Interview with 2 witnesses at the Iconic Cafe of police abuse of protestors

The owners of the Iconic Cafe on Slater Street in Ottawa, had a firsthand look at the day the various armed services of Canada moved from being police, which protect the rights, safety and property of Canadians, to state thugs which do pretty much the opposite. Here are video interviews with the owner of the now-closed cafe as of last night, and another man who was in the Cafe on the day the police drove the democratic State of Canada into the first stage of something quite different. Please click though to RAIR FOUNDATION as they have a solid write up and photos which help fill in some of the gaps.

Gaps like, why was the cafe closed yesterday? Why have the signs on the glass all suddenly been removed?

Iconic Cafe Store front as it was on March 2, 2022 the day of the interviews.

Interview with witness:

Interview with Cafe Owner, Enrique

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