Media tries for another Bay of TonKin, Trans movement exposes itself as anti-liberty: Links 2, November 16th, 2022

1. Video: NBC News Advises Parents To Keep Kids Away From “Unvaccinated Individuals”

(Then exactly what do the ‘vaccines’ do?)

As winter looms, NBC News has some top tips for parents who are concerned about their children catching respiratory viruses… keep them away from the dirty unvaccinated people.

In a recent segment, an infographic advised that those who want to “protect” their children should wash hands, stay home, get vaccines and “avoid physical interaction with unvaccinated individuals.”

There is no actual evidence that unvaccinated individuals are more at risk of transmitting COVID or that the vaccines prevent the spread of the virus, but never mind that inconvenient distraction.

For video click through please.

2. India’s government can now surveil the internet in real-time

At the same time the government is trying to ban VPN use.

The Indian government can monitor the online activity of anyone using an internet service provider (ISP) based in . Since the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, New Delhi has been increasing its online surveillance.

According to tech outlet Entrackr, the Department of Telecommunications has unrestricted and direct access to online traffic through Indian ISPs. The outlet claimed that public records requests revealed that the government can remotely access real-time web traffic without the user and ISP knowing. So, Indian internet users can never be sure if their internet traffic is not being monitored by law enforcement agents.

The core of India’s surveillance system is the Central Monitoring System. It was launched before the Mumbai attacks to intercept internet data and phone calls. However, not much is known about the program.

(How’s that Patriot Act going? At least it expired in 2019 and not renewed)

3. So it was Ukraine that fired the missile that killed people in Poland. AP now admits that they “erroneously” reported Russia fired it. We posted nothing about the incident till it was settled. So now it is. Ukrainians fired a Russian made S-300p rocket. Apparently a lot of Ukrainian weapons are Russian made. No wonder their economy is doing so well.

In the meantime, it appears that the Western media was trying to set up another Bay of TonKin. Had they been able to pull it off, the US could have started engaging the Russian army more directly one might think, based on their history in Vietnam.

Here is the Express on the missile and how Russia attacked Poland for some reason.

Biden mumbling something about it yesterday where he admits it’s unlikely that it is Russia

Ukraine admits it was theirs

Here is Zelenski explaining that he has no doubt this was a Russian fired missile.

There is a lot more on this in the Reader’s Links comments from people who know more than I on this event. But we can know this. A LOT of MSM reported this was a Russian missile fired on Poland which killed people. The SAME MSM that tells us all to take the mRNA shots and a lot of other crap that has ruined our cultures, freedoms, lives and more to come. So don’t believe anything likely to start WW3 just yet.

4. EXCLUSIVE: Young people who detransition describe death threats, doxxing, intimidation, and being accused of ‘genocide’ from the ‘cult-like’ transgender community they turn their backs on

(Tucker Carlson has been covering this issue a lot recently and more to come he tells us. What might be inferred from this policy is that the whole trans thing has exactly nothing to do with helping people, but is a line of attack against Western Civ. And anyone who tells the truth about how damaging it has been to them will be treated as a traitor to the revolution. And why people cannot see that still puzzles and annoys.)

Young people who used drugs or surgery to change their gender but later regretted their procedures and sought to reverse them are warning of worsening abuse from the transgender community they’ve walked away from.

De-transitioners, as they are known, speak of online vitriol, doxxing, harassment and death threats after they made the tough decisions to exit what they describe as inward-looking and even ‘cult-like’ trans groups.

Tensions between trans activists and de-transitioners spiked this month at a meeting of Florida’s medical board, where sex change interventions for children were restricted. Insults were hurled, bomb threats were posted online.

Trans rights activists shouted over their opponents at the hearings, called out ‘bigot’ and ‘shame on all of you’, and vowed to dox board members, by publishing their private phone numbers and other details online.

The stakes are high. Trans activists face discrimination, many see themselves in a life-or-death civil rights struggle. By turning against that lifestyle and decrying puberty blockers for young people, de-transitioners undermine their cause.

5. Great moment from Donald Trump’s speech last night.

The entire presser can be seen here.

Thank you all for your kind attention to these issues, and your various support in so many ways




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5 Replies to “Media tries for another Bay of TonKin, Trans movement exposes itself as anti-liberty: Links 2, November 16th, 2022”

  1. 3/ If it had been a Russian missile attack, the payload would’ve left a massive crater, debris spread over a vast area – NOT nearly intact chunks of identifiable S-300. It’s a completely different system.

    NATO must’ve tracked this thing, had to know what was happening in real time. Prez Z knew they knew, yet he persisted in an outright lie. He’s an artifact of propaganda, credibility hasn’t been relevant. (Like his patron *Brandon*.)

    • From Telegram @Intelslava:

      The head of the Lublin City Council criticizes Ukraine and calls to reconsider Poland’s views on this war:

      “I absolutely do not understand the actions of our President and government… It is obvious that this is a Ukrainian missile. It is obvious that this is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian authorities. The missile could not have been launched 100 km in the opposite direction by mistake. Today, our president should not reassure us with fairy tales like “it was not so much a rocket explosion, but an explosion of fuel that was there” and “it was accident”, but to make it clear to V. Zelensky that Poland will no longer tolerate such behavior of the Ukrainian authorities! I urge you to reconsider Poland’s position on this war in the event of another crossing of the red line!” 12:42

    • AZgeopolitics:

      “Polish President Andrzej Duda, responding to the proposal of the National Security Council of Ukraine to allow Ukrainian specialists to the incident site in Przevodow, said that only experts from Poland and the United States are working on the site so far.

      “This is a joint procedure conducted by Polish and American experts. If anyone is to be admitted to these proceedings, a bilateral agreement is required.” 09:50

      • YUCKI: I’ve been following the story and it’s just the greatest thing. Zelensky – the pampered brat – lost much of his credibility and it can’t be recovered.

        The Russian-made Ukrainian missile that crashed was headed west when it went down. Therefore, it’s impossible for it to have been used for interception of Russian missiles that are launched from the East. And its range is not sufficient for such a capability. So, what does that say?

        The CIA is all over the place, in both Ukraine and Poland. I figure the mishap was intentional and they want to corner the pampered brat into negotiations with Russia to end this conflict.

        I also think the brat’s military has had it with him. While he is having a great time with Hollywood, they know they can’t win this war and they also don’t want a slow and grueling destruction of their territory. The Russians have a history of winning wars during harsh winters.

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