FTX to who can donate organs, as opposed to who can get one they need: Links 2, November 15th, 2022

1. From last night’s Tucker, a quick look at the man who robbed so many people to fund the Democrat Party, and the war against Russia for Ukraine

2. Why is Klaus Schwab in the G20?

3. Epoch Times: My Friends are Dying of Heart Attacks

A 50th birthday celebration and reunion is marred by multiple deaths

I’m headed out to Maui to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday. One of our oldest friends—a 53-year-old named Dan who was my roommate in graduate school—was scheduled to be on my flight, but he isn’t because he died of a heart attack two weeks ago. Both of his parents attended the funeral; both were in exceptionally good physical condition in spite of their advanced age. Dan received the initial two doses of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine last year, but apparently decided to forgo the boosters.

Another one of our closest friends—a 55-year-old surfing legend named Loch Eggers —was also looking forward to celebrating with us. I spoke to him on the phone last week. He expressed great excitement about our forthcoming reunion and all of the fun we were going to have surfing, barbecuing, and partying.

Loch also won’t make it because he had a fatal heart attack last Saturday. His life and death are chronicled in this beautifully illustrated obituary.

Loch’s case was especially poignant. He was found on the side of a hiking trail that led to a peaceful place where he’d recently erected a shrine to his brother, Hunter, who died of a heart attack a few months ago. Both Loch and Hunter were in exceptionally good physical condition from daily water sports. Loch was one of the greatest amateur surfers on earth. […]

4. New Europol rules expand police powers, reduce rights protections, and allow vast data collection

Allowed to collect data on people that aren’t even suspects in a crime.

New Europol rules expanded the powers of the EU law enforcement agency while reducing human rights protections and oversight over its data processing operations, according to a report by Statewatch.

Enforcement of the rules started in June.

Europol processes data exchange between EU members and other entities. Therefore, the new rules increase the powers of all law enforcement agencies that work with Europol.

The new rules allow Europol to process “investigative data” that could cover anyone anywhere as long as it is related to a “specific criminal investigation.” The agency is, therefore, allowed to process large quantities of data transferred to its member states on individuals who might be innocent and with no links to crime, and as a result, legalizes an activity Europol was reprimanded for by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

The new rules also allow Europol to launch “research and innovation” projects, which will focus on the use of machine learning, , and big data to process sensitive data like ethnicity and genetic information.

5. In case you thought the Islamic line of effort at the destruction of Western Civ was a dead letter, check out this video from a German border official.

Story at RAIR.

There is really a lot of terrible news this week already. Please do check the Reader’s Links post for much more than we can post in the main pages, adding to that the videos and stories we work on that take a lot of time. Brazil is teaching us how to protest a stolen election. And at this point, it’s embarrassing to claim that the US midterms was not stolen.

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  1. I commented on the disciplined marching order when the first wave of the Islamic invasion I occured. Then there were the reports of tramp freighters loaded with small arms and ammo being seized.

    Now the German Police And military are finally taking notice. The German people need to find black market dealers while they can.

  2. A great post, Vlad. It would be interesting to find out when did that Crypto go through Ukraine. Before or after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Zelensky?

  3. ITEM 3: Many took the shots because they wanted to travel and have fun. Many among them brushed off people who warned them of the dangers of the shots.

    And then, there are others who sacrificed travel and fun, even the ability to travel within one’s own country, to spare one’s body from the ravages of the shots.

    Enough said.

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