Covid, the disease, does NOT cause myo or pericarditis: Links 2, November 6, 2022

1. New study shows that Covid DOES NOT cause Pericarditis OR Myocarditis. Comparison of groups that got sick and groups that never got sick and tested negative before the vaccine shows no difference at all.

2. SNL appears to be pissing off a lot of people from both sides with this one. Outstanding. I picked one of the replies I liked to this SNL skit. But click through to read the outrage in general.

3. Why Spike Protein Causes Abnormal, Foot-Long Blood Clots, 200 Symptoms

Strange Clots

Since mid-2021, unusual, lengthy blood clots found in the vessels of COVID-19 patients and jab recipients have been reported across the world.

Fibrous Clot found in corpse by Richard Hirschman (Courtesy of Richard Hirschman)

“We as embalmers are seeing some strange clots since the COVID outbreak. These clots are very rubbery feeling and very long as they exit the veins that we use during the embalming procedure. They really appear to be like earthworms. I have never seen this in my career until now,” Larry Mills, a licensed embalmer and funeral director in the State of Alabama, told The Epoch Times.

Other embalmers confirmed similar findings and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Richard Hirschman, Alabama funeral director and embalmer since 2001, was one of the first to bring attention to this phenomenon. He said that prior to COVID perhaps 5 to 10 percent of people had these clots. Now more than half of the bodies he sees have them.

One embalmer, licensed since 2001, said in an interview, “I can tell you with certainty that the clots Richard has shown online are a phenomenon that I have not witnessed until probably the middle of last year. That is pretty much all I have to say about it. I have no knowledge as to what is causing the clots, but they did seemingly start showing up around the middle of 2021.”

4. Health Official Admits in Court That Millions of Canadians Have Been Experimented on with Covid Vaccines

Court testimony reveals that Canada’s top health expert did not recommend a vaccine be a requirement before boarding a bus, train or plane. Even worse, the human trial for the Covid vaccine is now underway and millions of Canadians are part of the experiment.

It’s an astounding revelation, according to lawyer Keith Wilson, who is representing former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford’s lawsuit against the federal government for what they describe as the most far-reaching breach of charter rights in Canadian history. It prevented six million people’s right to freedom of movement because of a ban against unvaccinated people from travelling on buses, trains and planes.

Wilson also recalled his cross-examination of Dr. Celia Lourenco, director general for Health Canada that approves vaccines. She argued that the vaccination approval process changed for the Covid vaccines. Until Covid, all vaccines were approved following animal trials and two human trial phases. But for the Covid vaccine, the human trials were skipped.


Election Day results, like clean streets and easily available products in supermarkets, have become artifacts of a recent glorious past. Don’t count on finding eggs and milk at the market or finding out who won the election on Election Day. The 2022 midterms, like the 2020 elections, are a work in progress that will, one day, when the right ballots are found, elect somebody.

Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman, the leftist election rigging activist appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf, warned that it will take days to determine who won. At a “virtual press conference”, the virtual election boss, who hasn’t actually been confirmed by the legislature, warned that it would take “several days worth of work” to determine who won what. And who didn’t.

Chapman, a veteran of The Advancement Project, funded by Soros and the Ford Foundation, which worked against voter ID rules to stop voter fraud, and Let America Vote, a leftist group to eliminate election security regulations, urged voters to “feel confident in our election system and in the final results.” Nothing creates confidence in an election system like a radical partisan activist being put in charge of it and then warning that the FBI will target any critics.

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