Officialdom seems to have a report on muslim sex-slave gangs of children in the UK now

Remember the massive muslim rape gangs in Rotherham? Well everywhere actually but they couldn’t stop Rotherham from getting into the press. Well there is a report on it now.
I mean one from the official channels of course. We had tons and tons of them including a whole segment of a movie and an interview with a victim, but that was ignored by government media of course.

Here is an interview with one of the Rotherham victims done by Danish film maker, Michael Hansen. This was from many years ago. Around the time this was still in the news.

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  1. Alex Belfield at the the Voice of Reason, has apparently read this report on the muslims industrial scale sexual abuse of white Christian children and he concludes it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.
    It doesn’t name names and no one individual is held accountable for these muslim atrocities, permitted with the absence of any preventative or punitive measures on the muslim perpetrators, apart from a few token criminal cases. Though Tommy Robinson was punished for reporting on these evil muslims.

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