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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Australia, 27/02/2022
    In Colac, Australia, a Doctor started offering anyone who turned up, medical exemptions.

    Within days his isolated surgery became besieged by desperate people.
    And then the police came.

    Why did he do it?

    Now that Doctor is ready to talk, but instead of us interviewing him alone, we decided to bring two other Doctors who had challenged the system, along.

    The Three Former Doctors. A Café Locked Out Special.

  2. The pandemic virus C-19 contains 12-19 nucleotides different from the virus found closest to it in nature (bat). This represents a 92% commonality with the bat virus. This mutation did not occur incrementally, but all at once. Coincidentally this sequence is found in a genome patented by Moderna in 2016. The odds of this mutation happening from animal host to human is one in three trillion. One deep-cell effect of this anomalous spike protein feature is the possible inability of damaged cells to enter the natural death pathway that eliminates such cells, rendering them injured but alive and vulnerable to cancer-like growth.

    I wish I were smarter, but such is my take-away from this somewhat technical presentation. I thank anyone in advance for correcting it.

    What I can see with certainty is good scientists and doctors worldwide trying to reverse-engineer a scientific mystery, the short-cut explanations of which are likely contained in documents that big pharma is attempting to hide from humanity for 75 years. One irony of this is that Chinese communists, along with Soviet and Japanese techno-types of yesteryear, have been reverse-engineering Western innovations forever, and now this inverted dynamic is our own task to undertake against a flurry of political interferences. What a world.

    Years ago I purchased a getaway property in the secluded woods that contained three ancient cabins. Every time we went I had to start a fire in a metal trash can, place green pine branches in the can, then put the can into a cabin to smoke out the bats that were living between the slats. My wife and I would then stand back and try to count the number of bats that fled the smoke. Sometimes the count approached 100. We would then go in and try to clean up the guano. Knowing the danger of it we wore hazmat suits, gloves and masks. In the end our young children and pets survived it all with no deathly transfers of pathogens as we, intruders to nature’s habitat, most certainly were exposed to bat viruses. Our natural immune systems may have served us.

    In 2007 a bat disease called White-nose syndrome emerged in the North-East U.S and Canada. This disease spread in hibernating bats very quickly killing millions of them. Even with this epidemic I was forced to condemn and tear down one of the cabins that was simply overwhelmed by the creatures.

    On demolition day of this one sleeping cabin, much to my shock, did I find puttering quietly in the rubble of the structure a small Chinese lady in a white lab coat. She was carefully collecting fecal specimens and placing them in small, labelled test tubes. She even whistled while she worked. Hardly startled by my sudden appearance, she bid me a good day in her heavy accented “Engrish”, then wandered happily off into the deep bush.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • If you went to Tijuana in the late 70’s, you would have seen outlets selling bat guano cigarettes because “you won’t get cancer from smoking crap”. I don’t have any photos to prove my claim, but I saw lots of vendors doing the same thing. So your Chinese lady may been doing the same.

    • If you spray water mixed with mint – found in the grocery store display, along side vanilla, almond flavouring etc. – bats will leave.

      I spray it around in the spring and the bats “hang” out elsewhere.

  3. jihad watch –Canada: Ontario Leftists introduce bill allowing banning of ‘Islamophobic’ protests

    The bill “would empower the Speaker to ban protests at the legislature that promote hate.”

    In context, the “hate” in question is “Islamophobia.” The problem is that since 9/11 and even before that, Islamic advocacy groups and their Leftist allies have smeared as “hate” any and all opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, no matter how measured, careful, qualified, and eggshell-walking it was. This bill would forbid people from opposing jihad mass murder. Is that the idea?

    Canada: Ontario Leftists introduce bill allowing banning of ‘Islamophobic’ protests
    The bill “would empower the Speaker to ban protests at the legislature that promote hate.”

    In context, the “hate” in question is “Islamophobia.” The problem is that since 9/11 and even before that, Islamic advocacy groups and their Leftist allies have smeared as “hate” any and all opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, no matter how measured, careful, qualified, and eggshell-walking it was. This bill would forbid people from opposing jihad mass murder. Is that the idea?

    “Ontario NDP introducing anti-Islamophobia bill in wake of London attack on Muslim family,” Canadian Press, February 23, 2022:

    An Opposition bill aimed at fighting Islamophobia and other hate crimes was due to be tabled in Ontario’s legislature Wednesday afternoon, but it was unclear if it would receive the support of the majority Progressive Conservative government.

    The New Democrats said their bill, if passed, would establish a provincial review of hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents that happen in Ontario.

    It would also designate safe zones around houses of worship, prevent white supremacist groups from registering as societies and establish an anti-racism council that would provide input on government policies.

    The NDP said the bill, which was created with the National Council of Canadian Muslims and follows similar recommendations put forward by that organization, would also present new tools for schools to combat racism.

    Additionally, it would empower the Speaker to ban protests at the legislature that promote hate….

  4. CBC – OTTAWA – Community hopes to create ‘hate free zone’ after convoy protest

    Dozens gathered at Minto Park to show support for residents and businesses

    Centretown resident Claire Hurtig still feels the after-effects of Ottawa’s three-week occupation.

    “That absence of feeling safe in my own neighborhood was just incredibly distressing,” said Hurtig, one of a number of people who spoke Saturday at community rally and show of solidarity for downtown residents.

    The Minto Park event was hosted by Community Solidarity Ottawa, a coalition of labour unions, community organizations and residents.

    It allowed dozens of people to gather and check in on their neighbours, reconnect as a community and plan their next steps to stamp out hate in the city.

    Hateful messaging was spotted amid the crowds during the now-dispersed convoy protest, including swastikas and other anti-Semitic imagery and at least one Confederate flag.

    After receiving several reports of assaults and threats, Ottawa police set up a hate crime hotline to investigate crimes related to the demonstrations.

    “Because of the hateful ideas, of the kind of racist imagery added to the slogans, it didn’t feel safe to go outside,” said Hurtig, who is Jewish.

    Trucks also blasted their horns during the day and into the night, leaving some residents hearing non-existent honking one week after police finally cleared the protesters out of the downtown.

    “Sometimes in the middle of the night, I hear a snowplow and I think they are back. It’s a sort of deep-seated fear that is hard to shake off,” said Keith, who showed up at the park Saturdayproudly wearing a rainbow-coloured mask.

    Keith said he didn’t feel he could wear the mask when the convoy was in town.

    CBC has agreed not to use his last name because of his concerns for his safety.

    “The most frustrating part [was] I felt, for my own safety, that I had to not present as queer because there was the constant threat of violence.”

    He now volunteers with the group Safety Walks Ottawa, which was created in response to the convoy protest to provide people with walking partners.

    People who attended Saturday’s event were also able to pick up posters with the slogan “Hate Free Zone.”

    ‘The beginning of our organizing’

    Hassan Husseini helped organize the rally, and he said he hopes the message of the nascent movement is clear.

    “This is the beginning of our organizing against the extreme right, against the white supremacists in the city. We are not going to let it happen,” he said.

    The group is planning a march next Saturday.

  5. FEB 27 2022 -globe and mail – Ottawa police make another protest arrest

    Ottawa police have arrested and charged a Quebec man in relation to the recent protest near Parliament Hill.

    Police say Steeve Charland, 48, was arrested Saturday evening by the Ontario Provincial Police in the Vankleek Hill area.

    The Grenville, Que., man was scheduled to appear in court today.

    He is charged with mischief and counselling to commit the offence of mischief.

    Police have charged more than 100 people with various offences in relation to the three-week protest in downtown Ottawa.

    Two prominent organizers have been denied bail.

    ottawa citizen – Quebec man charged with mischief related to “Freedom Convoy”

    A Quebec man has been arrested and charged in relation to the “Freedom Convoy” protest in downtown Ottawa.

    The Ottawa Police Service said Steeve Charland, 48, was arrested by Ontario Provincial Police officers in the Vanleek Hill area Saturday evening.

    Charland, who was scheduled to appear in court Sunday, was charged with mischief and counselling to commit the offence of mischief.

    The Grenville, Que., man appears to have been a spokesman of a group known as Les Farfadaas, which led a protest near the intersection of Laurier and Laval streets in Gatineau on an undeveloped part of the massive Zibi project in support of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations in Ottawa.

    The group had said it was paying $1,000 a day for parking and had permission from the host First Nations to stay on the site.

    Les Farfadaas began as a satirical organization that took aim at targets mostly involving government regulations. Charland, a poet and actor known as Steve L’Artiss Charland, has been involved in other protests, especially since vaccination mandates were introduced.

    Last March, Charland and five other Fafardaas were charged with mischief when they allegedly conspired to close the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Bridge-Tunnel in Montreal’s east end. Several people taking part in an anti-mask protest stopped vehicles at an entrance to the tunnel and caused a traffic jam.

    The trial on those charges was set for January 2023.

    In December 2020, Charland was one of the organizers of an anti-lockdown party held in the Laurentians that was attended by 30 people. At least half of those who attended were given fines.

    There have recently been reports in the Quebec media of confrontations involving Farfadaas members, who wear biker-style leather jackets with “middle-finger” signal patches.

    Charland’s arrest follows those of other protesters and organizers. Friday, convoy organizer Pat King was denied bail. Fellow accused convoy leader Tamara Lich will mount a court challenge next week for her release after she was denied bail on Tuesday.

      • Hey they are just trying to basically Build Back Better Baby. Trudeau and Freeland are to blame constantly chanting “Build Back Better”. Biden – “Build Back Better” , Merkel – “Build Back Better”, Macron – “Build Back Better”, Klaus Schwab – “ Build Back Better”.

        Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

        Stay home,!stay safe, shut up

        Build Back Better

        Why not dismantle, deviate destroyers of our FREEDOM
        Destroy the World Economic Forum

  6. About those Chechen special forces:

    Russia Tries to Terrorize Ukraine With Images of Chechen Soldiers
    Moscow is exploiting stereotypes of Chechen brutality.
    By Justin Ling, a journalist based in Toronto.
    Moscow’s weaponization of Chechen fighters, trading on stereotypes about the Chechens themselves, is part of its propaganda campaign to attempt to force Kyiv’s surrender—efforts that have, thus far, spectacularly backfired.
    Russian state propaganda, and a network of pro-Kremlin Telegram channels that have been used to pump out information warfare mirroring the ongoing assault, has claimed that anywhere between 10,000 and 70,000 Chechen fighters—which Kadyrov has described as “volunteers”—are set to depart for Ukraine to bolster Moscow’s main forces.
    Russian perception of Chechnya is colored by the brutal war between forces loyal to Moscow and Chechen separatists, which ran off and on from the mid-1990s to 2009.
    Putin’s repeated use of Chechen special forces to fight his wars has bolstered their fearsome image.
    That’s no accident, said Jean-François Ratelle, who teaches at the University of Ottawa and is an expert on Russia and the Caucasus.
    “The [psychological operation] is about making people believe that what happened in Chechnya will happen in Ukraine—that they’ll rampage the city, loot, rape, and kill,” he said.
    Images of those supposed kill teams have circulated for days. “I don’t see any proof that they are ready to storm, or be used in, Kyiv,” Ratelle said.
    The idea that Chechens are particularly fierce and ruthless is a carefully manicured ethos, he added.
    “Kadyrov makes it easy,” Ratelle said. “Because he will say anything on TV.”
    In the weeks before Putin declared war, Kadyrov, a Chechen warlord and close ally of the Russian leader, was one of the most vocal advocates for not only launching a military operation against Kyiv but for annexing the entire country.
    The psychological warfare fits neatly into broader Russian efforts to end the invasion of Ukraine before it had even really begun. It doesn’t seem to be working particularly well, however. The pace of fighting in Ukraine suggests Russia expected significantly less resistance than it has actually encountered, an assessment shared by Western intelligence.
    Ratelle said, for all the show, the Chechen contingent may be significantly less important than the Kremlin would have Ukraine believe. Beyond the fighters who have arrived north of Kyiv, there are known to be two Chechen battalions stationed in Crimea.
    If the war drags on, however, and Kyiv descends into urban warfare, things may change. “Chechens have been known to be extremely brutal in counterinsurgency—not respecting international law,” Ratelle said. “Even more than Russian contractors.”
    On Saturday evening, Akhmed Zakayev, who leads the Chechen separatist government in exile, delivered a statement announcing his intent to form volunteer detachments of Chechens living abroad to fight alongside the Ukrainian government, according to a video posted by the news outlet Egazet. It is estimated there are around 150,000 Chechens living in Europe. But, Ratelle said, Zakayev’s announced support for Kyiv might not mean much due to his limited influence in the diaspora.
    For now, even in the areas where the Chechen fighters have made gains, Ukrainian security forces have stalled their attacks. Images posted to pro-Ukrainian channels have shown Chechen tanks, branded with the telltale V, smoldering on the side of the road. Videos taken elsewhere in the country—likely from the northeast, where snow is still on the ground—showed the bodies of fighters purportedly from the Caucasus.
    On Saturday afternoon, the Kyiv Independent journalist Illia Ponomarenko and the UNIAN news agency reported that Magomed Tushayev, a prominent Chechen military leader, had been killed in battle in Hostomel. On his own Telegram channel, however, Kadyrov disputed that Tushayev had been killed. He uploaded a video purporting to show Tushayev with Anzor Bisaev, another Chechen commander who was in Ukraine. “They are more alive than the living,” he wrote.
    Kadyrov further suggested that none of his forces had even been injured in the fighting.

  7. Ukrainian forces destroy convoy of 56 Chechen tanks, kill general near Kyiv – report
    Ukrainian military forces were successful in destroying a Chechen special forces column of 56 tanks near the capital of Kyiv on Saturday, Ukrainian news agency The Kyiv Independent reported.
    According to the report, which the outlet said was confirmed by the Ukrainian President’s Office, the attack killed top Chechen general Magomed Tushayev, head of the 141 motorized regiment of the Chechnya National Guard.
    The report was not independently verified.
    However, the convoy of 56 tanks was targeted by Ukrainian missile fire near the town of Hostomel, just northeast of Kyiv, and obliterated only a couple of days into its mission, according to reports.
    The death toll caused by the attack was unknown as of Sunday, but was alleged to reach the hundreds.
    City officials in Kyiv said Sunday the capital remained under the control of Ukrainian forces despite clashes with “sabotage groups.”
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly expressed frustration over the stalled invasion, with Western officials warning of possible indiscriminate use of weapons by the Russian military if the Kremlin’s timetable is not met.
    US officials speaking on condition of anonymity have said the Russian advance is moving more slowly than Moscow hoped as it meets with fierce resistance from Ukrainians.

  8. Ukraine wipes out ‘bloodthirsty’ Chechen special forces sent to assassinate Zelensky
    The military force, which is known for its horrific aggression and human rights violations, is alleged to have been decimated after their convoy of 56 tanks was blown to smithereens by Ukrainian missile fire near Hostomel, just northeast of Kyiv, on the second day of the Chechens’ deployment.
    Chechen general Magomed Tushaev is alleged to have been among those killed.
    According to the Daily Mail, he was the commander of the 141st motorised national guard brigade, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s special squad.
    Before their supposed deaths, Kadyrov is said to have paid a visit to his doomed squadron in a Ukrainian woodland.
    The claimed assassinations by the terror squadron constitute a psychological blow to Vladimir Putin’s stymied ambitions to invade Ukraine.

  9. Twelve thousand Chechens ready to deploy to Ukraine – Kadyrov
    Chechen fighters support Moscow’s intervention in the eastern European nation, the region’s chief claims
    Thousands of men from Chechnya are willing to offer assistance to Russia’s armed forces, the southern republic’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has pledged, as Moscow’s military conducted the second day of its attack on Ukraine.
    On Friday, 12,000 local volunteers amassed on the central square of the regional capital, Grozny. Kadyrov informed the publication ‘Chechnya Sevodnya’ of their rally, which was organized in order to show their support for the Kremlin and their readiness to aid its objectives.
    “These are volunteers who are ready to leave for any special operation at any time in order to secure our state and our people,” Kadyrov told the outlet, adding that no troops would be deployed until the “Supreme Commander in Chief” Putin gave the go-ahead.
    According to the Chechen minister of national policy, Akhmed Dudayev, the aim of the congregation was to demonstrate how prepared the troops were to follow orders and defend their homeland.


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