Respect for elected officials is headed where it should be: Links 1 for November 15, 2022

1. People are beginning to get a wee bit frustrated with officials who are stripping them of all the basic rights over a flu. In this instance, Matt Hancock.

2. One of the things Trudeau did when he first took office, was to sell off all of Canada’s gold reserves to foreign governments. No one quite gets why he did that. I mean, the Canadian government can print all the dollars it wants, and why would you want money say, the Chinese can print off all they want, when Gold is hard to come by and pretty useful stuff. But I did not know that he allowed the Chinese to buy producing gold mines. Article from January 2022. Details here.

I think their estimate on why Trudeau did this is WAY off the mark though. It would never be to set up a gold based currency anywhere. The WEF would never tolerate a currency they couldn’t fully manipulate. It is more likely a component of a show of fealty by Trudeau to China for getting him elected. Much like this was almost certainly an act of fealty by Obama to various Islamic polities.

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3. FTX and the Democrats and Ukraine needs to be right up there with Fetterman election, the Midterms and 2020 elections, the “suicide” of Epstein, the “robbery killing” of Seth Rich and many, many more humiliatingly transparent phoney scams by Democrats in the past so many years.

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4. Retired general’s speech slamming Canada’s climate change policies, cancel culture and weak leaders applauded by officers

Ret. Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuvee made his speech as he accepted the Vimy Award, which honoured him for his life-long contributions in defence, at an Ottawa gala.

Serving senior Canadian military officers gave a standing ovation to a speech by a retired general who criticized everything from the removal of historical statues and apologies to victims to government climate change policies.

5. Leftist Narrative Crumbles as Pelosi Attack Suspect’s Ex-Partner Reveals His Political Beliefs

[…] If the facts that he is a nudist activist and appears to live in a stereotypical Berkeley hippie community that is adorned with “Black Lives Matter” and LGBT “pride” signs don’t already have us raising our eyebrows, the assurance of his former partner that he’s “always been” progressive only makes the official narrative more difficult to believe.

DePape’s “ex-life partner,” Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, spoke about him in an interview with KGO-TV from prison, where she is serving a 20-year sentence for stalking and attempting to abduct a 14-year-old boy with whom she became infatuated in 2018.

(So, like the promise to forgive student loans, it was a lie to assist with upcoming elections. Lemons to lemonaid, except the lemonaid was actually urine but no one could try it till after the midterms.)

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Here is a link to the latest revelation by Dr. Peter McCullough about the nature of the spike protein. Its short and worth the read. There had better be a lot of trials. At this point the punishment should be to make all the researchers take lots and lots of the shots and shots.


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