Rolling Thunder event April 29, 30 in Ottawa: A veteran led event to restore dignity to the War memorial and Cenotaph

On April 29th and 30th in Ottawa, Veterans are coming to Ottawa to circle the Cenotaph and War memorial once and then head back to points of origin. This is not a protest, and has very specific messaging. For more information, social media sights are below. We are encouraged to watch and film and photograph as its pretty easy to see that should controlled COMINTERN media like CBC, CTV, or Global, should they bother to cover it at all, will likely arrive with a prefabricated narrative intended to destroy the purpose of the event and demonize those men and women who have served their country by putting themselves in harm’s way.

Making and sharing records of this event ourselves is at this point, the only way to push back against the state imposed pseudo-reality intended to achieve what is increasingly clearly a WEF (COMINTERN) agenda of the destruction of our institutions, history, modes of organizing society, and ultimately our very individualism and the rights granted therein.

Social Media for Rolling Thunder Ottawa April 29-30th 2022


Rolling Thunder Ottawa OFFICIAL



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3 Replies to “Rolling Thunder event April 29, 30 in Ottawa: A veteran led event to restore dignity to the War memorial and Cenotaph”

  1. For those veterans across Canada who cannot attend in Ottawa…….may I suggest wearing your beret, blazer and medals and head down to your local Cenotaph at 1100 hours…..and lay a red rose or wreath in honor of those who have gone before……in solidarity with those in Ottawa……same day/time as the Ottawa patriots!
    If the homosexual activists can be given a government sanctioned month or more to celebrate their lifestyle…… we not owe our veterans…living and dead… this extra tribute?…….

  2. I hesitated to attend after listening to CFRA Evan Solomon’s interview with Neil this morning. When I saw radical Chris Sky on the schedule for a 2pm speech and Neil couldn’t clearly explain, I was concerned about what sort of group / activities I was getting myself into. I don’t want to be tainted with such elements, neither should Rolling Thunder.

    Besides, the fence around the cenotaph was there to protect it as far as I’m concerned and wasn’t going anywhere therefore, no need to reclaim it.

    The pause at the cenotaph is excellent. However, the main purpose to the protest should be similar to the Truckers Convoy, Rights and Freedom of speech, protest against the socialist/totalitarian direction the gov is heading and continue to divide and sabotage the country every which way in the NWO/WEF interest and other anti-Canadian issues. The national idiot is leading a dysfunctional, irresponsible and unaccountable gov.

    So, I’ll attend but won’t stay if the organizers are responsible for any radical, hate and what-have-you nefarious activities infiltrating and soiling proper goals of this protest. Bear in mind that external radical groups might take advantage to disrupt and ruin the real purpose of the protest; who knows, they may have Trudeau’s blessing.

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