US Soviet like disinformation and propaganda war against its own constitution using January 6th (Tucker for June 9th 2022)

What we are about to learn is, the USA is best at everything. Including communism.

Disinformation Panels, Corrupt FBI Activity, Govt Control over Speech in Social Media, The J6 Propaganda Effort, it is One Long Continuum

Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized DOJ and FBI; instead, what they did was take the preexisting system and retool it, so the weapons only targeted one side of the political continuum.  This point is where many people get confused, it is also the most critical element that Washington DC must hide in the aftermath.

The systems of government were retooled during the administration of Barack Obama to fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between government and the American people.  Their success in that objective is the discomfort you see, feel and deal with every day.

The people who created the Fourth Branch of Government used every tool in their arsenal to outlast and remove Donald Trump; then they turned to the one cognitively challenged candidate who would not be a threat to the construct, Joe Biden, and installed him through fraud and mail-in ballots.  Everything is downstream from this construct.


Jeremy Brown: J6 political prisoner

TONIGHT ONLY — WATCH “THE TRUTH ABOUT JANUARY 6th” Documentary: Narrated by Political Prisoner Jake Lang from Inside Solitary Confinement! MUST WATCH!

Video: “PSYOP The Steal – Full Documentary By Millie Weaver”

TWO-TIERED JUSTICE: FBI Raids Home of Popular MI GOP Gov Candidate Charged With MISDEMEANORS Related To Jan 6…How Many Antifa/BLM Homes Were Raided After They Threatened Trump on June 9? [VIDEO]

This morning, the Allendale, MI, home of Ryan Kelley, a popular GOP gubernatorial candidate and father of six children, was raided by agents of the FBI from the Grand Rapids office. Kelley was also arrested.

A full 17 months after the events of January 6 at our nation’s Capitol, the FBI has apparently discovered that Ryan Kelley was standing outside of the Capitol and must be publicly humiliated and punished for his actions.

In the following video, he doesn’t even mention how she bought a TON of stock right before she passed a law that allowed Amazon to be the only store that was allowed to sell anything other than food. Caution: Language:


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19 Replies to “US Soviet like disinformation and propaganda war against its own constitution using January 6th (Tucker for June 9th 2022)”

  1. “Revolver’s Jan. 6th Reporting Changed the Game: Read Our Top Jan. 6 Investigative Stories Here” – Revolver News – June 18, 2021

    “Meet Ray Epps, Part2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6” Revolver news – December 18, 2021

    • Thanks EB for the links. If the truth is to be told, a new Congressional investigation must be held and I doubt it will happen.

      • You are right, it is unlikely that many new investigations will be held.

        The Dems keep talking about Jan 6 being an attempt to overthrow an election. The Repubs keep calling this an attempt to stop a large victory in November.

        What I see is an attempt to Demonize anyone who refuses to say they don’t believe the lies of the Dems. By declaring that anyone that opposed them is evil the Dems are oking violence against their political opponents.

        I don’t know which Western nation will be the first to start a Civil War, but I do know the war will spread to all nations.

  2. The actions of the Dems during the 2020 election and the 1/6/2021 incident are straight out of Soviet/Nazi playbook. The readers who know me know I have been predicting a long and bloody Civil War for a long time. Civil Wars take a long time to start and this one has been 30+ years forming.

  3. the gateway pundit – BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Liars EDITED OUT FOOTAGE Last Night of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland’s Death from FROM KEY WITNESS TESTIMONY! See LEAKED VIDEO HERE!!

    A more complete version of Quested’s footage was released by a source to the public this morning. It contains never-before-seen footage of Rosanne Boyland and Ashli’s Babbitt’s bodies. Here it is:

    MORE :

  4. channel 4 UK – January 6 hearing: Harrowing unseen footage released of Capitol riot

    It became known as the ‘Big Lie’: the notion, formulated inside Donald Trump’s head that he had in fact won the election.

    He clung to it even though his own attorney general, daughter, son-in-law and chief of staff as well as all the evidence spelled out he was wrong.

    And yet such was the power of Trump that his lie helped to mobilise a mob that came close to overturning American democracy.

    Meanwhile millions of Americans and the vast majority of Republicans in Congress continue to indulge in Trump’s fantasy, dismiss the televised hearings as distraction and seem to be preparing for a challenge, should they lose again.

  5. They cheated the viewers of hearing Trump’s words

    Alan Dershowitz sounds off on the January 6th Committee omitting part of Donald Trump’s speech on January 6th.

  6. “Colonel Shawn Smith: To Ensure Safe Elections, We Must Remove All Election Machines” Bannon’s War Room – June 10, 2022

    “Shawn Smith Discusses The Risk In Using Any Computer Component Manufactured With Parts That Are Made In China” by Frank Clips – June 11, 2022

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