Pencilneck attacks rational question and somehow becomes the victim: Links 2, October 15th, 2022

1. Now questioning Pfizer with actual on-record FACTS gets you physically assaulted by pencil-necks

Another view

2. Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors”; we are seeing impacts on menstrual cycle & in male testis

This longitudinal study focused on SD demonstrates selective temporary sperm concentration and TMC deterioration 3 months after vaccination


‘Repetitive measurements revealed ?15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI ?25.5%–3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI ?35% – ?6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0. Similarly, analysis of first semen sample only and samples’ mean per donor resulted in concentration and total motile count (TMC) reductions on T2 compared to T0 – median decline of 12 million/ml and 31.2 million motile spermatozoa, respectively (p = 0.02 and 0.002 respectively) on first sample evaluation and median decline of 9.5 × 106 and 27.3 million motile spermatozoa (p = 0.004 and 0.003, respectively) on samples’ mean examination.’

3. Pfizer blinded us with science. And no one knows what that means

4. “Those of You Who Think the Vaccine Kills People Can Use Me as a Test” – Bodybuilding Icon and Author Doug Brignole Passes Away At 63

Doug Brignole, an icon in the world of bodybuilding and an author, has died at the age of 63.

The cause of death has not been revealed yet.

Brignole strongly supports mandatory vaccination against COVID. His last statement on the subject of vaccine safety has been widely shared on the internet.

“I have enough confidence in the vaccine, based on my research, to get it done,” Brignole said. 

“Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourselves). Better yet, you should admit that you were misled, and tell the world who misled you, so other people can benefit by avoiding those fearmongers.” Brignole took the Moderna vaccine last year according to his Facebook post.

5. Texas Vaccine Policy Symposium declares the “anti-vax’ a threat to public health

I guess she didn’t get the memo about transmission and the vaxx. But it was nice to hear about Monkeypox. I thought they dropped that line of effort like they did UFOs last year.

Thank you all for your kind attention.

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  1. Usual commie/ fascist doublespeak: those elites like Macron, Boris, Turdeau probably Bidet and Piglosi are all unvaxxed or they’d be dead by now(or treated with hydroxyquinone)
    So no ordinary person can be part of that already “protected class” and soon, the ordinary person won’t even be able to mention the protected Nazis,.

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