Dr. Kat Lindley interview, Trudeau maintains the con, Biden REPEALS law protecting privacy from Alphabet agencies: Links 1, October 9, 2022

1. Look what law Joe Biden just REPEALED

The collection of signals intelligence shall be authorized by statute or Executive Order, proclamation, or other Presidential directive, and undertaken in accordance with the Constitution and applicable statutes, Executive Orders, proclamations, and Presidential directives.

(b) Privacy and civil liberties shall be integral considerations in the planning of U.S. signals intelligence activities. The United States shall not collect signals intelligence for the purpose of suppressing or burdening criticism or dissent, or for disadvantaging persons based on their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Signals intelligence shall be collected exclusively where there is a foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose to support national and departmental missions and not for any other purposes.

(c) The collection of foreign private commercial information or trade secrets is authorized only to protect the national security of the United States or its partners and allies. It is not an authorized foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose to collect such information to afford a competitive advantage[4] to U.S. companies and U.S. business sectors commercially.

(d) Signals intelligence activities shall be as tailored as feasible. In determining whether to collect signals intelligence, the United States shall consider the availability of other information, including from diplomatic and public sources. Such appropriate and feasible alternatives to signals intelligence should be prioritized.[Obama White House Archives]

2. This appears to be why Trump fired Bolton. Here he seems to confirm what Biden said in a Joe-Mo when he was ‘speaking’ in Ukraine, and revealed what the plan really was.

3. Myocarditis and Blood Clots in Children Are Not Normal -Dr. Kat Lindley, MD

4. While Sweden, Denmark, the UK and even Australia quietly tiptoe away from the gene therapy shots, Trudeau doubles down. Again. Not sure exactly when this was filmed, but it was after the new hybrid shots for legacy vs. Omicron shots were approved, so its recent.

5. Students suing Western University for being denied religious vaccine exemptions

Christian students at Western University who have continually been denied religious exemptions to the school’s three-dose vaccine mandate are suing on the grounds of discrimination. 

In a press release, Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC), an organization advocating for human rights and constitutional freedoms, announced it will be representing Western students who have not complied with the university’s mandates due to their deeply held Christian beliefs.

LCC lawyer James Kitchen said he has reviewed several letters of exemption denials students received from the university. Each one contained similar form, brevity, anonymity and included no details as to why students were denied or how they could appeal the decision.

“This is in utter defiance of Western’s obligation at law to not discriminate against Christian students by providing a reasonable accommodation or showing, with facts and reasons why it cannot provide accommodation.” Kitchen said.

A few words about that last item. We have stated on this site, similar sentiments before. But it stands reframing.

There is only one, and I mean ONE reason why anyone should not have to get the shots. And it isn’t a religious exemption or medical. The one reason why anyone who doesn’t want the shots should be able to not get them, is they don’t want one. If you can say you do not want to take an experimental, or otherwise however they define it for their purposes, not yours, injection or medication, you should be able to not take it with no consequences to you for simply stating, “No. I don’t want to take that”.

When an authoritarian state creates a situation where everyone has to do something they wouldn’t normally do and offers you a way out framed in their language, visualize a rat-trap with a couple of small doors marked EXIT inside the trap connected to a piece of dryer hose leading back to the entrance to the trap. That is exactly what the religious and medical “exemptions” to the vaxx mandates were and are. We reported on a case early on where a person clotted up quite badly shortly after the first dose of one or the other shots and when they asked not to get the second, they were told that now, they were all pumped full of anticoagulants and so they should be fine now, and were given the second shot. No idea what happened after that.

People I know personally wrote religious exemption requests that were excellent. But they were denied and fired from jobs because they were told, they couldn’t cite a religious authority the employer would accept who would sanctify their belief that the shots went against their faith. Biblical references would not suffice. It had to be a human religious authority, all of whom we know are under government control. The few who are public and are not tend to be in and out of jail. In Canada there are quite a few of those.

So at the end of the day, examine the semantic architecture of the structure they have built for you. If they create a way out that is anything other than your right to refuse for any or no reason, you know this is a trap, and cannot possibly be in your interests, or the interests of the public. But only to the interests of a collective as defined and redefined by a government and a panel of experts created to represent your interests since we, the people, are too stupid to know what our interests are in the minds of all socialist/progressive/communist authority.

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  1. Bolton is just an odious war monger. Hilary and her ilk have been slavering for a war with Russia since the Russia-hoax. If NATO and Russia went to war, Europe would just be a bloody stump of a civilization surrounded by ashes. That, I assume, is what they want – this is a death cult and must be itself killed.

  2. 2 things….
    1st. Dr Kat Lindley’s interview was excellent.
    2nd. I wrote those exemptions. At the time I thought I was helping. I just didn’t know/understand all this
    back then. I so wish I had just been able to explain to people…No, we just say NO.
    I was in that little rat-trap…Looking back now…it’s a great description of where I was.
    So from now on…. Just “NO”.
    Thank you for this.

    • No. Thank you.

      4- An American program asks good questions regarding the upcoming Emergency Act inquiry. It seems the inquiry will include testimonies from local “lived experience”. I truly hope those supporting the truckers are permitted to contibute to this inquiry.

  3. Fuck that murdering terrrorist cock sucking Trudeau

    He is clearly insane
    Ignoring all recent facts about the harms and deadly consequences of the boosters and shots for Covid

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