Masks Mosques, Vaxx and Russian Cyber attacks: Links 2, March 21, 2022

1. Ontario students plan walkout because they want everyone to continue to be forced to wear masks

Please look closely at the logo on the sign behind the reporter speaking in front of the school. It is the TDSB logo which suspiciously looks like an Islamic crescent and star. It is the school board which has the Mosqueterias where students are segregated into men in front, women behind, and menstruating women behind the women. It is also notoriously left wing.

2. Its fun to follow DawnTJ90 on Twitter. Every day she busts Global Warming narrative fails.

3. Paul Alexander Substack: Pfizer offered me $1 million & $50,000 month wage; essentially to stop writing & hammering them/Bourla; I have had limited patchy broken income due to being cancelled, smeared; I said NO!

I joined McCullough, Malone, Vanden Bossche, Rische, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Wolf,Urso et al. willingly, to wage battle for society & our children when doctors & scientists & governments failed, corrupted

Yes, this happened. That I would not call out Bourla again.

And I will say again, Bourla and Bancel and all at FDA, all at NIH, Fauci et al., all who have acted in this COVID fraud, must be allowed to defend their decisions and policies as we live in good governance etc. and we function with laws (though many argue the judicial system is corrupted) but if we show in proper legal inquiring and public inquiries that their actions costed lives, that their decisions killed people, that people and children died as a result, then they must be held to account with jail time! Financial penalties and jail time.

I am hurt financially, personally, as are a core 12-15 of us globally who have stood up, but the fight we are in is beyond money.

Please read the rest at the link above.

4. At least seven people are hospitalized including juvenile detainees after fentanyl was ‘released through air vents’ at Ohio detention center

At least seven people at a juvenile detention and rehabilitation center in Ohio were hospitalized Sunday after fentanyl was released through air vents, officials said.   

Three correction officers and four juveniles at the Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Training and Rehabilitation Center in Stryker were taken to the hospital. 

The Williams County Sheriff’s Office and the fire department responded to the incident around 8.30pm after reports that the detainees had collapsed. 

Chief deputy Jeff Lehman said that everyone is stable and expected to recover. 

Responders found that fentanyl had been released in the air ventilation system. Authorities are investigating the incident, Lehman said. 

Officials did not say how the highly-dangerous drug wound up in the ventilation system.

5. We need to start looking at Russia as a threat to the West now no matter what the facts are in the Ukraine

(I am hearing indications that Russia may be going into Poland. If this is the case, all the arguments for Russia in Ukraine are moot at least and irrelevant certainly..)

Thank you all for your kind attention. 

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7 Replies to “Masks Mosques, Vaxx and Russian Cyber attacks: Links 2, March 21, 2022”

  1. “Potential cyberattacks” Ha!

    Got news for you kiddies, it’s been going down for at least the last 2.5 weeks. I’m seeing it in my logs from Russia, China, Venezuela, Korea, India, Kazakhstan, etc. – a jump in attempted break-ins by orders of magnitude. Added Russian and Chinese IP ranges to my firewall at home which has reduced “activity” considerably. Employer added multiple counties to their block lists as well. Russian actors already bypassing some 2FA systems (known exploits from last year lazy bastards here in the U.S. haven’t gotten around to patching).

    If they are hitting home ISP broadband connections this hard:

    1. There is some serious horsepower behind these attacks – no “cyber-gang” wastes their time and resources on relentlessly bombarding home internet.
    2. This is probably just the opening salvo..looking for hijack victims to use for staging on-shore assaults so it makes blocking IP ranges from specific countries less effective. Also good for creating automated botnets.
    3. I’m sure there are loads of home routers that have had zero patches applied since they were installed, and are still using default usernames/passwords. These will be compromised and inventoried for “the big one”.

    Wait until all those hose-bag utility companies that have been sitting on their arses NOT hardening their systems get hit (gotta get that share price up an extra $0.01/share this quarter). Could be epic, unless the Feds are more on top of their game than I think they are. Or maybe we get lucky – dunno. My Magic 8-ball is still in the shop (chip shortage).

      • Only if you connect your router to your VPN and maintain a continuous connection. Then yes, their only way in via TCP would be through that VPN tunnel, because all traffic traversing that router would have to go through the VPN. The VPN becomes your new IP address.

        Malicious UDP connections can possibly bypass a VPN (but not really likely) as most VPNs do not tunnel UDP (most common internet traffic is by TCP). If you connect to your VPN from your laptop or phone, that doesn’t help your home LAN, it just protects your personal device connection. Your router has to be connected directly. Some router setups have this, and others don’t.

        My issue is I need to have a couple of ports open to the outside, and this is where they try to hit. Most consumer routers (including ISP supplied devices) deny new incoming connections by default (which is good). The problem is some of the router firmware isn’t the best and can have security issues. If left unpatched, that can be a problem. Same holds true for people who have remote access to their router enabled, and don’t change the default usernames and passwords.

        People who “game” often times mess with port-forwarding, and this can be an open invitation to an attack.

  2. I think at this time we primarily need to worry about the West as the main threat to the West. And giving credence to scary stories that have no reference point? Haven’t we had enough of that lately? — Which is not to say that Russia is not a threat.

    Russia going to Poland? Riiiight. Like they don’t have enough on their plate. It’s the Poles who have been itching to hit them in Ukraine. I keep my fingers crossed nobody is that stupid…

    • I can’t see this either, because that would mean an all out War, a World War in the making on fast-track.
      I don’t believe that the Russian High-command and Government is that naive or stupid.
      And I seriously hope that the gung-ho West isn’t going to be that stupid either.

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