Bill Mahar on the queering of America and the LGBTQ fraud


One may note that all the sexual activities the government-media-education complex celebrates, even insists on, have one thing in common. They do not produce babies. The Trans-nonsense they subject little kids to all lead to one outcome. Sterilization. Clearly all the leftist nonsense and hyperbole about minority rights based on sexual proclivities are a cover for a depopulation agenda. It is the ONLY consistent thing about all the issues.

With the left, the point is never the point. The Revolution is always the point. And clearly one aspect of the revolution is to stop people from having babies.


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  1. Ever notice how the ‘New World Order’ people never mention what kind of Government, which religion will be the “One World Religion”, or whom they want to be in charge? The NWO globalists don’t directly say what sort of government or religion they desire to impose, but it’s no secret either. Their publications openly advocate secular humanism/atheism, and they constantly promote socialism and economic ‘redistribution’. Redistribution is a rather good racket for the elites in charge because they get to skim a lot of it as it goes through the government. In short, it’s warmed-over Marxist communism.

    It is all planned down to the smallest detail and designed to further instill “Agenda 21” and institute “One World Government”. President Trump is trying to do what he needs to do to halt or delay those plans… Even his presence in the Whitehouse instead of the Traitor Clinton is stopping their progress… and those are the main reasons that the Leftists hate him and want him out of office!

    Ever notice how Climate Change. Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Rights, Transgenderism, the latest emanation of “Obama Care” and protecting the Vaccine Industry are some of the Leftist’s favorite ‘causes’? They are designed to reduce or partially eliminate the next generation! Gun Control is designed to eliminate any effective opposition when the NWO take-over is attempted.

    It is all part of Population Control that the New World Order wants to achieve.
    Their goal is to reduce the world’s population to what they believe is a “sustainable” Five Hundred Million!

    Eventually, the Reduction of the Population must devolve into wholesale murder to achieve the goal. Then those many legions assigned the lower echelon tasks of eliminating the ‘Unchosen Ones’ will, in turn, be eliminated too, (because they have worked themselves out of the job and have become redundant) lest they try to stage a coup and take over the new “Government”.

    But of course, the NWO people all believe that they will be among those five hundred million that are allowed to remain, and that THEY themselves will be counted among the Elite Leaders of the world!
    Remember when the Communists took over in Russia, there was much struggle and maneuvering from the Communist Leadership to rise to the top and stay there, there were many murders and denunciations, and no one was safe!
    Many of those who thought they were going to be among the new ‘elite’ were either killed or went to Siberia, for an ‘extended vacation’.

    Advocates of Eugenics Have a new term to justify Killing People: “Population Engineering” According to them: There are two strands to population engineering: population control to protect the environment and eugenics to shape the “structure”, or composition of the population. Both are necessary and reproductive freedom (abortion) is an obstacle to accomplishing both of them.

  2. Communism is what they want. It’s what ALL parasites want. The rich ones get richer without having to work for it while the poor ones get handouts without having to work for it. Only the productive ones are enslaved.

    Globalism is communism. Globalism began in China. Ergo, our western globalists are collaborators with China. They want very much to destroy the west so that China can more easily take over. That is the one world government they want, and there will be no tolerance for any religious claptrap in that world.

    As long as the parasites outnumber the producers, there is no hope of stopping the march of communism. As our quality of life deteriorates in the west, there is a slight chance of resistance against the parasites, but who can say how effective it might be? Parasitic humans are a cancer on the planet, and our societal error stems from allowing such belial trash to survive at all, let alone thrive. I hope our descendants learn from this era and stop supporting human garbage.

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