When CBC tells a partial truth, its always to hide a bigger and more pernicious lie, and Global Walk Out days: Links 2, October 9th, 2022

1. CBC admits to menstrual issues with the vaxx to better cover for the massive damage the vaxx does.

In typical CBC fashion, they only tell a truth if it’s to hide a larger lie. In this case, admitting to women experiencing menstrual irregularities, and that is a grotesque understatement all by itself from what I hear from people personally, is because at this point all women have experienced it, or know several other women who have. So continuing to lie about no side effects negates CBC’s value as an enemy propagandist. Admitting to something most have experienced, allows them to continue on to put the lie to the dangers or meaning of that effect.

To be clear: It has been known for some time now, and documented by many including this site in interviews with Dr. Roger Hodkinson among others, that the spike protiens created by your own cells after the injection attacks ACE2 receptors located primarily in the endometrium, gonads and heart tissues. This explains a lot of problems people suffer after the injections.

COVID shots can impact period timing, studies suggest. Women were already wondering

Medical experts stress women’s health shouldn’t be an afterthought during research into new vaccines, drugs

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, women turned to TikTok and Twitter to document something strange: The coronavirus vaccines seemed to be impacting their menstrual cycles.

People with periods shared stories of heavier flows, cramping and changes to their cycle timing, including periods starting late or lasting longer.

Menstruation can be a tough area to research — since various factors can affect someone’s period, from stress to medical issues — but there is now a growing body of research suggesting some of those early pandemic hunches were on to something.

A new study featuring data from nearly 20,000 people around the world, including thousands of Canadians, showed individuals who received any of nine different vaccines experienced close to a one-day average increase in cycle length.


She now has questions about the impact on her daughter’s fertility.

“Is there going to be other serious side effects?” she asked. “Will it affect reproduction?”


Physicians, reassuringly, said it wouldn’t.

While cycle fluctuations can be upsetting, said Dr. Noah Ivers, from Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, there’s no evidence that COVID vaccines impact reproductive health.

“It doesn’t affect your fertility,” he said. “It won’t impact your cycles in the long run.”

(Of course it already is. Many countries are already reporting a measurable loss in fertility subsequent to the mass injection with the gene therapy. But there are already a lot of falacies and lies before we get to that. The easiest one to notice is, HOW do they know that when this technology has never been used before on humans and pregnant women were not part of the already enfeebled studies Pfizer allegedly did.)

2. Unsettling Research Links COVID Vaccine to Parkinson’s

The list of complications, conditions, and diseases resulting from the COVID shots is nearly endless and can affect any organ system in the body. Pfizer knew. Here’s their document.

Look at the last 8 pages, which lists more than 1100 serious side effects and life-threatening illnesses Pfizer knew would happen from the first shot. We posted an article on The Tenpenny Reports about it: They All Knew.

Neurologic Injury

This study published by Philip Oldfield in January 2022, is eye-opening. Here is the abstract, edited lightly for clarity:

“This mini-review focuses on the mechanisms of how SARS-CoV-2 affects the brain, with an emphasis on the role of the spike protein in patients with neurological symptoms.

3. Welcome to Substack from Dr. Peter McCullough with John Leake

(The above is a link to Peter McCullough’s new Substack now that he has joined the ranks of the Twitter dead.)

Welcome to the Substack by Dr. Peter A. McCullough with best-selling author John Leake.  This is our inaugural issue, and we want to lay out the rationale for our stack and why we are launching at this time.  Dr. McCullough has developed a following of many millions around the world and is widely known as a doctor of medical authority who has been a consistent leader in pandemic response.  He has given hundreds of interviews and commentaries with viewpoints being represented as his own and with considerable citation of the scientific evidence.  John Leake is an established nonfiction true-crime investigator and author.  Our first book together is “Courage to Face COVID-19:  Preventing Hospitalization and Death while Battling the Biopharmaceutical Complex.”   Our stack will be variably written by one or both authors depending on the context and topic and the frequency will be driven by the contemporary nature of the topic.  Our scope will be biomedical, ethical, and policy topics that are influencing our lives now and shaping the futures of our children.  At the top of our list are threats to civil liberties that are palpable today that are working to destabilize liberal democracies around the world.  We are starting this stack now on the heels of Twitter deleting 512K followers from Dr. McCullough’s account then suspending him.   While tech and legal teams work with Twitter, this development and so many more acts of bold medical censorship serve as warning bells calling us to seek independent sources of media and to get closer to original experts who can deliver vital analysis and insight that can help us all weather the storm.  In the near future we will lay out more on how to navigate social media, books, and access to critical medical information.

4. Are the kids OK?

5. Dutch member of Parliament part organizer of Global Walkout to raise awareness of the coming communist darkness

Thank you all, as always, for your kind attention to this site and these thoughts.

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    The following is a compilation of 100+ news articles from the past 10 days leading up to 7th October 2022, of young people who have either died suddenly, had serious heart issues or severe adverse complications.

    These are only the ones who make the news.


    • A great link. The guy has been working hard, he has a few videos of a series. I fear children’s hospitals will be busy. In my greater area, the children’s hospital had a ten-fold increase in patients about one week ago.

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