Canadian doctors still being coerced to coerce us to take the mRNA shots: Links 1, March 10, 2022

1. A group of people work with the owners of the Iconic cafe who has been forced to close for some reason not stated. But its a safe bet its for wrongthink as they continued to serve protestors when the city illegally told businesses that they had to shut down and not serve them, just to inconvenience the protestors.

We did a piece on the Iconic just a day or two before they were made to shut down.

2. As of January 2022, the government appears to have been pushing health care workers to hunt down those who did not take the mRNA using medical data, and trying to pressure them into taking it. They are being offered just shy of $300.00 for doing so.

3. March 9 video with the Canadian prof. of ethics who was fired for, well having ethics. (Just shy of an hour)

4. It appears that the EU put out what is likely a Potemkin request for opinions on a new EU wide, digital ID. Likely what all this Covid vaxx pass was about in the first place.

The request can be seen here.

The document itself can be downloaded here, which details what the thing is.

5. Looks like Italian news did another major faked news item, (Clear proof that it isn’t “fake news”, but enemy propaganda) I believe our collegues are working on a video detailing this crime against the public by “News” services.

Thank you all for your contributions to this effort.

The dawn had better be pretty damn bright considering how dark it’s getting beforehand.

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  1. I am repeating: I saw my doctor yesterday.

    I had spoken to him on the phone a few months ago. And a few days ago, I left him a message about a neuro problem. I repeated in my message how Ivermectin saved my life.

    Now, he agrees with Ivermectin but is terrified of losing his license, he told me. He thinks it is expensive. I told him NO and I saw his interest in wanting to get it. He is not alone in the physician group. They all know, I saw it in his eyes. I spoke of the children, the criminal aspect re health issues.

    Because everything, including phones, are Internet-related, he can’t get the info from me for fear the gov and College of Physicians will intercept and he will lose his license. He told me that. Thus, I’ll have to proceed otherwise.- SAMIZDAT.

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