The #Azov Battalion of #Ukraine supported by #NATO & the #US since 2014

Azov Special Operations Detachment (Ukrainian: ??????? ????? ???????????? ??????????? «????», romanizedOkremyi zahin spetsialnoho pryznachennia “Azov”), often known as Azov Detachment, Azov Regiment (Ukrainian: ???? ????, romanizedPolk Azov), or Azov Battalion (until September 2014), is a right-wing extremist[1] and neo-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard unit,[2][3][4][5][6][7] based in Mariupol, in the Azov Seacoastal region.[8] It saw its first combat experience recapturing Mariupol from pro-Russian separatists forces in June 2014.[4] Azov initially formed as a volunteer militia on 5 May 2014 during the Ukrainian crisis.[9] On 12 November 2014, Azov was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine, and since then all members are contract soldiers serving in the National Guard of Ukraine.[10]

In 2014, the regiment gained notoriety after allegations emerged of torture and war crimes as well as neo-Nazi sympathies and usage of associated symbols by the regiment itself, as seen in their logo featuring the Wolfsangel, one of the original symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. Representatives of the Azov Battalion say that the symbol is an abbreviation for the slogan ???? ????? (Ukrainian for “National Idea”) and deny connection with Nazism.[11] In 2014, a spokesman for the regiment said around 10–20% of the unit were neo-Nazis.[12] In 2018, a provision in an appropriations bill passed by the U.S. Congress blocked military aid to Azov on the grounds of its white supremacist ideology; however, in 2015, a similar ban on aid to the group was overturned by the Congress.[6][7] Members of the regiment come from 22 countries and are of various backgrounds.[13][14]

More than half of the regiment’s members speak Russian and come from eastern Ukraine,[15] including cities of Donetsk and Luhansk.[16] The unit’s first commander was far-right nationalist Andriy Biletsky, who led the neo-Nazi Social-National Assembly and Patriot of Ukraine.[17][18] In its early days, Azov was a special police company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by Volodymyr Shpara, the leader of the Vasylkiv, Kyiv, branch of Patriot of Ukraine and Right Sector.[19][20][21] In 2016, members of the non-governmental organization “Azov Civil Corps” and Azov Battalion veterans created the political party National Corps.[22]


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  1. The reason Hitler and Nazism is still celebrated in the Ukraine is because his forces were celebrated as liberators during WW2 – and living under the Nazis was a serious improvement from living under the Soviets.

    So, when the Nazis lost and the Soviets re-took Ukraine (and annexed a part of Slovakia to it), the Ukrainians idolized the Nazis. They were a much lesser evil rulers to live under than the Communists were.

    This is not an exoneration of the Nazis in any way, shape or form – my native land was ravaged by their rule – but rather a condemnation of Communism.

    Literally worse that the Nazis.

    As borne out by history…

  2. I guess that those are the “good” Nazis, because they are supporting the Policies of the Western Governments and the WEF.
    And we are the bad “Nazis” because we support individual Freedom – how that makes us National Collectivists is still boggling my mind.

  3. “More than half of the regiment’s members speak Russian and come from eastern Ukraine…”

    National Socialists or International Socialists.

    Potatoe, potaato.

    NAZI and Stasi.

    Homo-Sexuals or Poly-Sexuals in their uniforms of Collectivism. Fear, dread, guilt… to the lowest debacement of their Sexuality. Gonads without connection to soul. Pain or Pleasure. Seeds that flow between resentments. Sadists and submitters. Fascists and Communists.

    Like armies of ex-alcoholics, their lives revolve around the unresolved. Blaming the Free World. Calling them the tempters. Fighting the Beast that prevents their Heaven coming to Earth to save them. Yokes of addictions – create beliefs in Satan. Desperate, they mold Gods from furnaces of gold and mountains touching the sky. Gods that battle between themselves until one Anti-Satan remains to truly be praised.

    Embracing the promises of Utopia. Harnessed by an elite priest-class to guide and direct them into the intrigue of a Narrative that can never be solved.

    Adam and Eve they are not.

    The Master Race, they are.

    And no matter how many permutations, they never ever see themselves.

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