What the Ontario Medical Association is pushing doctors to do to your children

This is from an email to all Ontario doctors who are members of the Ontario Medical Association. This would be 90% of all Ontario doctors, give or take. This is a government operated organization. They provide lawyers for doctors who need them, but I am told that it doesn’t usually go well for the doctors when they do, as the OMA tends to have the government’s interests at heart more so than the doctors or the patients.

Below, is a screen grab from the OMA email to Ontario doctors about vaxx policy. The links are not provided yet as they require a Doctor’s OMA number to access the graphs.

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3 Replies to “What the Ontario Medical Association is pushing doctors to do to your children”

  1. Doctors know by now, all of them. And citizens also, parents and singles, through Samizdat. We can’t prevent parents from jabbing their children. And doctors must follow the guidelines. I figure most seniors will get the jab. And we can’t take on the responsibility for them, it’s their decision. As long as they don’t go back to these mandates, I’m fine with what they do.

  2. We are seeing the last gasp of this genocidal horror as it unfolds in real time. This is like the French Revolution at the beginning only “let them eat cake” has been replaced with “ make them be vaxxed”.

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