Alex Jones fined a BILLION and MEP presser on Pfizer’s massive deception on transmission

1. It is our opinion that Alex Jones was not fined a BILLION DOLLARS for being wrong about Sandy Hook. He was fined a billion dollars for being right about everything else.

(The Democrat Party knowingly paid for a fake folder of phoney claims in order to discredit Donald Trump in the 2016 election. I guess the award Donald Trump should win should be a trillion trillion dollars)

2. The decent MEPs, so few of them, but at least they exist, held a press conference 24 hours after Pfizer’s representative, and Bourla’s proxy revealed that they never tested the vaxx for transmission.

Question: What ever happened to monkeypox? I thought…

Thank you all for paying attention to these increasingly existential issues.

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  1. Re: Alex Jones case, the prosecuting lawyer told the jury that the fine had to be enough, not only to put him out of business, but to make it impossible for him ever to have a platform in the future! This shows the real purpose of the case, to silence AJ. The judge also ordered him to plead guilty and said he could not claim compliance with discovery! She told the jury he was guilty! This is such a stitch-up surely the Supreme Court of that state has to quash it.

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