Steyn calls out Schwab, and Zero doses of mRNA vaxx has proven to be 100% effective at protecting patients from Pfizer! Links 2 for May 23, 2022

1. Mark Steyn on Klaus Schwab’s Blofeld impersonation, morphing into a pretty familiar Nazi theme.

Mark made an en passant remark about “Tomorrow Belongs to me”. That was a Nazi song from the movie, Cabaret.

2. Another great Alex Berenson post. CNN seems to be setting up the government to gently pivot from forcing the mRNA shots, to admitting it doesn’t work.

From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me*

CNN just ran a piece explaining that “scientists are urgently trying to solve” the question of whether the endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines.”

(Read at source. Very interesting.)

3. The setup of Davos. A totalitarian Potemkin village.

Mildly amusing:

4. Pfizer says 3 covid shots protect kids under 5.

(But zero shots protect kids of all ages from Pfizer!)

5. Dr. Robert Malone: Fear Porn and Monkey Pox:

Thank you all for your kind attention and a warm welcome to all who joined in the past few days!


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