Repost: Klaus Schwab’s school for young leaders

Now that a lot more people have heard of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, and its cadre of traitorous politicians inserted into our governments, especially in Canada, to undermine democracy and individual rights, in fact individualism altogether, we felt this would be a good time to repost the videos we did from Reiner Fuelmich’s interview of a man who actually made a study of this line of effort.

First, the Schwab video admitting his influence and school:

Recently, we posted a video of Schwab congratulating himself for having taken over Canada in the form of Trudeau and many of his cabinet members. So those of you who may not have bothered with these videos last time they were posted, may find them of more importance now.

Ever wonder why so many leaders are young, stupid, unaccomplished lefties with thin resumes? Well the explanation may be right here. Not just leaders, but a LOT of ‘health ministers’. Like Canada’s minister of health, who has exactly zero medical training and was in fact, a graphic designer. But somehow, she is a first world country’s minister of health. And we can all see how well that’s going.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the herculean effort required to translate these videos, and RAIR Foundation who wrote it up here really excellently.

If the videos do not work for you, please try the source links below:


Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

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  1. The last three videos won’t play. Could this be corrected? This is critically important to understand. Thank you.

  2. Schwab said that Putin is one of his “young leaders.” How does that add up? He is not young. He was trained by the Soviet Union and the KGB. Way before Uncle Klaus had anything going. Is Schwab lying?

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