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2 Replies to “Project Veritas busts leftist Democrat running in Utah as Republican”

  1. Good for you Eeyore, posting this PV clip.
    Sad to say, but these ravenous wolves run rampant because voters won’t do the work necessary to keep the predators in cages.
    It’s open season on sheep.

    • A dismissive statement as offensive as leftist woke-speak.

      Ignorant elitists presume to judge ordinary people as a uniformly deplorable mass. Worse, you disparage them as an undifferentiated herd: they’re subhuman, they’re sheep.

      Sad to say.

      Some states have been the province of machine politics for over a century, have expanded power bases across the country. If you know nothing about that, you have no idea of the kind of “work” that’s involved.

      Prohibition brought the mafia enough money and influence to control politics for generations. Up to and including the election of at least one POTUS and the individual now third in line in the order of presidential succession.

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