A few items on the non-removal of the Emergency Measures Act and the state of the protest and Ottawa

The core of Downtown around the War Memorial and Cenotaph as well as the area around Parliament remain actually under siege and actually blocked off by police. To be clear, the truckers NEVER laid siege to any part of Ottawa. At no time did they deny access to people for goods services or food. That is what laid siege means. You block of a people or a population from getting supplies till they die or surrender. This is what the muslims did to Constantinople for a long time till it fell and became Istanbul. That was a siege. What the truckers did, was a protest in the form of a festival. I know. I was there on at least ten different occasions, morning afternoon and night. There was no threat or blocks. There was always a lane for emergency vehicles. People danced in the streets and anyone could come and go as they pleased and hundreds of thousands did all told.

The police however, have blocked it for over a week, with a “your papers please” mentality and concrete and steel fences blocking access to the core. Sometimes blocking all people access like last week. Exits from the main highway through Ottawa were blocked to downtown. Which is a total violation of the rules on protesting as you see in the video above.

I also heard from one of the organizers of the protest, that over 200 bank accounts remain frozen, despite the alleged ending of the EMA. And remember, they used stolen information to know who contributed and acted on that. Which is a crime. So Canadians, treat your banks with a jaundiced eye from now on.

As usual, the police, AKA the State, is guilty of everything they accused the protestors of being. This includes being fomenters of hatred and divisiveness. This was done by the state propagandists at the CBC, CTV and Global ‘News’.

Below, a video from last Saturday, February 20th, when they had blocked all access to downtown by foot or car.

Giant gate blocking access to Rideau/Wellington St. From Sussex February 19, 2022

And now, February 26th, more just preventing vehicles from getting through…

The photo above is at the top of Elgin St. A main downtown road that ends at the War memorial and splits, one side going towards the Chateau Laurier Hotel, which is the only way traffic can normally go, but pedestrians can walk that way or the other way to the War memorial and on to Parliament which is pretty much across the road. As of yesterday, the public could walk through this barricade but there were several more at the top of parallel streets leading to Wellington, where Parliament is, which was blocked to all traffic, foot and vehicle. 

This roadblock was for all (except police of course) at the top of O’Connor St. leading to Parliament on Wellington. But you could on foot access the area via Elgin St. We did encounter a lone protestor in front of Parliament on Wellington with a Canadian flag, who was pretty clear on why he was there. It was impressive. Especially when its as cold as it was and as its been.

Politicians have a sort of formula.

It goes something like:

If you get an email, because it takes very little effort, that email represents a certain small percentage of the population. I don’t remember the actual number so I’m gonna make them up. But it’s the proportions that matter, not the numbers. Say for an email, it means that another ten feel that way, but can’t be bothered to send an email. So if the politician gets 1000 emails on one side of an issue, it means 10,000 people likely agree with those emails. They may set policy accordingly.

Now let’s say they get a hand written letter by mail. That is a lot more effort. Especially when it isn’t part of a campaign. Now we can say this means, let’s say 100 people agree. (I’m using these numbers to keep the math easy, not because they are correct. But the relative percentages represent.) So if a politician gets 1000 hand written letters, it means likely 100,000 people agree.

If a person shows up to a protest with his face showing and a sign they made, well they likely represent tends of thousands of people who agree with that position.

Now imagine that thousands of people, many thousands, drive across Canada from thousands of miles away and live in their trucks to protest in front of Parliament for 3 weeks till the police went Rambo on them, and that they did this in sub zero Fahrenheit weather. Remember that the bulk of the trucks that came to Ottawa were prevented from ever getting to the protest. I have no idea about the proportions, but at a guess, less than half made it to downtown Ottawa. So let’s take the total mumber of those that made it plus those who came but were prevented from making it downtown and multiply that by what? A lot.

So don’t think this is over.

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4 Replies to “A few items on the non-removal of the Emergency Measures Act and the state of the protest and Ottawa”

  1. Sure,you make some good points,but I have to respect the opinions of the citizens of our Capital ,Ottawa,and the disrespect of the “Truckers” and their entourage for the civil disorder in that city.The occupation of the city center was concerning,and extraordinary measures seemed in order.The necessity for the Emergency Act is debatable,and that it is no longer in force is a reason for comfort.Personally,I generally stand on the line of Rule of Law and civility,and believe tat line was crossed by the occupiers in Ottawa.The Police allowed this unpopular occupation to continue for weeks,so the occupiers made their point,and had their way for what to most of us was more than enough.It shows we are a tolerant country,with an arguably too liberal federal government. Just sayin’.

  2. Sorry, but your calculations are useless.
    I recall being part of large anti-government demonstrations in the 90’s (not in Canada), where we had over 200k people attending. They failed. Numbers alone mean nothing. Numbers + brutal force = there’s a chance. Peaceful protest always ends in defeat. And let’s face it, the Ottawa protests did not have the numbers (i mean people present).

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