Its OK to have racist and sexist hiring practices so long as it moves the country leftwards

There is a lot to be infuriated about in this video.

But the main two things for this site are:

The news reader talks about “CIS Gender” as if she buys into the notion that sex is merely an arbitrary designation by a doctor at birth by looking at genitals. Its so obscenely an attack on our taxonomy that you could make the same claim about species and even phylum. A person is born and declared a human being when really they could be a half a pound of squash.

The second thing is how the law only works to move the culture to the left. This person is breaking laws on hiring discrimination wherever he is for absolute certain. But there will be no penalties. If you asked him if he thought it was OK for a similar business to not hire black or gay people, we all know what he would say. The law only operates to enhance the dialectic. To move the culture ever leftwards.

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4 Replies to “Its OK to have racist and sexist hiring practices so long as it moves the country leftwards”

  1. It’s his smugness that stands out to me. In the political realm it’s the attitude that everything is closed–the science, the debate and any contrary arguments to a subject that is inarguably stupid. Smugness is the self-satisfied mirror of the Left. A conservative trait this is not. He’s like a purring cat that deserves a bucket of cold water thrown on his head.

  2. One could say that there are now FOUR ‘Genders’: Male, Female, and the ‘genders’ of Neutered ‘Male’, and Neutered ‘Female’.

    “Divide and Conquer” Leftists have an overwhelming NEED to divide everyone into separate categories, then play the different ‘categories’ against each other.
    Wikipedia quote: CISGENDER
    “Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. For example, someone who identifies as a woman and was assigned female at birth is a cisgender woman. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender. Related terms include cissexism and cisnormativity.” “It is used as a label for ‘individuals who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth, their bodies, and their personal identity’”
    “Assigned at Birth” like it was some kind of VARIABLE OPTION?
    Perhaps Leftists will start to “assign” new-borns as some other species?
    “Congratulations it’s an octopus!” or “Congratulations it’s pine tree!” “No, it can’t be, we wanted an Oak!”
    How terrible! Your mom’s obstetrician, your pediatrician and your parents all got it right and you are now to be badgered, bullied, derided, and tormented by LGBTQ Activists for being LABELED by them, as being NORMAL!

    The entire idea of “gender identity” is a made-up concept that does not exist in the real world in which we live. It’s a creature of the Leftist elites who have been seeking to impose it through indoctrination, intimidation, and political correctness. In the real world, we live by a set of immutable rules that help define our physical reality – there’s a thing called gravity, the body requires food and water to survive, we must breathe to oxygenate ourselves, etc. One of those immutable rules in the real world is that each of us are born either male or female. Our sex is a biological reality that cannot be changed by identity, expression, desire, or feelings and certainly not by drugs or surgery.


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