Interview with the first protestor arrested in Ottawa: “They broke windows and pulled people from their beds”

Please check the post at RAIR Foundation for the transcript and some related materials on this interview

Related videos on how the truckers, and for that matter the trucks, were treated by police.

(We posted this already, but its here because of the part where police broke into trucks, messed them up and warned each other about possible recording and broadcasting, so you know… don’t do anything illegal 🙂 )

Here’s a nice blast from the past. Remember the G20 meetings in Toronto in 2010 when communist insurgents with their Black Block comrades trashed Toronto in very violent protests? Well back then…

“Mounties shun ‘sound cannons’ in urban settings ahead of G20”

As Toronto Police prepare to show off their new “sound cannons” at a Thursday news conference displaying gear for the G20 summit, the Mounties say they do not use the powerful devices against urban crowds.

Thousands of police officers are teaming up to protect world leaders who will visit Toronto this month, but each force will bring slightly different rules.

“The RCMP’s use of long-range acoustic devices is limited to marine operations and, in this setting, has no concerns,” Julie Gagnon, a spokeswoman for the force wrote in an e-mail to The Globe and Mail.

Critics fear the long-range acoustic devices cause lasting ear damage.

Long Range Acoustic Devices = LRAD.

You can tell what one looks like in this photo from Ottawa Canada within the past 2 weeks. It seems they are perfectly OK with deploying these devices against peaceful protestors who want their actual constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

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