where one America loves Israel and the other hates it, is unlikely to change for the better in the foreseeable future. The Abu Akleh affair makes clear that moderates in the Democratic Party—like Biden himself—have transferred policymaking power regarding Israel to their all-but openly anti-Semitic progressive base.

    What awaits us will be even worse than what Israel suffered with Barack Obama. We can expect to see the Democrats’ America backing arrest warrants of IDF soldiers and commanders. Democrats can be expected to cut off critical arms supplies. We can expect them to do in public what they are already doing in private -namely funding Palestinian terrorists. We can expect them to support economic boycotts of Israel and to enable the passage of anti-Israel resolutions at the UN Security Council.

    To contend with the threat posed by the Democrats’ America, the incoming government must move to swiftly diminish Israel’s strategic dependence on the United States. We should end our receipt of U.S. military assistance. We should move production lines for critical platforms, including Iron Dome missiles, from the United States to Israel, regardless of the economic cost.

    And we should withdraw the outgoing government’s offer to allow the United States to fund the completion of our military laser program. Full ownership and control over the critical program should be restored to Israel’s military industries, again, regardless of the cost.

    Apparently, the FBI informed Israel that it was opening the probe a few weeks ago – presumably before the Nov. 1 election. Gantz and outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid hid the news from the public, for obvious reasons. For a year and a half, they had insisted that Netanyahu was the cause of Israel’s troubled relations with the Democrats. The Biden administration’s probe of our soldiers makes clear that this was never the case.

    Netanyahu was right to stand up to Obama, and he will be right to stand up to Biden. Israel cannot be beholden to those who view our boys and girls as murderers for defending our lives and our nation. We can only defy them, even when they are former friends in Washington.

  16. Dershowitz says US-Israel ties could reach ‘doomsday scenario’

    A conference on Monday organized by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), Reut Group and The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning featured prominent speakers with wide-ranging experience, including former high-ranking officials from Israel’s national security establishment and strategic ministries. The conference’s title was: “Israel-US Relations: Trends and Looking Ahead”.

    Renowned pro-Israel legal scholar, Professor Alan Dershowitz, echoed Herzog and said that while right-wing extremists in the US should be countered by law enforcement when they act with violence, Israeli efforts should focus on left-wing extremists because they pose a real danger to US-Israel relations.

    “The bad news is that the future Israel-American relationship is in grave danger…. Not for today, not necessary for tomorrow but for the day after tomorrow. For our children’s and our grandchildren’s generations; if nothing is done to change the current trend the relationship will suffer; Israel must prepare to go to it alone without the support of the US, and it must adopt a doomsday strategy in relation to US-Israeli relation; it can and it will because Israel has the will to survive and it will survive.”

    He added that “the primary goal of the anti-Israel movement is very strong, it is to sever the relationship between US and Israel. It starts with Students for Justice for Palestine, which is not so much a pro-Palestine situation as it is an anti-Israel and deep down anti-Jewish….”

    A breakable alliance? Israeli conference spotlights worrying socio-political trends in US

    It’s referred to as the “unbreakable alliance,” but a conference in Tel Aviv on Monday painted a more disturbing picture, of a U.S.-Israel relationship headed for trouble.

    The conference, titled “Israel-U.S. Relations: Trends and Looking Ahead,” became a call to arms as speakers insisted the matter was now at the level of a national security threat. It was sponsored by The Reut Group, the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning (IEP) and the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), and featured politicians, public figures, former IDF officers, analysts and U.S. Jewish leaders.

    “This conference is a warning conference,” said IDF Maj. Gen. (res.) Tamir Hayman, executive director of INSS. “We expect a reality that within five to 10 years the superpower support that Israel enjoys will be at risk.”

    Warning of a world where the United States no longer vetoes anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations, or helps replenish Israeli weapons stockpiles, philanthropist and high-tech entrepreneur Yossie Hollander, who helped organize the conference, said, “The present situation between the government and the elite is still good, but the situation we’re moving toward is catastrophic.”

    Among the currents within the United States working against Israel highlighted during the day-long conference were American political polarization, a new generation whose values are at odds with the Jewish state, and the rise of a radical, progressive ideology that has swept through America’s institutions.

    When you and your Significant Other find yourselves obsessing about “the relationship”, engaging in increasingly icky conversations, it’s time to review the terms of your lease. Maybe get your tent back from the drycleaner’s.

  17. US reportedly pressuring Netanyahu on formation of future Israeli government

    The Likud party is denying reports that Netanyahu may reach out to Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid to form a unity government, as negotiations with Religious Zionism leader Bezalel Smotrich appear to stall.

  18. Thread by @theIMEU on Thread Reader App:

    Israel is using wild boars to strengthen its colonial hold on Palestinian land. Yikes!!Yes, you read that right. But how?

    Palestinian farmers have long documented the impact of wild boar populations, which dig up crops and destroy farmland. This has only worsened in recent years, thanks to the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority intentionally dumping large numbers of pigs onto Palestinian land.

    Aggressive wild boars have caused significant damage to Palestinian livelihoods, and have injured and killed many. This is the outcome of Israel’s colonialism, which endangers Palestinian lives by causing irreparable damage to their environment.

    Even Israeli settlers have been found to release wild boars onto Palestinian farmland as a form of abuse. These illegal settlers use the boars to pressure and intimidate Palestinians, hoping to drive them away from their lands and vacate it for illegal settlement growth.

    Thanks to Israel, Palestinians have been left with no way to protect themselves from the wild boars. Though Israel has no right to control the West Bank, it has turned large swathes of Palestinian land into nature reserves, making boar population control a crime.

    Israel not only causes environmental harm to Palestinian land, but is also weaponizing nature against Palestinians, turning the land itself into a source of destruction and violence for the indigenous population.

    Palestinians deserve to live free and to cultivate the land that their families have lived on for centuries. But under Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism, their connection to their land is under attack.

    Retweet from Mossad: “We want you to think this is parody.”

  19. Testimony: Biden Takes Air Marshals Off Flights, Deploys them to Conduct Welfare Checks on Illegal Aliens

    President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking Federal Air Marshals off domestic commercial flights to have them conduct welfare checks on border crossers and illegal aliens, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) said in congressional testimony on Tuesday.

    In July, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Biden’s DHS had deployed Air Marshals to the southern border to escort border crossers and illegal aliens from processing facilities to Border Patrol custody before their release into American communities.

    Van Drew, during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing, said Biden’s DHS is still taking Air Marshals off flights to have them transport border crossers and illegal aliens, provide welfare checks on illegal aliens, and in some cases, do janitorial work.

  20. Iran drones said to contain many Western-made parts, possibly Israeli lenses too

    A majority of the components in Iranian drones captured in Ukraine and analyzed by experts were produced by the United States, Japan and other Western nations – including infrared lenses that appear to be identical to those produced by an Israeli company – according to a report Wednesday.

    The finding – which the Wall Street Journal report said has caused concern among Western analysts and prompted a US government probe – comes as the West is increasingly viewing Tehran’s fleet of unmanned aircraft as a threat, with some of them used by Russia to attack targets in Ukraine as part of its invasion.

    It also comes despite one of the world’s most comprehensive sanctions campaigns, led by the US, against arms sales to the Islamic Republic.

    The report, which cited industry officials and detailed intelligence documents compiled by Ukrainian investigators, said local experts believe 75 percent of components of Iranian drones felled in Ukraine were originally produced in the US.

    The conclusion was based on an analysis of several downed drones, including a Mohajer-6 UAV that was hacked in midair and landed intact, the report said.

    While the vast majority of the components studied by the experts were determined to have originated in the US or in Japan, others were produced in China or Germany…

    The Israeli company declined to comment to the Journal, but its parent company MKS Instruments Inc. denied selling products to Iran and said it abides by US and other applicable law as well as export controls and Western sanctions…

  21. You are under contrôle: French elites privately fear the US and new research explains why

    New research published by France’s Ecole de Guerre Economique has revealed some extraordinary findings about who and what the French intelligence services fear most when it comes to threats to the country’s economy.

    The findings are based on extensive research and interviews with French intelligence experts, including representatives of spy agencies, and so reflect the positions and thinking of specialists in the under-researched field of economic warfare. Their collective view is very clear – 97 percent consider the US to be the foreign power that “most threatens” the “economic interests” of Paris.

    Who is your true enemy?

    The research was conducted to answer the question, “what will become of France in an increasingly exacerbated context of economic war?”. This query has become increasingly urgent for the EU as Western sanctions on Moscow’s exports, in particular energy, have had a catastrophic effect on European countries, but have not had the predicted effect Russia. Nor have they hurt the US, the country pushing most aggressively for these measures.

    Yet, the question is not being asked in other EU capitals. It is precisely the continent-wide failure, or unwillingness at least, to consider the “negative repercussions on the daily lives” of European citizens that inspired the Ecole de Guerre Economique report.

    As the report’s lead author Christian Harbulot explains, ever since the end of World War II, France has “lived in a state of the unspoken,” as have other European countries.

    At the conclusion of that conflict, “manifest fear” among French elites of the Communist Party taking power in France “strongly incited a part of the political class to place our security in the hands of the US, in particular by calling for the establishment of permanent military bases in France.”

    “It goes without saying that everything has its price. The compensation for this aid from across the Atlantic was to make us enter into a state of global dependence – monetary, financial, technological – with regard to the US,” Harbulot says. And aside from 1958 – 1965 when General Charles de Gaulle attempted to increase the autonomy of Paris from Washington and NATO, French leaders have “fallen into line.”

  22. Testimony: Biden Takes Air Marshals Off Flights, Deploys them to Conduct Welfare Checks on Illegal Aliens

    President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking Federal Air Marshals off domestic commercial flights to have them conduct welfare checks on border crossers and illegal aliens, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) said in congressional testimony on Tuesday.

    In July, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Biden’s DHS had deployed Air Marshals to the southern border to escort border crossers and illegal aliens from processing facilities to Border Patrol custody before their release into American communities.

    Van Drew, during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing, said Biden’s DHS is still taking Air Marshals off flights to have them transport border crossers and illegal aliens, provide welfare checks on illegal aliens, and in some cases, do janitorial work.

    “In an attempt to combat the crisis on the border, you have deployed highly-trained and highly-skilled Federal Air Marshals to perform non-law enforcement duties such as hospital watch,

  23. Arizona’s Election Must Be Redone: Here Are At Least Three Provable Constitutional Violations That Render the Results Uncertifiable
    By Assistant Editor
    Published November 16, 2022 at 4:24pm

    If the Republican Party of Arizona and/or the campaigns for Republican Governor, Attorney General, or Secretary of State (the Senate Candidate conceded) decide to contest the results of this mid term election, their arguments should be based solely on constitutionally sound arguments that will prove multiple violations, damages, and disenfranchisements of Maricopa County voters that were outcome determinative. Outcome determinative means that the violations were so severe that they determined the outcome of an election.

    Article two, section twenty one of the Arizona Constitution states, “All elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.” It is a fact that over seventy voting locations in Maricopa County had issues with ballot tabulator machines not being able to read voters ballots.

    In addition, there were also reports of printers having configuration issues, and even ink settings being improperly set rendering ballots unreadable. All of these issues, whether purposeful or not violate Article two, Section twenty one’s first sentence which states, “all elections shall be free and equal.” Having over seventy locations, which is roughly thirty percent of all of MaricopaCounties voting centers compromised, not working, or inoperable violates the Arizona Constitution. This election was not “fair or equal” in access to voting rights and these damages were indeed outcome determinative.

    What happened on Election Day in Maricopa County was a violation of voters Equal Protection rights, their First Amendment rights, and their voting rights.

    Moreover, Maricopa County Election Officials lied to voters when they instructed them to “check out” and “check back in” at another polling location to vote. Nowhere in the Arizona Elections manual does it say this is an option or a solution. In fact, once someone “checks in” whether they voted or not they can’t leave and go to another polling location because it would be considered “double voting” as there is no way to determine if the voter didn’t vote at two different polling locations. For this reason alone, this Election should be annulled and redone.

    If this was not bad enough, it has been revealed that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Bill Gates, along with the Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer started a Political Action Committee (PAC) on November seventeenth of 2021 called “The Pro Democracy Republicans of Arizona” which was designed specifically to recruit, train, and run candidates that do not question the validity of the previous election in 2020. This is a huge conflict of interest at the least and shows a clear bias against all candidates that hold an opposing view. Imagine that, those tasked with conducting free and fair non biased elections were overseeing the election of candidates whom they publicly disapproved of and active sought to defeat?

    So how do we fix this and get a new election?

    When it comes to election cases, most judges shy away from them because they don’t want to be seen as meddlesome or subject themselves to being the person who decides elections. This is why they rarely get involved in these types of cases. Typically judges will refuse to take the case or dismissed it on the grounds that those filing the case do not have “legal standing” to do so. Even when there is ample amounts of evidence of malfeasance or fraud, as was the case in many of the lawsuits filed in 2020, most judges just simply refused to even see the evidence. If these campaigns decide to file lawsuits, which they most certainly should do, they need to get past the “standing” objection that President Trump and his legal team in 2020 had difficulty doing. Hopefully these campaigns have learned the lessons of 2020 but if not here is EXACTLY how to do it.

    The key to post election litigation must be argued based on violation of laws, violation of rights, and violation of equal protections under those laws. The way to do this is through signed affidavits from at least 30,000 voters in Maricopa County. The amount of signed affidavits (under penalty of perjury) must exceed the unofficial margin of victory in each race contested. Without these affidavits from the voters who had their rights violated, judges will not be able to see the full impact of what occurred on Election Day. These affidavits must be filled out immediately and must be complete with full descriptions of what voters experienced, coupled with screen shots, images, videos, witnesses, etc. Time is of the essence here and we only get one crack at this so we better make it count. If you are a voter in Maricopa County and you experienced difficulty voting, we NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW. Don’t wait or hesitate because it could be too late. Pleasego to and file your affidavit today!!!

    Please subscribe to Josh’s website at

    • PA Voters File Lawsuit to Delay Certification After Officials Detoured from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day
      By Jim Hoft
      Published November 16, 2022 at 9:18pm

      Pennsylvania election observers filed a complaint against the Delaware County Board of Elections after county officials took a detour on election night with the county’s ballots and v-drives into a closed building for six hours. Poll watchers were prevented from entering the building at the time.

      The county also deleted 194 voter registrations that were deleted after election day whose ballots were counted.
      That is the definition of voter fraud.

      It’s too bad we no longer have a DOJ or law enforcement who will investigate actions like this. They’re too busy plotting against Trump supporters.

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