All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for April 18, 2022

1. Ukraine Lviv – The logistics center and the large consignments of foreign weapons that were delivered to Ukraine over the past 6 days from the United States and European countries were destroyed.

(Please check back over the day, here and in the comments under this post, and check the reader’s links for many items on the Ukraine Russia war.)

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  1. Who is pushing Zelenskyi to protract this war? Something just so wrong about the actor guy that became President. He’s willing to destroy his nation, he’s supporting the brain exodus of the best of his people, all to prolong the situation with no compromise.

  2. The late Prof. Stephen Cohen of Princeton was always too far left for my comfort zone, but his analysis of everything in the Russia/Soviet space could never be discounted.

    This video was recorded in 2015, after the 2014 Ukraine crisis. It’s one of the best, most balanced presentations I’ve seen anywhere.

    This is a family affair: a civil war. That’s the worst kind of war. Exploitation by outside Western interests is so evil, it will surely bring the wrath of Heaven upon our own heads.

  3. According to DC, spending 4 billion for a wall to defend our own border from invasion was way too expensive.
    Now according to DC, spending MULTIPLES MORE than that to defend one corrupt foreign country’s border from another corrupt foreign country’s invasion is not too expensive?

    I think those in DC need to reread their job descriptions.

    • The Wall would save us money! And benefit our country.

      This dirty business has nothing to do with us, harms those we purport to help.

      It’s a money laundry operation. Defense contractor payola. Uke oligarch kickbacks.

      Funds lavish life in foreign policy blob – the cocktail party circuit of think-tanks, academe, speakers’ agencies, etc.

    • India – the non-migrating class – observes our border crisis.

      US witnesses rise in illegal migration, arrests 210,000 migrants at Mexico border | WION

      US border authorities have made a record number of arrests, and over 210,000 migrants have been put behind bars. This is the highest monthly tally in two decades. Joe Biden’s good intentions have backfired because many people believe that Biden’s easing has prompted more illegal migrations.

    • It really looks like WW III is just around the corner.
      And as long as the “Elites” can sacrifice the gullible for their own enrichment they will do so and forment those Wars.
      It’s always the same, provide men with a sufficient, attractive set of ideals to flatter themselves with, and you can command them to do anything for the sake of the cause, while they themselves sit back and enjoy the show.

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