Some government documents and some court rulings: Links 1, April 19, 2022

1. Here is a fun document from Australia on vacinating people while unconscious for an unrelated procedure:

Money quote:

Risks and benefits of opportunistic vaccination during sedation for an unrelated procedure
Opportunistic vaccination during an unrelated elective procedure undertaken under sedation or anaesthesia may be appropriate for some patients and should be strongly promoted when possible as it could avoid the need for a separate episode of sedation.

At this point its best to get a local I think.

2. This document is alleged to be from the White House:

Still pumping getting shots into arms by using the power of the state in ways, especially in the US, that power was never, ever meant to be used.

Meanwhile, the courts in the US declared mask mandates unlawful and people on airplanes across the US literally breathed a sigh of relief. Except for petty tyrants, Karens and Neils, who saw their power evaporate in a flash mid-flight. Instead of being adult school hall monitors, able to dish out detentions at will and with the backing of police and authority in general, now they just look like dweebs.

“And the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land” -Hegel.

3. New Jersey to make grooming of children mandatory in schools

4. This may be the first hard question Freeland has had since before her days at the WEF

5. What a fascinating look at how the government broke all charter rights of Canadians when they seized bank accounts of people who contributed to the Trucker protest. From this article. 

Thank you all for your thoughtful and important contributions on very complex and important issues.

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8 Replies to “Some government documents and some court rulings: Links 1, April 19, 2022”

  1. How does a person give informed consent under sedation? How is information given to a sedated person? How do people in psychiatric wards, for that matter, give informed consent? Clearly, none of it matters.

    • I guess you didn’t see/read or understood the tiny fine-print in Maltese written in Sanskrit before you signed the paper for the removal of your appendix.
      That’s though luck old man.

      How they can get away with all of this is simply astonishing

  2. 4- Her head wasn’t bobbing. Was it stuck?

    People celebrating no-mask announcement on planes–the mandate keeps the mask on law-abiding people for public consumption, not for science. Once lifted, common sense breaths the good air it always knew existed but was afraid to point out.

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