CTV knows NEVER to drop the con, a look at the last of the critical thinkers: Links 1, April 18, 2022

1. We often say that most media these days is enemy propaganda. Although frankly dealers in disinformation would be perhaps more accurate, although its usually a blend of both. Here is CTV shepherding many Canadians to serious consequences.

Click through and read the comments under that Tweet. Especially the ones it hides as offensive. Cause they are usually the ones that contain the proof that CTV is lying, and often with Pfizer’s own data.

2. Rare, severe liver damage reported in kids in U.S. and Europe

(Being young and healthy and free of disease turns out to be a major health crisis in many cases. Especially if you are very athletic)

Public health officials in Europe and the United States are investigating dozens of puzzling cases of severe hepatitis in young children.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. The cause is often a virus, but the viruses that commonly cause the illness — hepatitis A, B, C, D and E — have been ruled out in the cases in question, leaving doctors searching for the culprit.

In several cases, the illness was so severe that the children needed a liver transplant. No deaths have been reported.

The World Health Organization on Friday said it was investigating 74 cases of severe acute hepatitis in children under age 13 in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Three cases were also reported in Spain, the WHO said. It’s not clear when symptoms for most of the children began, but of the first 10 identified in the U.K., nine got sick in March and one in January 2022, according to the WHO.

(In a non-communist world built on reality, some correlation between the administration of an experimental never before used, gene therapy and freakish health issues would at least be mentioned in passing. Not here though, or in any other case of mysterious disease and death)

3. This has to go on the Ten Biggest Government Lies of the 2020s.

For those who don’t remember, this is the Trudeau government’s policies and methods for being dealers in lies.

But this still counts as the most dangerous, and effective lie of the last couple of years I suspect. The contest is still open though. Amazing how many people claim ‘they’ never said this.

4. Anti-parasite drug ivermectin can suppress ovarian cancer by regulating lncRNA-EIF4A3-mRNA axes

Ivermectin, as an old anti-parasite drug, can suppress almost completely the growth of various human cancers, including ovarian cancer (OC). However, its anticancer mechanism remained to be further studied at the molecular levels. Ivermectin-related molecule-panel changes will serve a useful tool for its personalized drug therapy and prognostic assessment in OCs.


To explore the functional significance of ivermectin-mediated lncRNA-EIF4A3-mRNA axes in OCs and ivermectin-related molecule-panel for its personalized drug therapy monitoring.


Based on our previous study, a total of 16 lncRNA expression patterns were analyzed using qRT-PCR before and after ivermectin-treated different OC cell lines (TOV-21G and A2780). Stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC)-based quantitative proteomics was used to analyze the protein expressions of EIF4A3 and EIF4A3-binding mRNAs in ovarian cancer cells treated with and without ivermectin. A total of 411 OC patients from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database with the selected lncRNA expressions and the corresponding clinical data were included. Lasso regression was constructed to examine the relationship between lncRNA signature and OC survival risk. The overall survival analysis between high-risk and low-risk groups used the Kaplan-Meier method. Heatmap showed the correlation between risk groups and clinical characteristics. The univariate and multivariate models were established with Cox regression.

(Better stock up before they make us take a “vaccine” for it)

5. How vaccine skeptics are the real critical thinkers.

(Please click through and read it all at source. Its quite an enjoyable read!)

The Asch Experiment

“All experts agree that the vaccine is safe and effective. ”

That was enough to get most people vaccinated. Except that anyone could ask two questions:

  • How can I know that all experts agree, if those disagreeing are not allowed to speak up?
  • How can anyone know that “Covid vaccine” is safe and effective, if no time actually passed to ensure that?

Finally, someone with just a bit of knowledge could also ask a question, “are you sure that it is safe and effective, if no coronavirus vaccine ever worked, and no mRNA product was ever approved”?

The Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a “consensus” of participants agreeing on something that is fairly obviously false, actually ends up agreeing with those false opinions just because everyone else seems to think so.

Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions.

Here is a great addition to your communist to English dictionary. Castration and decapitation are “significant injuries”.


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17 Replies to “CTV knows NEVER to drop the con, a look at the last of the critical thinkers: Links 1, April 18, 2022”

  1. “are you sure that it is safe and effective, if no coronavirus vaccine ever worked, and no mRNA product was ever approved”

    That was actually my initial problem with it.

    That, and having found out that people could get COVID-19 multiple times, my other question was: “If people can catch it a second time after about 6 months, how will the vaccine do better than that?”

    The followup comment to this is: “The risk profile of vaccine vs COVID-19 should be rated not on a lifetime basis, but on the basis of the length of immunity [nowadays, I’d add: ‘if any’] provided.”

    A coherent answer to the immunity question was never provided. Which is the point when I began having some very serious doubts about was was being pushed/sold.

  2. The only thing BBC had to say about Shanghai was that 3 very elderly people had died, maybe covid related. Food shortages in some part of city. No reference to the total imprisonment of 25 million people, the screaming, the starvation, the mass suicides. So, BBC is spokesman for Xi now.

  3. Terry Glavin:
    Passover, Easter, Ramadan, Riots…
    . . . and a flock of Liberals who sound exactly like a bunch of Khomeinists.

    [N]otice what immediately preceded the rioting and rock-throwing Friday, and the arrest of more than 450 Palestinians, most of whom were released after an overnight stay behind bars. About 150 people were injured in the melee.

    It has all the hallmarks of a classic, well-played and meticulously-manufactured antisemitic panic: The Jews were about to “storm” Al-Aqsa; the Israeli authorities had approved a Zionist goat-slaughtering desecration of the Haram esh-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary…

    The rioters had barricaded themselves inside Al-Aqsa, causing severe damage to the place. Somebody had to get them out of there and bring the violence – and as secular as I prefer my diction to be, desecration is not too harsh a word – to an end. The job fell to Israeli police. The mosque was cleared in time for 50,000 worshippers to go about their peaceful devotions at noon prayers. End of story.

    But of course that’s not the end of the story…

    Condemnations of Israel have been pouring out of Iran, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, and Kuwait. Even the Taliban complained that its delicate sensibilities had been disturbed…
    [screen-loads of Canadian outrage]

    So, there you have it. If you are a Liberal in Canada you have been sternly admonished to understand that what happened at Al-Aqsa on Friday wasn’t about a bunch of stone-throwing yobs incited by an antisemitic conspiracy theory that was already hoary and thoroughly discredited in the time of their grandpappies.

    It wasn’t about a bunch of vandals setting off fireworks in one of Islam’s holiest precincts preventing Muslims from worshipping in their accustomed ways on one of the holiest days of the year. It ws about those mean Israelis, doing what Israelis do, again and again, which is trample on the dignity of innocent Muslims during the Holy Month of Ramadan…


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