News items, a second thought about the ‘racist’ lawyer crack and UK MP suspended after asking vaxx question: Links 1, Nov 3, 2022

1. Mike Pompeo get’s served on behalf of Julian Assange

2. Brazilians continue to protest the election and the Supreme Court, which is not obeying the law or constitution.

This article from RAIR details the Brazilian Supreme Court and their collusion with election fraud going back quite a while.

3. As many of you will already know by now, the American Medical Board has moved to strip Dr. Peter McCullough of his certifications as a doctor. This is because the US, like Canada, has become in its most important essence, a communist polity. What matters is you advance the state narrative and authority, and that narrative will generally be untrue. Anyone who promotes what is true with evidence and authority, will indeed, as the old expression goes, “be the first with their backs against the wall when the revolution comes.”

Well the revolution is here. The only comforting thing, for us but not so much Dr. McCullough, is that this move by the institution adds a great deal of fuel to the idea that we are in a revolution and that revolution’s principle weapon is an imposed pseudo-reality, as Stephen Coughlin would explain.

Below is a list of links and interviews on this matter:

Zero Hedge: Medical Board Moves To Strip Dr. Peter McCullough Of Certifications

A medical board has moved to strip top cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough of his certifications in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease, claiming that he provided misleading medical information to the public about COVID-19 vaccines.

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) informed McCullough of the action in a recent letter.

The board stated that McCullough’s statements questioning COVID-19 vaccination for healthy people younger than the age of 50 and pointing out that Americans have died after getting a COVID-19 vaccine triggered a review, which led to a recommendation that McCullough’s board certifications be revoked.

The ABIM’s Credentials and Certification Committee found that McCullough had “provided false or inaccurate medical information to the public,” the letter states.

By casting doubt on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines with such seemingly authoritative statements, made in various official forums and widely reported in various media, your statements pose serious concerns for patient safety,” it reads. “Moreover, they are inimical to the ethics and professionalism standards for board certification.”

McCullough was given until Nov. 18 to appeal.

For those of you who understands how science actually works, this is anathema. A doctor has a responsibility to offer best advice based on his expertise. Therefore, he must be allowed to be wrong, so long as he wasn’t aware he was wrong at the time of giving the advice. It’s why the expression, “get a second opinion” exists, or more factually, existed. Now it’s all state edicts. It is also why when we manage to force our way past this chapter, we should take all the people who did know what the vaxx really is, or all those who knew they did not know what it was or what it would do but mandated them anyway, and make damn sure they live up to every bit as much regulatory punishment and legal punishment as they are forcing on the people and the dissident doctors.

World Council for Health Stands with Dr Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

We call on the ABIM to rethink undermining its own credibility in its treatment of this outstanding internist and cardiologist.

Dr Peter McCullough is a world-renowned cardiologist, the author of hundreds of articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and an outstanding physician who has been researching Covid-19 and how to treat it from the very beginning. His tireless efforts to alert the medical community to effective early Covid-19 treatment protocols and the risks of Covid-19 vaccines have repeatedly drawn the ire of medical bodies beholden to corporate interests. 

As a result, he has been stripped of two professorships, multiple editorial positions at academic medical journals, and many other professional committee member positions—all with no courtesy call, explanation, or due process. Now, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has advised that it intends to strip Dr McCullough of his board certifications, which would effectively bar him from practicing medicine as he has done with an excellent clinical record for decades. 

4. Sasha Latypova is a retired scientist who has a lifetime of experience doing testing for Pfizer and other companies of various products.

5. Motion in the House of Commons passes to audit the costs of the hated Arrivecan App.

Thank you all for your kind attention and willingness to consider that reality is worth preserving

Thinking about that lawyer yesterday that made the crack about “Does he also have a Jewish Accountant?” I think i missed the real point at the time of posting.

The Lawyer was likely trying to associate the response of the witness, Tom Morazzo, with a sort of 1990s imputing of racism, or counter-attack on a defence of not being one.

The way it went was, guy A would accuse guy B of being a racist, and guy B would say, “My best friend is black!” (so how can I be racist?) The accuser is never satisfied with evidence that the claim of racism is false, so they have to find a definition of racism that allows for a person to be a racist no matter what the ethnic make up of his social and professional circle might be. The counter, “I bet he has a Jewish accountant” is of course to try and slander guy B with making a racial stereotype by insinuating he would hire a Jewish accountant as he would pick a Jewish person who is stereotypically thought to be better than average with money, as his accountant.

The explanation above is tedious and I apologize for that. But the reason it is necessary, is that the lawyer would expect that we would take his on-the-surface racist accusation against the witness, as he meant it. He wants us to ignore how it sounded, and how most interpreted it, and go with what he meant, as odious as that was anyway.

This, while he was doing the exact opposite to Jeremey Mackenzie albeit en absentia. He is asking Canada and the law, to assign meaning to Diagalon which it never had, and punish the hell out of the people playing along with the joke, and ignore what MacKenzie obviously really meant.

He, the lawyer, as we have come to expect, is asking for himself, exactly what he is unwilling to give to others.

Lastly, this is too important not to include:



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  1. – SO, if you donated $20 when the trucker protest began, you might have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages. Let’s hope this lawsuit doesn’t go through. –

    ** All ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers, donors could be drawn into class-action lawsuit over protest disruption **

    The lawyer leading a potential class-action lawsuit against the Freedom Convoy wants to expand the list of defendants to include all truckers who occupied Ottawa earlier this year, as well as anyone who donated to the fund the protest.

    If successful, the legal manoeuvre could make the owners of approximately 400 trucks and tens of thousands of donors financially liable for a share of $300 million in damages the lawsuit claims.

    Lawyer Paul Champ first filed the litigation in February, naming public servant Zexi Li, who lives in downtown Ottawa, as a representative of a class of residents who claim they suffered from the noise and disruption caused by hundreds of trucks parked on city streets for three weeks.

    Champ later added representatives plaintiffs of two Ottawa businesses and employees of other downtown businesses as additional classes of plaintiffs — meaning they could share the damages should the court certify the classes, and if the litigation succeeded.

    The lawsuit initially named Tamara Lich, Tom Marazzo, Chris Barber and other convoy organizers as defendants, along with unnamed “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” truckers and donors.

    Now Champ has brought an unusual motion to add two defendant classes to the litigation, potentially making liable anyone who brought their truck to the Ottawa protest or contributed financially through crowdfunding sites like GiveSendGo or GoFundMe.

  2. (Richard: Bolsanora’s supporters live close to communist controlled nations. They know what to expect if Lula is allowed to steal this election.

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