A collection of counter-narrative items which indicate the state of the West: Links 2, June 19th, 2022

1, Interesting tweet from mercenaries in Ukraine. Use of profanity suggest from anglosphere.

2. So if you have a child that was killed by a vaccine, and you speak out about it, and you have another child at home…

DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy

In August of 2016 I shared a vaccine death story about an eight week old infant dying after receiving seven vaccines. I shared the story on Facebook and it got shared far and wide. Unfortunately, the young mom got pregnant again and was threatened by CPS that her second child would be removed from her once born if she continued to speak about her first child being killed by vaccines, so I had to hide the story on my Stop Mandatory Vaccination website.

More than a year would pass before I saw Facebook posts by Marjorie Catone and her husband Nick Catone who were talking about their toddler Nicholas being killed by the DTaP vaccine. I immediately reached out to Marjorie and asked if we could run their story on my Stop Mandatory Vaccination website. Majorie said yes and I hired my writer Lynn to create the story, while I focused on photo editing all the photos that Marjorie sent to us.

3. Africans literally invade a part of Italy FOR Africa

4. Precious metals advocate. But skip to 12 minutes if you want to hear people normally reticent to speak ill of Canada, speak ill of Trudeau and the current state of Canada. It is interesting that all countries appear to be increasing their gold holdings except Canada, who got rid of all of them early on in the Trudeau years. The PM expert quipped, but only half joking, ‘Well he could just confiscate all the gold mines’.

5. See the really GREAT things about the gene therapy injections, is you don’t need to seek more government theatre when you want new ones approved. You just change the part of the code your about and wham bam thank you ma’am put it in people’s arms!

Thank you all for your kind attention this weekend. Let’s end with what I hope is a little good news. At least for France:

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  1. 5)

    In South Africa we had that problem with BEE “Distilleries”.
    They brought a few bottles of legit Alcohol – bottled and labeled with their logo – to be tested at the Laboratory.
    After they got their License they simply filled the bottles with dyed and flavoured methyilated spirits and sold it in the Townships, and then people got seriously ill or out-right died.
    Then the responsible Government Agency revoked the License and fined the culprits.
    They just went and started with another patsy the same process all over.
    It got so bad that now the methylated spirit is dyed PURPLE by the manufacturer.

    • I think demons can file their horns and it works for a while, but eventually they grow back.

      That or a sebaceous cyst.

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