Entire area near Parliament shut down and reenforced due to unspecified threat

I have an idea what it was about, and will write it up as soon as time permits. For the moment, I can’t help but notice how our deep state seemed unable to spell “Para-military” on the backs of the men’s uniforms in the olive green.

This was all this afternoon at Parliament Hill, from around noon to when we left at about 4:00 PM.

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10 Replies to “Entire area near Parliament shut down and reenforced due to unspecified threat”

  1. Tightening the noose and readying for the well-deserved backlash.

    Not dissimilar to the US legislature beefing up pay of security personnel for all manner of Congressional employees.

  2. They don’t look nervous nor alert. I think it’s all for show but they have a goal in mind aka more citizen surveillance.

  3. Things are getting tense in every Western Nation, the left has pushed us far to the left way too fast. They have done this because they know we the people are resisting and are close to the time when we decide we have to choose between kinetic resistance or slavery.

  4. They may be getting ready for when James Topp walks into Ottawa, Justine will probably get feckless Marco to call for another lockdown – he says he “saved Canada with the emergency act! “ LOL

    Now Marco, the freak, says he wants to move up the gun control but it is not for Canadian gun owners! Must be for all the gangs.

  5. There is a growing sense , even among the faithful , that the COVID shots didn’t work as advertised and now more and more data is being presented which show the mRNA shots have resulted in injuries. Edward Dowd (ex Blackrock) and a silent partner have been analyzing the issue of excess deaths , as have a number of insurance companies. At the moment it is just a trickle but not for long.

    There is also the quiet rage that the last two years have been an absolute miscarriage of justice , whether accidental or planned , and increasingly many people want accountability … if not revenge as Neil Oliver mentions.

    Neil Oliver Stays Focused, the Questions We are Not Allowed to Ask

    I suspect that shutting off access to Parliament is in anticipation of what may happen once the level of incompetence and COVID corruption over the last 2 years is eventually exposed , even as the corrupt media attempt to memory hole it.

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