The facts of the German health minister are now known. HIs lack of vaxx is an attack on the people he rules over

People reflexively use the word “hypocrisy” to describe the endless examples of those who try to frighten, insult and force us into submission and then are seen faking taking the shots, or otherwise not obeying any of their own rules. The temptation to call this hypocrisy is powerful one must grant. But when it’s this consistent, that can’t be what it is. What is more likely, is this is evidence that the measures they deployed on us are an attack against the people, and at no time did they think things are as they presented them to us. One also knows this because the more left leaning the governments, the more measures they tried to force, and the more consistently they were caught flagrantly violating those very measures. Measures which if they were actually needed, the politicians themselves would live in bubble-boy suits and have disinfectant sprayed on them and everything they touched till the crisis was over.

A few examples from German health-minister, Lauterbach:

JUST IN – German Health Minister Lauterbach apparently received his last COVID vaccine injection 271 days ago. This raises questions.

MORE – Lauterbach flashed his personal QR code at the camera as he presented the new controversial “color code” update for the COVID app at a press conference, involuntarily making his vaccination status verifiable to all.

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