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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • Thank you EB. I’ve spent the last 2 and a half years beings swore at, yelled at, thrown out of and treated as an outcast, but come hell or high water “I’m All In”. ENOUGH

  1. Walk into the setting sun
    Miles now till freedom done
    Pure of heart he only knows
    Walk on soldier so far east
    Your shoes all beaten by the road
    Over mountains stop to sleep
    The King’s reporters takes some notes
    To watch who trails lonely hope
    Determined on the downward slope
    Off the Rockies to the flats
    With winter storms and all of that
    The days pile high into the months
    Yet on he goes through prairie town
    The soldier marching in the snow
    The snow ball growing, more will know.

    Finally, now, Ontario
    Of endless trees its rivers flow
    Like information dammed and let
    The King is watching silently
    A tyrant small and petty, he
    His minions in the battle space
    Of words and letters paid to lie
    Fill the rivers of the minds
    –Of all the people all the time
    What to do with this small man
    This soldier marching ‘cross the land
    “–So intent on my demise,”
    The King is asking of his sides.

    “You see, Dear King,” his trust begins,
    “Our war has volleyed two years now
    And we are stronger without doubt
    –Your skillful ways assure all this
    But know, you must, their hero comes
    While others like him make up plans
    So what you have is war quite ripe
    With two full armies poised to meet
    Fully wakened and aware
    But as of now just few do know
    For many-most of people stare
    Into their days like mindless sheep
    Oblivious to what is coming
    Very soon we know not where
    Very soon we know not when
    But come it will and will begin.”

    “Begin, but how?” the King does ask
    Dull of mind and cheap of soul
    This King is nothing but a hole
    For opportunists in his midst
    To satisfy themselves in him:
    “They are many if they see
    Themselves in numbers in the streets
    We must not let this come to be.”

    The lawyer takes a breath then continues:
    “You see, Dear King, it goes like this
    When private knowledge whispers it
    We have no worries not at all.
    Let them talk in kitchens low
    And bedrooms breathy let them know
    And still our fears are all for naught
    When even publicly the people see
    The mounted cops and batons swing free
    It’s all ok up to a point.”
    “Up to a point? asks the King.
    “Yes. Up to the point of no return
    When public knowledge sees itself
    Then what was known but not all spoken
    Is aired to light by all the crowds
    Who gather in the public square
    And see each other all at once
    Then at that time the flame is lit
    That luminates the tired lies
    Of what was known but not all spoken
    Squashed by fear of cancellation
    Now breaks into the common sphere
    Now breaks their chains so self-imposed
    They realize you have no clothes.”

    “And then what?” asks the King, his rounded mind all full of clouds
    His only brightness in his sox.

    “Historically, it’s then you die
    They line you up and shoot you dead
    Then cheer the bullet in your head.”

    The King cries, quite literally
    (A signal of his vanity)
    “Then get the khakis to the Hill
    And show these rebel rubes my will
    Crush them, crush them into dust
    Whence their hero does arrive
    But close the cameras, then, you must.”

    “Of course, of course,” the King’s aid says
    “But we have ways beyond brute force
    Before kinetics change the course
    We can distract and play a ruse
    Inserting agents to divert
    To split the rebel army now
    So weakened when the hero comes
    Degrading them confused, and done.”

    “Excellent!” the King agrees
    Slapping one soft hand on knee
    And with the other raised up high
    “Check mate is done!” he shouts with glee.

    “Not so fast,” with due respect, “that’s not as simple as it gets
    These people, you must know, have learned
    Their Constitution is not yours
    For they grew up just north of south
    Breathing freedom from the mouth
    Of Yankee rebels and their script
    Their freedom baked and hard to strip
    And they are old but not yet dead
    They still can walk and think quite well
    Their demographics from the swell
    Give them numbers hard to tell
    But likely more than you can take
    If they unite despite our fake.”

    “Then prepare we must to try our best
    To quell this bunch and and all the rest
    So like I say shut down the Hill
    To show the paupers our strong will
    Our country’s day is not far off
    I guess their planning about that time
    To make the move of what they’ve got.”

    “Alright, my Lord, just as you say
    But may I ask just one last question
    If things go badly in the fray
    And they are many in harm’s way
    And we are beating them all down
    When do you stop?”

    The King looks down, disgustedly
    His only talent rising up
    The only thing that he does well
    Is cruelty to others.
    “I stop, you dolt, when we reach
    The top.”

  2. Israeli study shows not-injected long Covid sufferers stand no greater risk of heart issues, while vaxxed are 25% higher in rate.

    My own observation is that while Israelis suffered most from the pharma/MSM/gov psychological operation that got so many injected, their research infrastructure maintains intellectual integrity by virtue of such studies, which is miles more that I can say for the Dystopian equivalent.

  3. Will the Deputy PRIME Minister, Chrystia Freeland give the Canadian people a full report of what was discussed at this years Bilderberg Conference?

  4. global news – New labelling requirements for ground meat in Canada drawing criticism

    In the coming weeks, Canadians may see new labels on packages of ground meat at the grocery store.

    Health Canada says nutrition symbols will now be required on those packages for foods high in sodium, sugars, or saturated fats.

    + comments on the YT page

    • europravda – Dutch farmers angry over mandatory measures to drastically reduce nitrogen emissions

      The Netherlands government unveiled mandate reductions of up to 70% of nitrogen oxides in many places and 95% in other areas to protect nature.

    • global news – New Zealand taxes farmers for methane released by sheep and cows

      To address harmful methane released from livestock into the atmosphere, New Zealand is taxing farmers and their livestock for these emissions.

      With a population of merely five million, the nation’s carbon footprint is relatively small. Its hoofprint, however, is through the roof.

      In a world-first, New Zealand’s farmers will have to pay a tax for every methane-emitting 10 million cattle and 26 million sheep that roam the scenic countryside. Farmers will be able to mitigate their tax burden if they lower emissions by modernizing their operations.

      Where the program could fail, is if farmers pick up and move their businesses to another country. With the average cow emitting a whopping 220 pounds of methane gas per day, Mike Drolet reports on the impact this move could have.

    • sky news australia – ‘Laughing stock’: New Zealand to tax sheep and livestock for ‘belching and flatulence’

    • EID AL ADHA – next month – JULY 9 to JULY 13

      Jun 12, 2022,(Bloomberg) –About 16,000 sheep bound for Saudi Arabia drowned when an overloaded ship foundered off Sudan’s Red Sea coast, the Sudanese exporters’ association said.

      The ship sank late Saturday shortly after setting sail from the eastern Sudanese port of Suakin, the organization’s head, Salih Salah, said by phone. The Sudan Tribune news website estimated financial losses of 15 million Saudi riyals ($4 million), citing officials it didn’t identify.

      Sudan, which is mired in economic crisis and saw a coup in October, has one of Africa’s largest livestock populations, with Egypt and Gulf states being major buyers.

      Sudanese port authorities didn’t immediately answer a call seeking comment. Salah said the association would give a briefing on the incident later Sunday.


      Nearly 16,000 sheep drown after ship sinks in Sudan’s Red Sea
      Badr 1 ship sank in early hours of Sunday morning

      Nearly 16,000 sheep have drowned in the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan after an overcrowded ship bound for Saudi Arabia capsized.

      According to the Sudanese exporters’ association, the vessel carrying the livestock sank on Sunday morning not long after it left the eastern Sudanese port of Suakin.


      al jazeera – ‘Could have been rescued’: 15,000 sheep drown in Sudan port

      The transport ship was carrying 15,800 sheep, about 6,000 more than it was able to hold, when it went down in Sudan’s Red Sea port of Suakin.

      An overladen ship crammed with thousands of sheep sank on Sunday in Sudan’s Red Sea port of Suakin, drowning most animals on board but with all crew surviving.

      The livestock vessel was exporting the animals from Sudan to Saudi Arabia when it sank after several thousand more animals were loaded on board than it was meant to carry.

      “The ship, Badr 1, sank during the early hours of Sunday morning,” a senior Sudanese port official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It was carrying 15,800 sheep, which was beyond its load limits.”

      The official said the ship was supposed to carry only 9,000 sheep.

      Another official, who said all crew were rescued, raised concerns over the economic and environmental impact of the accident.

      “The sunken ship will affect the port’s operation,” the official said. “It will also likely have an environmental impact due to the death of the large number of animals carried by the ship.”

      Omar al-Khalifa, head of the national exporters’ association, said the ship took several hours to sink at the pier – a window that meant it “could have been rescued”.

      The total value of the lost livestock was $4m, said Saleh Selim, the head of the association’s livestock division, confirming also that the sheep were loaded onto the vessel at Suakin port.

      He said livestock owners recovered only around 700 sheep “but they were found very ill and we don’t expect them to live long”.
      What REALLY happens on live export ships?

      ( 1 min 33 )

      • I can’t look at any of that because I won’t sleep. I’m against all maritime shipments of livestock and I don’t buy any of it. Even on land, the poor pigs suffer terribly and I limit my consumption there also, only when it’s on 80% sale aka post-Best Before Date.

        So, those poor sheep that didn’t drown will end up buried alive in a pit.

        A country that can’t raise its own livestock has a problem.

        • well… those sheep were probably going to be ritually slaughtered during the 4 days of “Eid al Adha” next July …

          maybe it is better to die by drowning

          Every year, only in Mecca MILLIONS of camels, cows, ovines etc get savagely killed during those 4 days ( every pilgrim must sacrifice at least a goat to complete the Hajj rituals)

          ( no need to watch … I post these videos for the newcomers … so they can get an idea… just in case ) 🙁 🙁 🙁

          ( comments on the YT pages can be interesting though )

          Here in this video “professionals” do the job on behalf of pilgrims

        • I was thinking the same thing. Better off drowning, they’ve suffered enough..
          Overloading means the ship loses its insurance coverage. So there’s that.

    • FOX NEWS – Putin plans to ‘starve much of the developing world,’ Yale historian says

      Putin could generate a wave of refugees into the EU

      Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to force the West to end its sanctions by causing a widespread famine, Yale historian Timothy Snyder argues.

      Snyder, a Levin professor of history at Yale University, pointed to Russia’s ongoing blockade of Ukrainian grain, which shows no signs of stopping. Ukraine is a major global producer of grain, supplying mainly Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

      Snyder argues that Putin’s plan is not only to destabilize Ukraine by cutting off exports but also destabilize the European Union by generating “refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, areas usually fed by Ukraine.”

      “When the food riots begin, and as starvation spreads, Russian propaganda will blame Ukraine, and call for Russia’s territorial gains in Ukraine to be recognized, and for all sanctions to be lifted,” Snyder concluded.


      Ukraine grain exports via Poland and Romania face bottlenecks, says deputy foreign minister

      Ukraine has established two routes through Poland and Romania to export grain and avert a global food crisis although bottlenecks have slowed the supply chain, Kyiv’s deputy foreign minister said on Sunday.

      Dmytro Senik said global food security was at risk because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had halted Kyiv’s Black Sea grain exports, causing widespread shortages and soaring prices.

      Ukraine is the world’s fourth-largest grain exporter and it says there are some 30 million tonnes of grain stored in Ukrainian-held territory which it is trying to export via road, river and rail.

      Ukraine was in talks with Baltic states to add a third corridor for food exports, Senik said.

      He did not give details on how much grain has already moved or would be moved through these routes.

      “Those routes are not perfect because it creates certain bottlenecks, but we are doing our best to develop those routes in the meantime,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of an Asian security summit in Singapore.

      The Ukrainian rail system operates on a different gauge from European neighbors such as Poland, so the grain has to be transferred to different trains at the border where there are not many transfer or storage facilities.

      Re-routing grain to Romania involves transport by rail to ports on the Danube river and loading cargoes onto barges for sailing towards the port of Constanta, a complex and costly process.

      Moscow, which calls the war a special military operation and denies hitting civilian and agricultural targets, blames Western sanctions on Russia and sea mines set by Ukraine for the drop in food exports and rising global prices. It is also a major exporter of grain.

      The war in Ukraine dominated proceedings at the Singapore meeting, the Shangri-La Dialogue. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the delegates via video link on Saturday, telling them their nations’ support was crucial not just to defeat the Russian invasion, but to preserve the rules-based order.
      Danilov: Without the security of Ukraine, the grain will not go anywhere

      “No grain will go anywhere to anyone” until the issue of Ukraine’s security is resolved.
      Ukraine will not be able to resume grain supplies until it is safe, said the head of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, on the air of the telethon on Wednesday, June 8.

      “If the question that our country will be safe is not resolved, no grain will go anywhere to anyone. Because for us the number one issue is security,” he said.

      According to Danilov, this “issue is under control” because “no one wants to see hunger in the world.”

      He accused Russia of creating artificial obstacles to Ukrainian exports, “in order to seize the market for itself, and then blackmail us because of the lack of food.”


      CBC – UN warns of global food crisis, famine as war in Ukraine drags on

      Rosemary Barton Live speaks with United Nations crisis co-ordinator Amin Awad about an impending global food crisis as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

      RBL asks him about negotiations to end grain blockades in Ukrainian ports, as the Kremlin is accused of using food as a weapon of war.

      • Who said: If the question that our country will be safe is not resolved, no grain will go anywhere to anyone…?

        Who’s blackmailing whom?

        • Yep !!

          At this point in time, it’s all about his personal honor. He has the power to cut his losses but he’s sticking around for the glamor. When world attention will cease, he’ll give up and announce new elections for whatever is left of Ukraine (the West and the North).

          He’ll most probably resign, also, as he will have accumulated sufficient wealth and leave the country. His excuse for leaving will be he doesn’t feel safe in Ukraine.

          • He’s on his way to a military coup.

            HE’S the one who orders no surrender when positions become impossible to defend. Despite advice from his own officers, when even foreign intelligence services concur.

            He’s LARP-ing. Sacrificing lives to keep the media engaged, keep up the con.

            Real military commanders will accept only so much of this.

            The situation is fluid, some towns change hands several times. When Russians lose control, Ukes move back to take savage reprisals against so-called collaborators. Hunted down for giving a glass of water to a Russian soldier, posting a positive message online.

            Russians come back looking for enemy soldiers – hiding in civvies, but covered with incriminating tattoos. They’re taken as POWs for later prisoner exchange or show-trial propaganda. Ukes don’t take many prisoners.

            Democracy? Hah!
            The biggest opposition party has been banned, prominent members imprisoned or disappeared. Total media censorship, literally killer propaganda.

            All the foreign politicos who’ve made the pilgrimage to Kiev are complicit in this fraud.

            Time for Prez Z to go.

      • I think that both sides are trying to use food as a weapon. If the food riots and mass starvation cause another round of migration to Europe Putin will be the victor. Europe will be destabilize and the social unrest and food shortages will spread to Europe.

        This will open up several possible futures.

    • NATO Secretary General: peace in Ukraine is possible, the question is the price

      NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that it is possible to establish peace in Ukraine. According to him, the main question is what territorial concessions he will cost Ukraine. Therefore, NATO is helping Kiev so that the Ukrainian authorities pay the lowest price, the Secretary General said.

      “Peace in Ukraine is possible. The question is what will be its price. How much territory, freedom and democracy we are willing to pay for this world. NATO intends to help Ukraine in order to give it the strongest position at the negotiating table with Russia, which should end the hostilities,” Mr. Stoltenberg said at a briefing in Helsinki


      europravda – Scholz, Macron and Draghi plan Ukraine visit

      German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that Germany’s chancellor, the French president and the Italian PM plan to visit the Ukrainian capital in the upcoming weeks.

    • WaPo – Fact checker – How the right embraced Russian disinformation about ‘U.S. bioweapons labs’ in Ukraine

      […]The Pinocchio Test

      Under Putin, Russia has a biological weapons program, one that it has clearly used to target its opponents.

      Yet it tried to provide cover for its activities by repeatedly charging that the United States, through facilities it has funded in countries like Ukraine, has its own bioweapons program.

      As we said, it’s straight out of the old Soviet playbook. But that doesn’t mean prominent commentators like Tucker Carlson should be so quick to fall for it.

      Four Pinocchios

      MORE :


      US asked to explain after Pentagon admits to operating 46 biolabs in Ukraine after months of denial

      WASHINGTON has been urged to come clean over its biolab programme in Ukraine after the Department of Defence admitted its existence.

      The Pentagon said on Thursday that it has operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine handling dangerous pathogens, after previously dismissing the charges as Russian propaganda.

      China has joined calls for United States to explain the role and capacity of the laboratories following the Pentagon’s stunning reversal after months of denial.

      In March leaked papers appeared to suggest that its operations in Ukraine were sensitive while Kiev was reportedly blocked from public disclosure about the programme.

      According to a document signed between the two nations, Ukraine is obliged to transfer the dangerous pathogens to the US Department of Defence for biological research.

      Those who had raised concerns over the presence of the biolabs have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists and accused of regurgitating Russian disinformation.

      But comments made by US Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland in March prompted further suspicions when she appeared to confirm the biological programme, saying she feared the labs would “fall into Russian hands.”

      China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Friday that the US must explain its activities and called on it to stop “single-handedly opposing the establishment of a verification mechanism for the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

      “As I stressed time and again, the US conducts more bio-military activities than any other country in the world.

      “Moreover, the US is the only country opposing the establishment of a verification mechanism for the BWC.

      “The international community has long had concerns over this. Recently, Russia has further revealed the US’s bio-military activities in Ukraine, and raised clearly that the US has violated the BWC.

      “According to the stipulations of the BWC, the US is under an obligation to provide clarifications on Russia’s allegation so as to restore the international community’s confidence in the US’s compliance,” he said.

      Washington denies Russian claims that it has experimented on humans after it was alleged that testing of pathogens was carried out on psychiatric patients from Kharkiv.

      The United States has been accused of engaging in biological warfare in the past.

      Late Cuban leader Fidel Castro claimed that its operatives had introduced swine fever and dengue fever into the country, with a previously unknown strain of the latter created in a laboratory.

      The aim was to create “the largest number of victims possible,” he said.

      Former Daily Worker international correspondent Alan Winnington and Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett were accused of treason and had their passports cancelled after exposing the US biological war in Korea in the 1950s.

      Despite the denials, an International Scientific Commission headed by Cambridge University’s Professor Joseph Needham concluded that China and North Korea had been subjected to bacteriological weapons.
      MARCH 2022 – “Laughable:” US dismisses Russian claims of bio-warfare labs in Ukraine

    • CBC -APRIL 2022 – How a QAnon conspiracy theory about Ukraine ‘biolabs’ went mainstream

      Investigative reporter Justin Ling exposes how a QAnon conspiracy theory about U.S.-funded ‘biolabs’ in Ukraine morphed into mainstream disinformation.

    • MSNBC – MARCH 2022- Fact-Check: Fox’s Tucker Carlson Caught Amplifying Kremlin Claims

      U.S. officials are calling out Russia for renewing false allegations the U.S. is funding bio-weapons labs in Ukraine. Despite this, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been amplifying Russia’s claims.

    • CNN – MARCH 2022 – Debunked Russian conspiracy about the US is spreading in America

      A new conspiracy theory has become popular among some of the online communities that formed around QAnon — one simultaneously being promoted by the Kremlin as a justification for its invasion of Ukraine.

      The false claim: the United States is developing bioweapons in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin has stepped in to save the day and destroy the weapons.

    • MSNBC – MARCH 2022 – U.S. Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Feeds Russia New Excuse For Waging War On Ukraine

      Ben Collins, senior reporter for NBC News, traces the path that connects the Covid anti-vaccine crowd online with right-wing proponents of a conspiracy theory about Ukrainian biological research facilities that is now serving as Russia’s explanation for starting a war against Ukraine.

    • CBC – Ottawa urged to support global COVID-19 vaccine equity

      A group of prominent global health experts have written an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on Canada to support vaccine equity and push for improved access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments worldwide.

    • PBS – Falling demand causes glut of unused COVID vaccines in India

      India has long been called the world’s pharmacy as the largest producer of generic drugs as well as vaccines on the globe.

      A lot of that capacity was repurposed and increased to produce COVID vaccines, intended particularly for low-income countries.

      But demand has dwindled, creating a glut even as vast regions remain largely unvaccinated. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from India.

    • zero hedge – Biden Admin Orders 500,000 More Monkeypox Vaccines

      The Biden administration has ordered an additional 500,000 more doses of the Jynneos vaccine for monkeypox, marking a big step up in the government’s response amid rising cases in the United States and around the world.

      […]“With the previous order from BARDA for 1.4 million doses of liquid-frozen JYNNEOS, awarded in 2020, this order will bring the total U.S. inventory of the vaccine to nearly 2 million doses,” the company announced on Friday.

      Many of the 1.9 million doses are being held by the company until the U.S. government requests them.

      more :


    • JUNE 12 2022 WaPo – Pfizer-BioNTech shot for children under 5 safe and effective, FDA staff says

      Food and Drug Administration staff said Sunday the coronavirus vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, for children younger than 5 is effective in producing a virus-blocking response and did not raise safety concerns, a prelude to a crucial review this week by the agency’s independent advisers.

      The analysis by FDA scientists was released ahead of a meeting Wednesday of the agency’s independent experts, who will consider a request for emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in the youngest children. It will also review a request from Moderna to use its vaccine in children younger than 6. FDA staff Friday said Moderna’s shot for infants and young children was safe and effective.

      After the advisers make their recommendations, the FDA will decide whether to follow the panel’s advice, which it often does. If the agency clears the vaccines, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signs off, the shots could be available beginning next week.

      The FDA said the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine met the main requirement for effectiveness — it generated an immune response at least as strong as the protection afforded to young adults from the vaccine.

      Overall, the agency said, preliminary data indicated the vaccine was 80.4 percent effective in preventing symptomatic covid-19. The rate was 75.6 percent for babies and toddlers six to 23 months old, and 82.4 percent for children 2-to-4-years-old.

      But the FDA said it was too soon to reach “definitive conclusions” on the vaccine’s effectiveness.

      Side effects were minimal and included irritability and drowsiness for children 6-to-23-months-old, and pain at the injection site and fatigue for children 2 to 4, the FDA said.

      Babies and children younger than 5 — a group numbering 19 million — remain the only age group in the United States not yet eligible for a coronavirus vaccine.

      Some parents have been eagerly awaiting vaccines for their young children, anxious to provide them the same protection that older children, teenagers and adults have had for some time. But surveys show most parents intend to wait before getting their children vaccinated, or are not interested in the pediatric vaccines.

      The FDA made clear Sunday it believes vaccines for the youngest group are critical. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and likely continued virus transmission in coming months, “deployment of the vaccine for use among children 6 months through 4 years of age will likely have a beneficial effect on COVID-19 associated morbidity and mortality in this age group,” the agency said.

      Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine trial consisted of two groups of children — 6-to-23-months-old and 2-to-4-years-old. The first two shots were administered three weeks apart, and the third was given at least eight weeks after the second dose. Each of the three doses is three micrograms, one-tenth of what adults get.

      For many children, the gap between the second and third shot was significantly longer than the eight weeks set by the protocol. For children 2-to-4-years-old, the median interval between the second and third shots was 10.7 weeks. It was 12.9 weeks for the younger children.

      Assuming both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are cleared, parents and pediatricians will have a choice. Some might prefer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine because of preliminary indications that it is more effective. But the three-shot regimen takes longer to complete than Moderna’s two-shot series, which might discourage some parents. On the other hand, the Moderna vaccine tends to cause more fevers, the data shows.

      Most children are expected to get their shots in pediatricians’ offices but states and communities also are planning vaccine clinics, and some pharmacies will administer shots. Some sites will offer both vaccines, but many pediatricians’ offices say they will provide just one.

      Sallie Permar, an expert in pediatric vaccines at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, said her facility will offer both.

      “While there may be some confusion, it gives you more flexibility,” Permar said. “Parents can weigh all the information and decide.”

      On Friday, the FDA said the Moderna two-shot regimen produced the required immune response. The vaccine was shown to be 51 percent effective in preventing illness in children between 6 months and 2 years old, and 37 percent effective in children 2-to-5-years-old.

      Vaccines for young children have followed a twisting — and often confusing — path, marked by disappointing results, delays and changes in regulatory strategies.

      Pfizer and BioNTech initially tested a two-shot vaccine regimen but announced last December that the approach failed to meet the immune-response goal for the 2-to-4-year-old group. The vaccine makers added a third shot to their trial, delaying vaccine availability by months.

      But in late January, federal officials made the surprising suggestion that there might be a path forward for the two-dose regimen, despite the disappointing results. They said that even if the vaccine missed the immune response target, which is measured in the laboratory, the vaccine still might protect children from infections.

      But that data turned out to be disappointing, too, with only 28.3 percent effectiveness, according to the most recent figures, reflecting the emergence of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. The FDA dropped the plan to accelerate the vaccine and decided to await results from a third dose.

  5. A change of pace at the Temple Mount: Pali sermon at al-Aqsa denounces Hindus, incites righteous hatred. Shows solidarity with the Pakistanis.

    Maybe the Filthy Turk set it up; he’s having an affair with the Paki-in-Chief. The Pali establishment owes fealty to the Sultan. They don’t like him, but he pays well, supports them diplomatically, and shelters their terrorist leaders.

    While most Arab Sunnis detest everything Ottoman, the South Asian Sunnis are open. Now they’re saturated with Turk media. It’s a novelty. Massive outreach, both news and entertainment with first-rate production values. Perfect pitch revision of history.

    China encourages this relationship. Both Pakistan and Turkey are essential for the BRI. China’s abuse of Uyghurs – a Turkic people – doesn’t seem to faze these tardish hypocrites.

  6. How sweet!
    Statement from Senator Warren and Senator Markey on “Mapping” Project

    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement about the “Mapping” Project:

    “At this moment of rising anti-Semitism, racist attacks, and political violence, this ‘mapping’ of the Jewish community is dangerous and irresponsible. We strongly condemn anti-Semitism and will continue working for the safety of all vulnerable people at home and abroad.”
    Emily Schrader – @emilykschrader
    You mapped where Jews live in Boston and distributed it to the public because you dislike Israel…that’s not ”pro-Palestine” it’s antisemitic.

    You don’t feel “safe?” I guess now you understand the position you put the Jewish community in…So cry me a f***ing river.

  7. ‘Native Land Acknowledgments’ Are the Latest Woke Ritual
    You may soon be ordered to confess you live or work on territory stolen from indigenous peoples.

    George Brown College, a public institution in Toronto, recently required students and faculty joining a Zoom meeting to agree to a long mea culpa:

    “This land is the territory of the Huron-Wendat, Mississaugas, Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee. . . . As settlers . . . we benefit from the colonization and genocide of the Indigenous peoples of this land. . . . It is imperative we constantly engage in acts of awareness and decolonization.”

    Such “land acknowledgments” – a listing of indigenous tribes that have inhabited the area, followed by apologies for the institution’s “settler colonialism” – have in the past decade become ubiquitous in Canada and are catching on in the U.S.

    The trend might have started in Australia, where government functions commonly begin with a “Welcome to the Country” from an aboriginal elder – depicting Australian citizens as aliens who need a figurative visa stamp…

    The statements are objectionable both in their content and their coerciveness. Like the practice of listing one’s “pronouns,” they creep quickly into the mainstream from the academic fringe. As these deeply ideological declarations become a prerequisite for academic and other kinds of speech, the unwoke on campus will be only further silenced and isolated.

    No paywall!

    • global news – How Canadians can support National Indigenous History Month

      First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have played a big part in shaping this country — though their efforts haven’t always been recognized.

      Thirteen years ago, the House of Commons declared June as National Indigenous History month. And as more people become aware of issues the communities have faced — like residential schools — some are calling for more education and more action.

    • Historic sites will get a strong Indigenous voice if law passes

      ‘A stronger voice for Indigenous peoples’: The Trudeau government has introduced legislation that allows for greater Indigenous participation in the designation and protection of federal historic sites.

      • The Communist govt of NZ got into this a couple decades ago. A country with more sheep than people. Who gave up their guns and re-elected Ardern.

        But – good news?! – they intend to cut drastically the size of herds. Livestock flatulence => Global warning.

        This is about reducing MEAT consumption. “Winds” passed in that remote location are rapidly dissipated. Stinks of WEF gas.

    • He is full of shit – there were only two places in Canada were treaties were not signed. I believe one has been settled.

    • Vera recalls Indigenous practices being punished at residential school

      The school staff made Indigenous children feel ashamed of their languages and cultures.

    • AUSTRALIA – Voice to Parliament will ‘permanently divide’ Australians by race

      IPA Executive Director John Roskam says an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will “permanently divide” Australians according to their skin colour, race and background.

      He said it “demolishes” Australia’s very successful “multi-ethnic community”.

      “The idea that you can’t now speak in favour of racial equality, the idea that you can’t speak in favour of the idea that we shouldn’t be defined by our skin colour I think is a very sad statement of the condition Australia is in now,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

    • Embracing Indigenous Wisdom Video

      Showcasing the First Nations perspective of partnering with Cascadia Seaweed and Indigenous Participation in the Seaweed Sector is critically important for the future of Canadian aquaculture.

      Our business partners at Cascadia Seaweed are Indigenous coastal communities. We learn from the people in each community about ways they have traditionally used or harvested seaweed, and where seaweed grows naturally. Each community is unique and holds valuable local knowledge. We encourage others to get to know the Indigenous peoples on the land on which they live.

      This video was created for Seaweed Around the Clock 2022 as a way to highlight the importance of Indigenous partners in our business and the sector in British Columbia.

      Is it OK to eat seaweed everyday?

      It is possible to eat too much seaweed, especially if it contains large amounts of iodine, which can affect thyroid health.
      A small 2020 study suggests that consuming seaweed may cause high iodine exposure, which can lead to a thyroid condition. A 2019 review notes that seaweed may also contain heavy metals.

  8. Turkey Targeting Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, Greece

    This means that Turkey will once again attack Kurds in Syria in an attempt to push them out of the region and claim their lands. These Kurdish groups that Erdogan labels “terrorists,” however, just so happen to be US allies who fought ISIS.

    Erdogan has publicly claimed parts of northern Syria, and Sinjar and Kirkuk in Iraq as part of Turkey in his dream for a new Ottoman Empire. In 2016, for instance, he referred to Misak-? Milli (“the National Pact”), which contains six decisions about the borders of the Ottoman Empire made by the last term of the Ottoman Parliament in 1920.

    The National Pact includes claims to parts of Iraq and Syria. “We have responsibilities in accordance with Misak-? Milli,” Erdogan said. “Concerning ourselves with Iraq, Syria, Libya, Crimea, Karabakh, Bosnia and other brother regions is both a duty and a right of Turkey.”

    Meanwhile, Erdogan’s expansionist policies keep targeting Iraq, Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and the Turkish-occupied northern part of the Republic of Cyprus, among other places.

    Meanwhile, Turkey’s latest military offensive, named “Operation Claw Lock,” against northern Iraq (including the majority Kurdish-populated regions) is still ongoing.

    Turkey, under Erdogan, has become an increasingly destabilizing force in the region, and will presumably keep on destabilizing it until it is stopped.

    • Another tyrant on the move because we have a puppet President and a puppeteer that hates the US. We are in the opening stages of a World War that will last for decades

      • It’s a heartbreaking story the media chooses to ignore. Yazidis, Assyrian Christians, assorted ancient minorities live in these territories. Kurds have a little bit of everything, though most Kurdish Jews left for Israel.

        Diversity has NOT been a strength for them.
        They’ve managed to work at cross-purposes forever.

  9. global news – Migration declaration introduced as Summit of the Americas meeting wraps up

    The Summit of the Americas is wrapping up its final day in Los Angeles. And with it, a new agreement to address one of the western hemisphere’s most pressing issues: irregular migration.

    U.S. President Joe Biden has announced an agreement dubbed the “Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection.”

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has used his time at the summit to advocate for everything from pushing for more support for Ukraine to pushing for gender equality and finishing the fight against COVID-19.

    • Summit of the Americas: Migration at top of early agenda and the role Canada has to play

      But with Mexico deciding to skip the summit due to the decision not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, it will make it difficult for the leaders attending to come to a consensus on irregular migration — one of the biggest problems in the hemisphere.

      As David Akin explains, those on the front lines of the migration crisis believe Canada has a role to play.

      + COMMENTS on the YT page

  10. Dr.Snekotron
    I keep seeing this stupid article pop up on my feed, with people celebrating supposedly how the Western media is being brought to heel and is being forced to admit the truth. This is wishful thinking. It is a psyop article. /1…

    Even with Russia’s material advantages, a 20:1 advantage in artillery (40:1 in ammunition) on Russia’s side would entail a complete, rapid collapse of Ukrainian lines. There would not be enough Ukrainian artillery to even conduct artillery skirmishes. /2

    Moreover it has nonsensical statistics like outnumbered in artillery range – artillery restricted to a range of 25 kilometres, while the enemy can strike from 12 times that distance. They are literally counting Iskander for 300km range

    What the hell is a Tochka missile, then? /3

    Together with the hyping of Russian armaments and downplaying the Ukrainians’ own, the article also downplays Ukrainian losses, using Zelensky’s 100 killed figure and ignoring prisoners in the LDPR to say Russia only has 5600 POWs /4

    And the puzzle is completed when towards the end it hypes up the capabilities of Western weapons systems – “Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems supplied by the US and UK have proved effective in the battlefields around Kyiv and Kharkiv and remain so in the Donbas.” /5

    “Switchblade attack drones have also inflicted significant damage on the Russians.”

    And what’s more?

    “The assessment was compiled before the announcement by the British government that it will supply a small number of M270 multiple-launch rocket system” /6

    So let’s put all parts of this narrative together:
    1. Russia has many more weapons than Ukraine
    2. Despite this Ukraine is holding out reasonably well
    3. Western weapons are good and Ukraine isn’t wasting them
    4. Game changers are coming.

    Stop falling for this shit. /7 END

    • Dr.Snekotron @snekotron Jun 11
      Sources from both sides, Legitimate (Ukrainian) and Old Eddy (Russian) talking about the media games played by Zelensky and the West. [image]

      Quote tweet: Gareth Richmond @richmond_gareth
      That was fast. The military situation for Ukraine must be catastrophic if Biden is already dusting of the Afghanistan play book and blaming his Quisling puppet for losing America’s proxy war.
      Jun 11, 2022

      You have to understand it’s not about winning for Zelensky. He is sacrificing his army in a desperate bid for Western weapons, but he needs the war more than victory for his survival. Before the war he was heading towards an election loss and getting put in prison by Poroshenko.

      Now, he gets to suppress dissent, send his opponents off to be killed, and if there’s a battlefield loss, there is a built-in betrayal narrative of backers who didn’t support Ukraine enough. And he gets to be an international superstar who can fuck off to the West afterwards.

      Not bad for a guy who was polling in the 20% range, with cabinet ministers targeted by assassinations, and staring at a recall election before this kicked off.

  11. Dr.Snekotron @snekotron [edited]
    __Quote Tweet__
    Feliks @albnicL Jun 10 Replying to @snekotron
    How do you explain the fervent adherence of western media to zelensky PR, coordination or just audience capture?

    A very good question, and one that I will use as a jumping off point. Just why is the Western media so aligned with the Zelensky team’s provocations and media narratives? It’s fundamentally an alignment of interests. /1

    While some will say that the media is just whatever the “deep state” tells them to say, and there is much truth to the role govt plays in shaping media narratives, this view is too simplistic as it does not account for factions within the govt and the agency of journalists. /2

    In their minds Western press has created a mythology around itself as the protector of free speech and the common people, based on the legacy of legendary investigative journalists like Ida B. Wells who exposed the epidemic of lynching in the Southern USA. /3

    However, today, journalism is professionalized and bureaucratized, and independent, investigative journalism is mostly dead. There are fewer opportunities for these types to make a name for themselves, and large corporations own even the local outlets. /4

    Not saying that oligarchs didn’t dominate media before (they certainly did) but there’s little room nowadays for bottom-up journalism, but how do these types live out their dreams of speaking truth to power while protecting their roles within a structured corporate environment?/5
    You can’t accuse a paper of being a government stooge if it spends every other article criticizing the government, right? The Ukraine narrative is in a way an ideal tool for sustaining the mythology of Western “free press” and their cultural role as the guarantors of freedom. /9

    This has long been the case with the German media, which (perhaps in conjunction with certain elements inside the state, like the Greens) seemingly every week exposes how the Scholz admin isn’t doing enough and trying to sabotage Ukraine. /10

    The danger of this kind of journalism, though, is that it can whip the public into a frenzy that will straitjacket the government into pursuing a fruitless policy path. I’ve already noted how the European public is far more anti-Russian than even the Brussels elites. /11

    So right now, Western governments, if they want an off-ramp to their [Ukraine] trash fire, they will have to negotiate hazards like a press and a public that will never forgive them for doing so. Saving grace might be who, due to distance, have more baseline apathy towards [Ukraine]. /12 END

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