Raging Dissident, Jeremy MacKenzie testimony from EMA hearings of November 4th, 2022

For those who don’t know, Jeremy used to have a great podcast as The Raging Dissident, I think principally on Bitchute, or people moved his videos there, in which he ranted very entertainingly about the state of Canada. After the Freedom Convoy they Jan 6ed him. They accused him of terrorism for making up a meme. A joke country called “Diagalon” because it would have diagonal borders from Alaska through Canada to Texas and would be for the freedom minded.

The VP was a cocaine addicted space traveling goat.

He has been held in prison for months now with no trial. I am told by one of his followers that he has spent a large amount of time in solitary confinement. This actually is torture and is used as such in prisons for prisoners who are a real threat to safety to others. But more recently, a tool to be used to break political prisoners. They had Tommy Robinson in solitary for a lot of his sentence.

The following is his compelled appearance at Canada’s version of the January 6th hearings, except it is staged as an attempt to find out if Trudeau was justified in using the Emergency Measures Act to send state thugs to smash heads at the Freedom Convoy. Of course, in order to do that, you have to in reality, put everyone involved in any way on trial to show it was necessary. See how that works?

This video takes them right to the break where his testimony ends.

Jeremy MacKenzie is testifying from prison.

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  1. This won’t open for me. It’s just blank on your page. Should I be surprised, I am not. Truther’s are always under attack !!

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