Japan for the win again, Today’s protest schedule in Ottawa, more from German insurer on vaxx damage: Links 1, February 26, 2022

1. Japanese study on wearing facemasks shows zero benefits to health, and a downside to communication and envionement

2. According to this fellow, there are three scheduled protests today. Should be an excellent test to see if Trudeau did in fact cancel the Emergency Measures Act, or if its like everything else he said, an anaesthetic so you won’t feel the knife.

3. 400,000 Cases of COVID Vaccine Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer

(Children’s Health Defense is Robert F Kennedy Jr’s website)

A German health insurer BKK ProVita said an analysis of data collected from more than 10 million people suggests COVID vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported. The company said its analysis revealed a “significant alarm signal” and said “a risk to human life cannot be ruled out.”

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  1. ITEM 2: Yesterday, I read from Blacklock that 219 people still have their bank accounts frozen. I should have posted it here but I was overwhelmed in news.

      • I have seen a similar video a few years ago now. It explained the same things. It used a transport truck as an example. The weight of batteries it would take to pull a 40000lb load was something like the same weight, 40000lb of batteries. It was something like that anyway.

        One issue your video didnt speak of is using the battery power for your heat source inside the vehicle. Now you use even more battery power.

        The idea of getting rid of internal combustion engines has nothing to do with the environment, but with freedom in my opinion. When our digital ID has a limit of how much fuel you can use per month, they will say it is for the environment, when it’s really about your ability to move freely.

        This is the reason the City of Ottawa has been fast tracking the light rail system. It needs to be in place for the great reset. Must use it because its either to expensive to buy fuel or you have a personal cap of litres per month or both. And only if your a good citizen will your ID allow you to board the rail system.

  2. Putin: “Putin also said U.S. social media giants are now competing with elected governments.”

    Yeah, we know all about that here in the States. Putin is a strange bird. I am still grappling to understand what his “angle” is and what he wants. I strangely find myself agreeing with some of his statements. Yet at the same time, he takes actions which appear to be highly destabilizing (but he seeks stability in the world order). He clearly wants to undermine what he sees as U.S. hegemony (understandable, and not unexpected), but he seems to take that too far – even threatening nuclear holocaust if the West interferes in his plan in Ukraine.

    I’ve heard a few commentators throw around the name “Alexander Dugin” as being a person who has had a huge influence on Putin’s thinking. Dugin developed something he called “The Fourth Political Theory” which seems to be a bit of a mishmash of ideas – some cogent, others a bit loopy, but I’ve not read his works in detail.

    • fourth political idea? Interesting.
      Herr Schwab has just gone public. He is unhappy that his young global leaders can’t deliver the goods, and that corona governance 3.0 isn’t getting the job done. Klaus has fired the lackeys and minions, and is getting the job done personally with Governance_V.4.0.™ (Another tedious techno-fascist totalitarian state with Onkel K installing hand picked oligarchs to rule over serfdom’s where you will own nothing, and be happy, or else.) …and an unsurprising war breaks out.
      But a motive for putins war? None of what this guy is doing makes any sense.
      Unless the doctrine, and the direction somehow is the WEF, or an oligarch faction.
      Sound outrageous to you. Or eerily familiar?
      Note the rhetoric. Nazi. Nazi. Nazi!!!!!!
      Honk Honk.
      The most plausible ( hand to god, the maths and information theory sections agree!) is the Tsoros/Schwab faction, which extends into russia, and china.
      The megalomaniacs, who do actually want and need western civilization destroyed, have co-opted enough government’s and their establishments to wage total war on you. Personally.

      Do be ready to run. Good luck.

  3. trudie had to cancel the banking part of his hitleresgue mandate because the rich elitists who are orchestrating the Digital ID’s were upset since canada is, what I hear, the ground floor for the ID’s. The rich elitists want us to embrace the ID’s, and they didn’t need stupid head showing canadians how easy it was for the government to steal from it’s citizens, when your leader is a leftist coward. We have to trust our monetary system, or we won’t go the ID’s, I guess.

  4. Eeyore, since your item #4 was posted I thought I could throw this on here too. Its off topic too, and has also been in one of my open tabs for awhile.

    I have some basic electrical knowledge, and I think this guy is making a lot of sense. He shows how electrical theory as we are taught must be wrong. This is a short video. I hope someone here has an electrical background and can comment on this.

    The Big Misconception About Electricity


    And it came from this site – https://www.veritasium.com/videos/2021/11/19/the-big-misconception-about-electricity

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