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2 Replies to “Bret Weinstein: A Pattern of Sabotage in the US Military”

    • There’s a whole series of policies that diminish the enlistment pool, force cohesion, and readiness.

      The vaxx is one – getting a lot of attention here and now, but others antedate covid and account for far more attrition in absolute numbers:

      • affirmative action promotions, abysmal officer class;
      • time-wasted on sociology lessons shortchanges operations training;
      • deliberate sabotage of team building exercises;
      • #MeToo allegations where the accused is presumed guilty, due process exempt; etc.

      Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action.
      Instead of discrete events apply the old rule to the series of detrimental policies. That’s an enemy trend, and it may be irreversible.

      Our foreign allies are observing this closely. It’s a hot topic in the best think-tanks from Japan to the Gulf. One panel discussion after another, analysts are shocked.

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