More and more questions – NOw it looks like Ebola was a lab leak: Links 1 for November 6th, 2022

1. Paul Weston wonders why no excess deaths during the horrible plague of 2020 but lots and lots now and no media

2. Daily Mail: Did EBOLA leak from a lab? Scientists claim accident at US-funded biofacility may have caused 2014 West Africa outbreak

(Of course, we always have to remember that “Correlation is not causation” UNLESS it’s about global warming. Then any report of warming is 100% proof of anthropogenic global warming while any cooling is just weather and not to be confused with warming.)

The 2014 Ebola outbreak may have been borne out of an accidental lab leak at a US Government-funded facility, according to a bombshell analysis.

Virologist Dr Jonathan Latham — a former researcher at the University of Wisconsin — and journalist Sam Husseini say there are a number of inconsistencies in the official timeline of the West African epidemic.

They claim the virus likely emerged during ‘routine research activities’ from a laboratory in Kenema, Sierra Leone, which at the time was receiving funding from the US government for its work on Lassa fever.

The lab specialized in hemorrhagic viruses similar to Ebola — though it’s unclear whether it actually handled the epidemic-causing pathogen. 

Most experts still believe Ebola emerged naturally during a spillover event from animals in Guinea, around 175miles from the lab. 

Bats known to harbor Ebola were identified in a village where the first official patient was diagnosed — but researchers never found the original animal host.

(They hadn’t thought of Pangolins yet I guess)

3. Kid’s books have changed a lot since back in the day when they were kids books

4. Italy’s Meloni Vows There Will Never Again Be Forced Covid Business Closures, Green Passes, or Mandatory Lockdowns

(Click through to RAIR for an additional video and the written story)

5. Riot Police Called as Migrants Armed with ‘Knives and Wood’ Stage ‘Protest’ at London Detention Centre

Around 100 detained migrants staged what appeared to be an attempted armed insurrection at an immigration centre in London in the early hours of Saturday after a power outage.

In what the legacy media has dubbed a “disturbance”, a group of migrants being held at the Harmondsworth migrant detention centre near Heathrow Airport broke out of their rooms and staged a so-called protest in the courtyard with “various weaponry” after a local power outage saw the facility go dark.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the site, which is run by the private firm Mitie, saw around 100 migrants enter the courtyard armed with knives and pieces of wood. So far, no injuries to either the staff or the migrants have been reported.

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